Mutilation (PL) : Possessed By Reality

Death Metal / Poland
(2003 - Empire Records (PL))
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Expectation turn into the light
Expectation is my pain

And everything was clear
I would feel

During one night drank my fear
Fear which surrounds everything
Your thoughts and my fear
Around us...

Do you feel this fear?
Where are you now
Don't you know who you are
Possessed by your own light
Yes, I feel, I feel what I could be
If I could forget about this fear

Possessed by reality
One fear - yes it's me, you know
You feel it every night
You feel it every day

And one pain
It's not the weakness
This is the reality - nothingness
And the only one pain
It's not the weakness
Space and fear
Your forbidden hands feel


Mad wind brought sadness
When world shrank
Heartbeating - deep inside
And death came faster than I thought

Tired of day and night
Painful voice in my throat
How lonel man can be
With open wound in soul

To late to run out of the light
In brain doubted meaning of life
Too weak will be support
Too hard this land will be
The hand will be too short
To catch what's escaping from

So I'm saying: arise and got
I know, words will now follow
The questions without answers
One half human

Heaven for people
When waves rumble and sky tears apart
Second part of you is lying down there
What is your name,
Don't you ask me again


Body for sale
Body without secrets
It felt down in precipice
Already sold for couple bucks

Love for sale
Like consumer goods
Every lascivious day
Puts newprice on it

Love from fairy tale
Temporary, shaky, unfair
Colored pills will spill
Washed down with cheap wine

Body for sale
With spat soul
No time for feelings
Between love deals

Don't rend your garments over
They are already rent
You've destroy you world
For not worthy moments


Our fear came over us
Impotence open fingers
Prisonres of their bodies
Clad into their flustrations

Spittings onto holiness
Demon will sorround us
Magie in their hallucinations
Heated in their fight

Wax pouring to ears
Bad strenghts will disturb sight
Soulesness of bodies feeding
Burned in their sun

Tired gods
Called unnecessairly
Individual without identity
Crowd pushed into incertainty

Dancing in madness
Time to sell mind to desires
Let our bodies will burn
To smoke reached the sky


Baptized their own blood
Ungreatful human race is looking with envy
Degenerated in destitution and prosperity
Doomsday still in front of god

Waiting for biblical flood
You will drown today
Disbelief from belief - it appears
Exaggerated meditations - foolishness

Infernal fire which should arrive
Don't you stand in flames??? Now???
From existence to nothingness
- it creates themselves
Conscience injure but it's secret

Searching for antichrist
Splutter heals infected wound
War machines are coming
In the name of the cross
Forced to feel happiness


For suspense - rest
Immortality for vanishing
For hearts - love and blood
And laugh in faces of fools

Adversity rules the world
We can't make sword from intentions
So for the place - body war
For immortality - forgotten grave

World is heading to nothingness
How hard is rowing against the stream
So for hearts - sharpest thorn
For lazy fools - sincrete homage

For beloved gods - yelp of faithful souls
When demon in eyes - indifference
In begining of the world - his fall
For dreams about it - sleeplesness


Look in my soul and read
Invisible thoughts
Dreams and fears
And don't tell me you see nothing
There I am all bleeding
With the problems of the human world
I am invisible because
I am different one
Different I am
Different again
I am victim again
I am different again

Into a distant darkness
You go without me
Wait a moment and cure my scars
I will give you a bloody reflection for luck
When you see the power in my eyes
My body will be
Turn by vultures again
And my soul will be last again
Look I'm a different one
I'm anger


Alone you stand - the final parody
Destined to silence - a memorial to mortality

Carved in stone - a tribute to the dead
For nameless victims - whose litany is undread

Never forgoten - wars memory lingers on
A dark reminder - to mankinds oblivion

This solemn image - constructed with resolution
A monument - to wars terminal conclusion


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