Nargaroth : Prosatanica Shooting Angels

Black Metal / Germany
(2004 - No Colours Records)
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Las palabras

1. Love is Always Over With Ejaculation


2. Be Dead or Satanic

The Gates are open -
War awoken -
to end up all the Terror -
under the Sign of Crescent.

Life inside is Terror -
Sympathy is Error -
When you search for God -
you might find blind a frog.

Be the lethal Rebel -
be your only God -
and the Law - do what you want -
may be the only Creed.

So be dead or Satanic -
set your Life in Panic -
if you believe in social Crap -
you are already dead.

It seems not to be in Love with Satan.
To free your Soul from social and moral Limitations.

A chained Soul will kill you someday!
a caged Mind gonna wither away!
Be dead or Satanic may be the Way!
Nothing left to say!

3. Satan Industries

Air Pollution
V8 Power
Gatling Gun
Napalm Fire
Agent Orange
cuming Shotgun
Body count
Child Abuse
Disease and Cancer
Helter Skelter
Left Hand Path
Stock Exange Shit
Cocain, Crack

Everything's released
by Satan industries.

4. Thinking Below the Ocean

5. Black and Blasphemic Death Metal

Black Blasphemic Death Metal
is flowing through my Veins.
Black Blasphemic Death Metal
tears apart the Chains.

Black Blasphemic Death Metal
black Snow on my Grave.
Black Blasphemic Death Metal
I'm your devoted Slave.

Black Blasphemic Death Metal
immortal Fruit of Sin.
Black Blasphemic Death Metal
the wolf that sleeps within (us).

Demons whispers dark Desires,
deep inside my Soul.
The Whisper calls to me to kill the,
Faces outside me.

Crying Shadows still infesting,
me in silent Nights.
Takes away my mortal Spirit,
I hide inside my Art.

I will hide my mortal Spirit inside
Black and Blasphemic Death Metal.

6. A Tear in the Face of Satan

What may there a Shadow think,
once beside of God.
Sure he got his own domain,
he set a Throne in Hell.
But Hell is far away from Heaven,
so far away from Love of God.
The Memory starts to wither,
that he once got loved.
Now Hate he spread above his Throne,
(but) deep inside his Heart he feels alone.
(And) sometimes in the pale Light of the Night,
you might see a Tear in the face of Satan.

Who will wipe away the Tear in the Face of Satan?
Hate and Destruction,
may be his Shield to hide,
the Pain he kept so deep inside,
the Sadness he cries out at Night.

On the broken Sword before him,
dries the Tears he sheet in Aeons.
Behind all this inhumanity,
he is human as we are!

7. The Dark Side of the Moon

8. Hunting Season

Hunting Season.
Irrational Reason.
Spill the Blood,
of Child of God.

Dressed in white Camouflage
I entered the white
Forrest of Eden.
The Beauty denies genocide acts,
and hidden underneath white Leaf
I wait for the Shoot.

The Target in my T'scope.
With erected Cock.
Calculate the Distance.
The Trigger licks my Skin.

The Sound of Death,
tear up the Silence.
A Full Metal Jacket,
rapes the holy Flesh.

I see the Victim fall,
with me comes the Death.
But my T'scope's yet fixed,
on another Match.

9. I Bring My Harvest Home

I watch the Perpet.
Black Clouds on Horizon.
I watch the Fields I've grown,
since 30 Years (of human failure),
and fear the black Fruits of my Life (Lies).

I walk through Blood and Stone,
and bring my Harvest Home.
Wherever I may roam,
I bring my Harvest Home.

But what will my Harvest be?
Ash'n Dust ~ Fear and Misery?

How bitter the Seed may be.
I hold on.
I take the Stones and bring my Harvest home.
And my Foots are bleeding.
I won't lament
'cause I'll get what I once sown.

How bitter the Seed will be in my Mouth,
I walk upright
bring my Harvest home.

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