Mushroomhead : Savior Sorrow

Experimental Metal / USA
(2006 - Megaforce Records / Filthy Hands)
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1. 12 Hundred

Is there really anyone there
Fall on deaf ears all of my prayers
The mother of nothing
The mother of sin
The father of decadence within us
A brother of suffering inside
Why cant you look at me now
I hope you like what youve done to me
Drown in your misery
We need something new you made up
When you give up its never enough
Or this could be the day we rise
Uneased by the thought of me
Only through your suffering
Will you learn to forget
I wonder why who will survive
When we try
With their life

2. Simple Survival

The shadow within me
The sorrow at my feet
Push the colors from the make up
Drop your feelings at the door
Has anybody here had enough
Walking in on so much more
Gonna make you give up
I wanna see you get up
I said your the only one
Whats your name
Who do you love
I wanna hate you kill you
Treat you like ive have enough
Keep breaking the shame
Take away all i wanna say
Regretting the day
You dont believe in me
Ill show you just what you wanna see
The end in me
Gonna lead the revival
No simple Survival
For me

3. Damage Done

As the day is long as the
Damage done
Rise get in line getem pumped up high
Get the hammers up high get in like to
Get fucked up
Get the hammers high
Calm and cool corrupt
As the day is long as the
Damage done
We wont give away anything weve won
Is this punishment where did we go wrong
Like a new conviction of a broken law
This is life in the balance this is hate for a challange
This is killing us in the desert dust
They love the way we let the water wash away
Gonna wake shit up gonna break shit up gonna tear this
Gone dead world apart
Dont doubt the hate thats inside of my heart gonna
Break humanity just inspire of me
Gaze into my eyes and youll find
Were losing so much more

4. Save Us

And its all
Ive ever wanted to believe
That peace could grow inside of you
Inspite of me humanity
I hope your out there somewhere
All alone
I hear the whole world calling
Save us from ourselves
All alone i hear the angels scream my name
I look thru the eyes of humanity
I looked at myself
So many things i hate in me
So many things are so hard to
I can hear the whole world calling
Used to be all that i wanted
You to see all that i needed you
To be does anyone care
About your fellow man
Are you pure enough to hear me out yet
Are you sure enough
That your pure enough to comprehend
Just live forgive and forget

5. Tattoo

Testing my faith again
Breaking the will of man
Deny all my saviors
No answers for prayers
Im all alone no turning back this time
Trapped in a cell that denies
Oppose the rise
Acts of free thought free the mind
Seek no redemption
My hates on a mission
Find the one way destruct inside
Sunshine moonlight
Stars soar in a violent sky
Condemning life with no meaning
Fell so question the thoughts
That imply stand arise
Seeds of hatred boil deep inside
My will has grown weak
To find the path that i seek
Losing my way on a path of destruction
Realease me
Feel so cold

6. Erase The Doubt

Come down
From your thrown
And tear off your wings
Do you still feel so above
After the arrows
Can you give me enough
To believe anything
Can you erase the doubt
And make this more than a dream
And give me more than i need
Herein the day of upon us
Much less caring
For others haunts us
No one can make another
Promise to us
You find it strange how
The darkness calms us
Alone at home and hopeless
Drown in the life
Weve left behind us

7. Burn

Take back prone to distract
Its never been the same
Wheres your feedback
You want to break me
Are you dead now
But if you want to see it
Ill take you down
Bur and bleed and refill the cage
Walk the weary wasting away
When i lost my dignity
I closed my eyes
To keep my sanity
Need me want to bleed me
You try to break me down
But you cant conveice me
I hate your life away but i can feel the pain
Choke the beast not be the prey
For another day
Take off the edge
Replace with disgrace
Youve never something rotting in place
Hating and breaking
While leading the way
Our steps all grow closer
For we are the prey
The wolves will all gather
As we come around
Now ring the bell were going down
Bring all sides in

8. Just Pretending

Your life it ends with a crash its over now way to fast
You never knew that it was so short
Your digging deep inside yourself
You never knew your own wealth
Youre digging deep to find some pity
Fake all your promises
Forget what your conscience says
Just another number in a long line
Of no one
Just pretending that were ending
Hating what we are
So frustrating suffocating
How did we get this far
Your life beings way too fast
You can never change your past
Living life in your yesterday
Are we really that far that we cant even see
Al the truth from the lies

9. The Need

Anything you need
I cant be anything you need
Now i walk alone i find a way
All of my prayers unanswered
All of my careless actions
Failures catastrophy
This is killing me
Somewhere in here
Kindly nail yourself
Upon your thoughts
Yourve never had enough
Pain to feel at all
Its coming up now
Fade the cross from my memory
What part of this is saving me
And what exactly is it saving me for
I dont need to believe
I look back upon my life
I find it hard to find
The right words that wont hurt
And brings me back to my knees
Nail yourself upon your thoughts
Close your eyes
If you want to be blind

10. Cut Me

Cut me and i bleed same as you do
And underneath the need
Secrets show thru
Is there anyone of us
Who ever truly trust the things
We all do
Sensing the pain you lash out
With no restraint
Creating a place that you
Cannot defend
Suffocating need befalls you
When theres nothing left
To hang on to
We fall thru
Till theres nothing left for us
Far too hard to trust
And you fall down dying to know you
Creating a place you can never defend
Sensing the pain
Thats inside of your mind
Breaking down beyond your sight
When i bleed and i release a piece
Of me so seldom seen
Can i survive myself inside you

11. The Fallen

Indivisable invincible
And we are not amused
Underneath it all invisible
Add one and one to lose
Fools and criminals far from minimal
Yet both have carned their due
Irresistable who picks your peace
For you
Its far to hard to choose
We know what youre going thru
We are the fallen we cease to belong
Life leads us all here all along
We are whats true we all live on
Feast on forgiveness
And feed us the latest in doom
Come walk with me
Thru our world in ruin
And see if youre amused

12. Embrace The Ending

The ending
That peace could grow inside of you
Inspite of me
I hope youre out there somewhere
Right now im all alone
I feel my time has come
Embrace the ending
I cannot take this pain
I cannot take this shame
Save us from ourselves
Welcome the way that we
Embrace the ending
We all fool ourselves
And we share the wealth
To disagree with me
Used to be
All that i wanted you to see
All that i needed you to be
Does anyone care
To disagree with me
Admir defeat we bleed
In disbelief
I hear the whole world
And its all inspite of me
And its all i ever wanted to believe
In this man made disease
That is killing us and is filling us
Willing us to believe
Looking up and breaking down
I never know whats going down
Looking deep inside myself
Ive never known anything else

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