Naastrand (MEX) : Wrath of the Impaler

Black Metal / Mexico
(2012 - Death Cult Records)
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Fire, the dragon´s breath and revenge within he changed
The cross for a sword.
The shadow of his wings embraced the carpathian horizons sank In tyranny,
The howling fog claims the devil´s son.

Blood, the secret seal he drank in tortured secrecy communion.
Immortality and supremacy he spoke through the corpses of his Enemies,
The howling fog claims the devil's son.

Christians and muslims, rich and poor people,
Vlad impaled like a wolf drowned in anger;
And his castle was surrounded by death woods which feed
The voivode's wrath and sadistic pleasures.

Eternal pact of heresy he drank in his secret burial.

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