Municipal Waste : Massive Aggressive

Crossover / USA
(2009 - Earache Records)
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Battered down busted broke
Sick and tired losing hope
Ot of shape worn out
Don't know what it's all about

Everyday it's all i'm thinking
Slows me down and i feel like i'm sinking in mud
And it's only just begun
Your fears want control and there's no place to run

I looked at the pieces and tried to pick up
But day after day they get stuck
I've tried to look past it
But it just sees through
And leaves me with one thing to do

I'lll keep on trying
I know i should
Get back to a place
Where i once felt good

I'll keep on fighting
I'll bet my life
I'll never let it take me alive!

Masked by my delirium
Lose my mind

There's no place to run
And it's only just begun
Your fears want control
And there's no place to run


A tale of evolution to be told
An abomination is about to unfold
A gift of terror bestwed on this earth
A sick creator gives electrical birth

Back in the spring of 1983
That's when the Mech-Cannibal begins to feed

Wires through veins
Voltage and brains
No one could have seen it coming no one could expect
A half robotic being that craves human flesh

Red eyed, breathes steam
Killing machine
A never ending hunger for which it's obsessed
Entire populations for it to digest

It killed the inventor
More to go
The worst is yet to unfold

Would you believe or understand at all?
How could you flee when it never seems to stop?
Thoughts programmed are so maniacal
Can you escape the grasp of Mech-Cannibal?

Metal and teeth
Homicidal feast
A living mechanish who craves nourishment
In search of the next meal in which to torment

Back in the spring of 1983
Death was unleashed upon the factory
Consumes the unwilling
On flesh he needs to dine
Craving death it's feeding time

The extermination soul by soul
The worst is yet to unfold



I've never spread hatred and kept to myself
I've never been greedy or cared for their wealth
My thoughts maybe different my morals stayed true
Yet still I'm the one you choose to persecute!

I've lived a good life I know I tried my best
But still judged by beliefs that I manifest
I've loved those around me and done nothing wrong
But still I'm a sinner in the eyes of god

I helped folks in need and I never told lies
I've comforted friends throughout their worst of times
I never was violent I respect those older
I never once had to look over my shoulder

Let me try to get this straight
I can't pass by heaven's gate
Since I see things a different way?
I really do not get the part
Where I spend eternity in dark
Becasue I don't believe in Noah's Ark

A Divine Blasphemer
Willed to Burn
From those "Holier"


We've all tried to sit and concentrate
It just boils you up with hate
Have you blown all your wishes just trying to resist it?
While all hope for forgiveness has been ripped up into pieces

Look back at all the lies they said
Pushing you closer to the red
Is all the daily intake
Pushing you far past the brink
The patience once held over
Has been quickly boiling over

You pushed us toward mass aggression
And there's no other way out
Can't deal with all the pressure
And we're gonna bring you down

Woke up today and saw the light
It's not something morally right
And now our only business is focused on all of this
No doctor's going to cure it
And being pissed is my therapist

(repeat chorus)

No longer want to live with this pressure in my head
And pretty soon things are going to change
Frustration slowly builds and it's crushing all my will
Finally had the strength to rearrange

(repeat chorus)


Sometime not long ago on a day like this
Manmade energy caused the worst accident
People died fast and some passed through time
Radiation sickness wounds those who survive

Now mother nature attempts to rebuild
Fights to bring back all the things man has killed
Wildlife must feed while the ground grows with warmth
And DNA structured begin to reform

A force is growing hungry
In the black of night
A thirst driven by madness
Quenched by human life

Where will you run when the pack's after you?
Do you think you can hide until the howling is through?
Victims can't escape no matter how hard they flee
The beasts are running wild and all they want is to feed

Beware the pack is coming for you!

Snow stained red
Howls fill the air
Nothing's going to stop it
It's a massacre

Wolves of Chernobyl

Their numbers grow larger
A glow lights their eyes
Continues to hunt those alone in the night
Believe it's a legend
Consider it a myth
Consider it luck the fact you still exist

Was the mother nature's choice to rebuild
A way to pay us back for all we have killed
They'll soon grow in number each person they slay
And sooner or later we'll become their prey

Beware the pack is coming for you!

Snow stained red, howls fill the air
Wolves of Chernobyl
Nothing's going to stop it
It's a massacre
Wolves of Chernobyl
Driven by madness
You Can't survive
Wolves of Chernobyl!


Things may look good for now
And you feel that things have tuned around
Did you think about the things they said?
Will you follow them until you're dead?

We may have called off our attack for now
But not foolish enough to let our guard down
Some things we never will forget
And that's why we'll always be a threat

We'll strike, we'll slay
Push them to the flames
This threat is not going away

Armageddon's calling because you sold your soul
And we'll be waiting patiently to take back what you stole
With preparations we watch each step
Retaliation! We'll never quit
Through persistence we'll resist
Until they're all marked off from the list

You fear it's presence
It never rests
Nothing can stop
The relentless threat

And we're prepared to get killed
Smash apart the thing you built
Bring them down with force
We're the soldiers in this war

Defend? You can try the best you can
But this threat is too far out of hand

We'll strike, we'll slay
Push them to the flames
Things may look better now
But this threat is not going away


Late at night it's pitch black
A light upon the muddy tracks
You know you want to run but there's no turning back
Your curiosity is going to get you attacked
Unaware this trail will lead you to the unknown
Until the bloody head is thrown!

He came back
Fear the undead
Beware the wrath of the severed head

Returned from hell
A restless soul
Now heads are going to roll

Lets back up to where this tale begun
And find out where the beast came from
A neglectful engineer made one fateful mistake
Which caused our subjects head to fully decapitate

(repeat chorus)

Committing tales of horror
No man should see
And now your stuck with no clue of where to flee

There's only one way out
And no one has ever passed
Now you're the one next thats going to feel the wrath

For one night you will loudly hear
A shrieking head fly through the air
Shocked one could their own skull as a weapon
Now you're the one next for this late night beheading

He came back
Fear the undead
Beware the wrath of the severed head
Your neck will snap
His teeth will shred
Beware the wrath of the severed head
Returned from hell
A restless soul
Now heads are going to roll


They watch you every week
They love to mold your mind
They use the words of peace
For the soldiers' battle cry

They want you to confess
For the things you've done before
Strange how the all knowing wants to know a little more

They'll drop you to your knees
For fear of your afterlife
In hopes that you will be their servant till the day you die

They watch you every week
They love to mold your mind
But I'm not going to kneel this time

I won't put another cent back into your collection bin
I'm not going to respect you it's a fight you will never win
Repent! For the sins you've done
Do you practice the things you preach?
Have you ever questioned anything?
Or are you blinded by what you teach?

What you preach

I want to smash the stained glass
Dive into their shrines
Properly dispose of all the wine
Bash apart the organ, pass around their cross
I'm going to tear it down at any cost
No bible left unturned
No pew fet unturned
I'm going to leave this place inverted!

This would look better if it all got rolled
An upside down church ain't gonna save my soul
It could be holier if we all stomped holes
What a wonerful site for all to behold
Such a site to behold!

Sorry if all my daydeams are all what i want to see
It's to the point I want to make them a reality
These lessons push me further
While every soul you sell
Make me feel I'm no longer afraid to burn in hell


Count the days and wait
For your worst fears to take place
KNowing your the only one who's here to make a change
Nothing left to say there's nothing I can do
Handed back in pieces is this offering to you

Did you keep track or regret all of things you gave?
Do you think back and recall those met along the way?
Did it teach you to rebel with a heart of stone?
Or did it push you to face the fear to die alone?



Some may say I'm too distrustful
You might think I've lost my mind
The truth is I have the common sense to
Red between the lines

Through media exagerations
Lies to sell more publications
Honesty's moer complicated
Another pack of lies

Newscasters to evangelists
The same problems always exist
From computers to journalists
It's not so fair and balanced

You might think I overreact
But TV's got me paranoid
Real life turned to entertainment
To fill some desperate void

Weekly media sensations
All to keep the fools in tune
Just to make the next deadline
They'll sacrifice the truth

They will sacrifice the truth

Descensitize the world


Forever be the skeptic


It's in the eyes
You can tell she wants it
It's no surprise by the way she flaunts it

Dressed from head to toe
In seductive clothes
Men attempt in droves
To get her alone

Her intentions aren't fake
But you made a mistake
And she just cannot wait
To put you in your place

It's in the eyes
You can tell she needs it
It's no surprise
And you're going to feed it!

She goes wild
For one filler
Thirsts death
She's a killer

It's her game
She's not dumb
You'll get played
You're one hacked up stud

She is horny for blood!

Next time you're brought home
Hopefully you'll know
That you should watch your step
Or get sliced from head to toe

Because it's in her eyes
And you can tell she needs it
It's no surprise that you're going to feed it

Horny for blood


You got the wrong answer!

It's getting to me
It shows on my face
A crowd stares in glee
All cameras in place

The question's been posed
My time's running down
I know if I'm wrong
They're taking me out

The seconds go by my anxiety
Is boiling so much
I can't even think
This is the worst time
I'm drawing a blank
Above a pirana tank!

The most watched show in all of the world
A ratings explosion in more than one term
All walks of life young and old
Are viewing tonight to see your death unfold
Seconds away from the pain
Not the type of place to win prizes and fame
The one way out is to play the game

You only get one chance at this
To answer right
Grand prize is...your life!

You got the wrong answer!

The crowd starts to cheer
They know what's next
They're tuning in to see carnage and flesh
The host shines a grin
He doesn't care
He knows that I'm going to die on the air


No body
No punishment
No crime to pin on him
Disposing of his victims
Dipped in acid was his sin

A background of religion
In this case had led to harm
The only evidence left
Was just a fragment of an arm

A psychopathic killer
Imune to being caught
Preyed on older women
With assets which he sought

His only other passion
Indeed was quite deranged
Drinking all their blood
Before dumping their remains

A death trap for human prey
Dissolve the evidence
Victims of hate and greed
Receive the sentence

A boiling drum of acid
Would be the final step
Dissolving all the bodies
Of the victims that he kept

His cold-hearted arrogance
Would lead to his demise
The ghoulish relics left
Would come to haunt him in his mind

The sacrificial fantasies
Once dreamed had become true
The sentence was reality
And punishment was due

Nightmares of crucifixes
Drenched in human blood
Could not convince the court
Insanity had pulled the plug

The innocent corpses melted down
Into liquid for the drain
A systematic procedure
To speed up the decay

A perfect crime was exactly what he thought
His arrogance responsible for him being caught
Will justice end the deadly con?
Will there be retribution for the lives that he's withdrawn?

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