Municipal Waste : Live in Richmond 2006

Crossover / USA
(2006 - Earache Records)
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In his walls of madness
Deep inside his bran
The Deathripper's calling out
To end his pain
The punishment, the aftermath
The final blow, the last laugh
He's holding too little
Of the sanity he grasps
A grisly plot is made
Now locked up in a cage
"A lion pacing back and forth
Holding back his rage"
His clenched fist only shows
His hatred as it grows
How much more can a man hold bad
Until his head explodes

Sentenced to death
With no hope in sight
Murdering victims
Robs them of life
His sentence set in stone
He's gonna make 'em pay
His only chance for freedom will be your judgement day


I know you can't understand my words
I bet you wish I had left
I walk and fumble but I'm still causing trouble
Because I'm drunk as shit Sorry that I pissed on your couch
Sometimes shit gets out of control
The last thing that I remember
Was something kinda clever
Like calling you and asshole
Now do me a favor
And get the last one out of the freezer
The sun is up
Still drunk
Talking shit don't give a fuck
Raid the fridge
Ate your food
Party like a total dude
People say I will regret it when I get my hangover
I'd regret it even more if spend the night sober
At war with earth
Nothing I fear
Weed, speed metal, liquor and beer!
DRUNK AS SHIT! (repeat with all your friends)


Sweat pours down my face
Laying in the strangest place
Body aches from constant pain
Blurred thoughts fill my brain

Legs too sore to even walk
Throats dry can't talk
A modern day Jekyll and Hyde
Throwing up hating life

Once again it's taken its hold over me!

Once thought as a delicious drink
Pounds me till I cannot think
I'm hammered in a single blink
Patrons look in disbelief
While I'm causing major grief
By punching people in the teeth

Kicking people on the balls
Trying to break every law
My friend said I jumped through a wall!
Rolling round in broken glass
Falling down kicking ass
Forgotten memories of the past

Don't blame me
I was just bored
Blame it on the drinks
That the bartender pored
14 shots some beers as a chaser
Then he followed it up with a Mind Eraser

Real fucked up's the only way to react
Then you run around the street
Like you're a maniac

It was my only choice
It's not my fault
Now i'll spend the next day
Trying to collect my thoughts


Millions lay dead
Resistance is futile
Armies are crushed
Bodies thrown in piles
Rich white man's dream
Once gained through the machines
Brought pain to this world
Through bloodlust and greed
The new hounds of war
Mechanical Bastards
Ripping through flesh
Destroying their masters
Programmed to kill
Destroying at will
The brilliant turned fools
Now punished by their tools

The time has come
For all your leaders to die
Electrified hate
Your blood an their circuits will fry
Bring on the war
Unleash the bastards
Prisoners no more
Destroying their masters
Fleets take the night
Destroying mankind
Those that revolt
Will spill blood from their throats

Wise up and see your fate
Witness the mechanical advance
Rise up but it's too late
You should have stood up when you had the chance

But now the world's a living hell
The stench of death is all you smell
The ground is scorched
The air is black
The sound of your neck being snapped
What was an earth worth fighting for?
Now destroyed by the corporate whore
An over load of greed and wealth
Who's gonna save them from themselves?


Come to save our souls you say
Or are we just prey?
Should we serve?
A lie absurd called the holy word
Jesus Christ you're out of luck
Let's thrash that fuck!

Can't they see what its come to be?
Preachers drowning in a sea of pity
But when we rise from the cloud of lies
We'll crush the church and take back our lives

Hide behind the cross telling lies of the absurd
How many alter boys are fucked
Before your time is served
How often do you hear of
Some pastor's sudden fall from grace
Crying on T.V. with smeared make up
Running down his face
More and more the evidence is piling up
That organized religion
Is just a den for the corrupt!
Your kingdom come will never cum
Your sense of faith slowly goes numb
Watching you rot from the insides
Patiently waiting your demise


Unsuspecting victims with no chance to watch their backs
Blown to bits, annihilated by the awesome sweet attack!
You sold my records that you borrowed Now you will be slaughtered!
Been planning this for months making sure that you'll fall hard
You thought this shit has blown over and you finally dropped your guard
Will leave you breathless
You're the victim of the awesome sweet attack!
You crossed the line
I won't let this shit slide
I planned this awesome sweet attack so there won't be a next time
Unsuspecting victims with no chance to watch their backs
Blown to bits, annihilated by the awesome sweet attack!


The walls are closing in
Fueled wit hate it strikes again
Structures are falling to the ground
Shattered hope lies in the rubble and the smoke
As were spreading death and carnage across the town
BEWARE! Here comes the pain
Metal slicing through your brain
A figure stands atop a pile of corpses with an evil smile
Asphalt slick with slime and blood
This toxic warriors day has come
Bringing death and carnage with his soldiers running wild
Now is the time we settle the score
We are the mutants - THE MUTANTS OF WAR!
Brought forth from rusty barrels that the government set aside
A virus quickly spreading reaping carnage nation wide
Wasting the land - MUTANT WAR!
Death is at hand - MUTANT WAR!
Melting your face - MUTANT WAR!
Tasting the waste
Across the barren land
Burning flesh as corpses spoil
No one in this world is fucking spared
We came to thrash and kill
Slimig victims at our will
Nothing can stop your worst nightmare!


Another boring Saturday
Looks like everything is swell
Another fucking week of this
I want to blow it all to hell

Nothing exiting no news to report
This is my weekend
And I'm fucking bored
I've used all my patience
There's no more to give
If I can't fuck shit up
I don't want to live

The chicks are passed out
And so are the dudes
I'm sitting wide-awake
And there is nothing to do
I could steal a bike or hop on a board
But my friend left his car keys
Right next to the door
Nothing left to decide
It's time for me to take the ride
This time I'm going to cross the line
And do it going 95mph

Blood Drive we're gonna die!

Hop curbs sideswipe
Oops there went a tailpipe
Only went a block away
This cars luck just ran out today

Sliding through stop signs
Seeing double going blind
Followed by about 10 cops
I'll finally get to be on FOX


I'm sitting talking to myself
I look around there's no one else
My shirt is soaked with my own drool
I thought these drugs were going to rule

As my heart pumps and my head spins
I think its coming back again
Instead of finding piece of mind
I'm losing it in record time

It feels like I'm dreaming
I'm losing all feeling
How long will this last
Far beyond trashed
The seconds seem longer
The drugs become stronger
As I slip away from reality

Scared to death will it come soon?
I'm locked inside this bathroom
Claw my skin pull my hair out
Make's no noise when I try to shout

Searching for feeling drifting away
I'm trapped in a K-hole
And can't find my way!
Locked inside a padded room
And fed all my food with a spoon
My arms are strapped my brain is fries
I'm fucking trapped inside my mind!
They've tried their therapy
To help with my affliction
I'm sentenced to a life
With my accelerated vision
Nothing left to do
I can't find a way back
It spins and spins until it all turns black

My mind is a cell
Trapped in a K-hole


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You thought that you'd have so much fun
Out surfing with your bro's
But in the water awaits
A terror that nobody knows
Without a fear you rip around
Stoked on the killer waves
But to dine on your flesh
Is what this monster craves!

But it's too late it has made its mark
You're dragged beneath
By its rows of teeth

Panic on the beach
There's nothing the lifeguard can do
The crimson red of you blood
Stains the oceans blue
You never thought that you could be
So low on the food chain
You're left a floating piece of meat
In agonizing pain

The meal is done you body is gone
They only find an arm
A terrible reminder
That you're never safe from harm
Back into the depths
Its stomach is full from the deadly feast

Remorseless killer digests the deceased
Humans are helpless to this mighty beast
Claiming its prey helpless in the water
We're a human buffet

Nothings going to save you
Now that it's begun to slay
You're lucky if they find your torso
Floating in the waves

When the water's not shallow
You're bound to get swallowed
As the hunger for your flesh
Grows more by the hour
Was it a good idea to go for that swim?
Since they'll never find your body
In one piece again

Out of the water!


Rising from the streets
Screams of pain --- the sewers heat
Something's here to kill you
It's under your nose
The sounds of destruction
And here show it goes
Underneath the sewer
Lies an ever flowing stream
Of toxic revolution
To destroy everything!
Look and see the scorched earth
Look into the sky
The Waste is fucking coming
Better kiss your ass goodbye
Violent revolutions is circling around
Churches and police stations burnt to the ground
Toxic youth will rise and claim this world
Once and for all!


At Municipal High today
1000 kids were slaughtered in a disgusting way
And they were students with severed heads
And mutilated limbs
The ones who made it out alive were covered in slime!
She's the one who killed the kids --- all she wanted was a fix
Not a human not a teacher --- she's a substitute creature!
Everyone ran in panic as she followed them the police were useless
...they were scared as shit
Gaining and gaining she kept getting closer
Trashed all the kids cars and stole a bulldozer
The fucking creature can't be stopped
Already butchered all the cops
It's a slimy schoolyard slaughter
Wait till you see the creature's daughter
She's the one who killed the kids --- all she wanted was a fix
Not a human not a teacher --- she's a substitute creature!
Strange things are afoot at Municipal High, man!
And she's always on your ass
And she's fucking gaining fast!
And she's gonna fucking eat you!


Once again faced with choices
Decisions that should shape my life
I weigh the options for what its worth
Continuing my daily strife (not the shitty band)
But as days go on the more it builds
These people suck all my will
My patience thins day after day
Leaving me with one choice to kill!
There's no turning back
I just wanna waste 'em all
Someone's gonna pay
I'm gonna waste there ass today
Bodies are gonna drop
I'm never gonna fucking stop
I've found this place it's much too late
I'll lay this fuckin' town to waste!
Daily life
Dead and job
It's all the same
Working for a living
It amounts to nothing
Holding back from going insane!
Sharpen my axe
Stock my supplies
They pissed me off too many times
And now they're gonna die!
Chopping, slashing, ripping, bashing
Those who have pissed me off this time
Now they see is much too late
The day has come vengeance is mine!


Another Sunday I'm battered and spent
So many things happened that I might regret
A weekly occurrence, what's strange about that?
But it seems like to me there's a pain in my neck

Aches when I turn and when I look up
It feels like my necks been hit by a truck
Ears are still ringing
Brains far from sober
What can I do to stop this bangover?
I rocked too hard and now I'm suffering

I wish this pain could go away
Recalling things
From yesterday
My body spent
That band played fast
I got a case of drunken whiplash

Feels like I stage dove on my head
I think I polished off a keg
Your classic case of bangers neck
A sting I will never forget

Fist in the air
Whirlwind of hair
Thrash music ringing through your ears
These things all pass and here I lay
Not going out for shit today!

Aches when I turn and when I look up
It feels like my necks been hit by a truck
Ears are still ringing
Brains far from sober
What can I do to stop this bangover?

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