Mortem (PER) : The Devil Speaks in Tongues

Death Metal / Peru
(1998 - Merciless Records)
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"Daemonium vobiscum sit, fratres mei
- Et cum spiritu tuo
Convenimus hic laudatum
Caela contenebrantem
Cum his verbis:
Fiat malum!
Fiat tenebrae!
Fiat lamiae!
Sagae, striges
Fiar obscuritas"

Burning at the stake at night
My ashes will defy heaven's light
I'll die in flames for my lord
But soon I’ll take the earth by storm
Let there be obscurity
Let there be darkness

Holy priest, before my death
You'll smell my stenchful jackal's breath
You'll kiss the goat in the ass
And pay homage to satanas
Let there be obscurity
Let there be darkness
Fiat obscuritas!

"...and then the skies turned black
And the seas turned red:
Gates of hell were opened

I saw the angels bleed
Was spread the demon seed
As the witch had spoken..."


Lustful demons haunt loudun
Raping the ursuline nuns
Iscaaro and belaam
Possess their souls until they're damned

Invading all the monastery
Joined by asmodeus
Cedon, uriel
Lick their virgin cunts

Urbain grandier, the abbe
For the rapings he is blamed
Found guilty by the inquisition
He's prepared for execution

Tortured beyond pain
The devil's mark is searched in vain
They'll lick his blood wounds
The demons of loudun

Bleed and burn for satan, the king of blasphemy
For your curse will plague them all eternally

'I damn you all, o priests of lesser faith
Repent, lactantius, you'll die within a night"

One by one they fell into the pits of hell
Forever they'll be burnt by the demons of loudun


Demonic spell cast in the andes
A hellish, devil-driven trance
The witch's head detaches from it's body
The Uma is free to haunt the dark of night

Men fear evil
Men fear death
Blind and superstitious
Helpless, they'all die

Uma - flying head of the witch
Uma - flying head of the hell witch

The owl spreads its wings in the night
The spirit of evil is here
The bearer of horror is at sight
To allay it's infernal bloodlust

Men fear the devil
Men fear hell
Blind and superstitious
Helpless they'all die

Wicked tales about the uma
It'll tie your hands with the hair of the dead
Bite your throat and leave you bloodless
Unless you impale the witch's head and send her soul back to hell


Deafened by demonic laughter
I kneel before the altar
Inside the temple of mes - lam
In the city of kutha I bow
O, lord of the great abode
Take me to ereskigal now

Demon lover, sorceress fucker
I've lived a life full of sin
Raping women, killing people
All priests of Babylon I have totally slain!!

I endeavoured the lust of ereshkigal
The evil wife of cruel Nergal
With her demon body I’ve known the joys of hades
But dreams of immortality finally fade.

Debased by the evil of centuries of rottenness
She's climbed to the surfce and became my mistress
Oppressed by the yoke of a winged and horny tyranny
Amusing dead and demon-lovers she's been freed by me.

Summoned to hell

The kings of hell led a curse upon me
All hellhounds of darkness hunt me through earth and sea

O, lord of the great abode
O, lord death and pests!
Almighty Nergal
Forgive my deadly sin

O lord of the darkest realms,
O mes-lam-ta-e-a
Lord of the sacred temple
Forget my bloody affront!


Shadows behind you creeping in the dark
Hideous creatures who lost their human traits
Their eyes are glowing below goat-like horns
They blabber unknown words
In ancient evil tongues

They burst from hell
And you are their chosen one
Licefer's vassals will kill you by the dawn

They roam through the passages
Of this goal-haunted chapel
The ancestral dead thrive among the temple
Destroying the idols that you adore in vain
The cross of our lord rise it does again
There is no way out from this profaned sanctuary
Praying to your god you await
The mutilation rites

Begin to shiver and tremble as you scream in pain
Your torn apart limbs
We spread over our domain
Uceasingly, your blood flows,
We inhaust it from our prey
Your dismembered head is offered
To the master we obey

Drink from the chalice
The inverted cross held high
Black chants are sung by our coven tonight

On your bloodless remains feast we will
We're bred by Euronymus and Lilith
You shall fly from death to the pentagram
Down in hell your soul will be rammed


Asmi asurah, asmi raksah
Parthivah patalasya
Juhudhi kanyam antakaya
Saha ghatena edhi niscarah

The devil speaks in tongues

Nekropompos psychopompos
Eimi melas kakodaimon
Thuete, o thentoi
Paida nekron to diabolo

The devil speaks in tongues

Pantes daemones

Qallariyninmi kani
Tukuyninpis kani
Chiqantam nini
Supaypa kamachiyninta uyariy

The devil speaks in tongues


The corpse of the warlock is covered at last
Ignite the candles of the past
Invoke the demon lords of hades
The power to awaken the undead

Pothumous magic

Powers of hell are summoned by darh witchery
The devil's ancient tombs open widely
Flames of death furrow the burning pentagram
Winged and horned skeletons, their master i am

Posthumous magic

His life didn't end at the grave
Lucifer awaits at the throne of our region
The night cries tears of blood
Necromancer of hell he will become

Death - legions of dead arise from hell
Blood - a pitiful prey is caught by his spell
Glittering - eyes of horror burn in the night
Screams - they're servants of satan and you're in their sight

Skulls are risen by stakes in this night of madness
Black knights worship satan condemning a soul to be restless
The evil goat prepares the rites of initiation
One young life will end before the dawn of desolation


As i come at your door
I'll have you scream for more
I'll make you burn and bleed
But when i leave
You'll fucking scream your death is near
Taken by the force of me
You will never be set free
I'll make you turn and die
Buried to die forever
My soul is much too clever
I'll torment you endessly

Darkness surrounds you
There's no escape
As I torture you
Your mind is filled with hate
By the forces of evil
You are my slave
Turn in your grave

I'm on an endless search
Trying to escape the church, my heart is black
Look through my evil eyes
You'll see through all lies, be one with my soul
Fear my present state or it will be too late
I'll make you run and bleed
Buried to lie forever, my soul is much too clever
Torment you in fire


Nightmarish drumming
Is filling the air of the blackened evil night
Hellish signs
Are drawn by a priest who silently praises the devil

Infernal powders
To revive the soul of a longdead body
The priest hails Belial
Reciting the book to restore what man call zombie

Evil parson spills his blood helped by a knife
Demon eyes refulgence, brought back to life
The cemetary trembles
At the strike of the witching hour
Pray and obey to the lord
He offers his awesome power

Unleash the zombie plague

The stench of milleniums buried
Seep it does through the graveyard gates
They seek for the foes to slaughter
And they ignore their everlasting hate

Aproaching the time for the deadly meeting
Deceiving religious their lies are preaching
Unholy lust for the flesh of the heathen
To the ruler of the abyss they shall be kneeling

Zombie plague infests christian domains
Kill on sight, their hatred still remains
Mist falls upon the church's ashes
None survived this long awaited bloodshed


Demonic and mortuary lust
Infests my dreams, my subconscious mind
Visions show me fornicating you
Sadistically thrashing your cunt
Suddenly awaken I’m trapped in darkness
Surrounded by evil-outpouring graves

Down I slip through the graveyard
Below my feet lies a shaking ground
They emerge from the underworld
The ghastly dead
A devilish kingdom rises again
As an apparition
You ignite my blackened instincts
I shall possess you among the extinct

Sucubus, your cunt has to be mine
Sucubus, my lust shall be satisfied

Feel as I penetrate you with frenzied hate
Ignoring I’m striding with death itself
My semen pours out intensely
Inside this female, an evil entity
She is a sucubus, a nightmare from hell
I know her secret, now I’m dead by spell

Facing horror in this copulation
Suffering inside, rotting in infection
Lilith takes my soul in this fatal coition
Decayed fucking whore
Commanded by satan

Sucubus, my cock you will destroy
Sucubus, take now my sickened soul
Eternally we will rot in hell


Sceptics try to ignore they exist
Amongst evil hordes they creep n the mist
Silently lurking in the fog
They prepare to steal your mortal soul

Dead and buried they shall come back
Devil's slaves prepare to attack
You thought they're wolves, now learn in fright
The howling death will stalk the night

Carnivore hordes evil manipulates
Their unhunam hatred will seal your fate
At midnight roaming through the haunted woods
Sickened parassites houl at the moon

Thousands did fall
Victims of their sepulchral insanity
The sun has fallen
The moon rises as an evil sign of death
From the underworld
They shall return in the name of satanas


Prentice taught by the devil
In arts to men unknown
When the moon has reached its zenith
He'll devour the flesh of a baptized child

Four transfigurated demons
Seen under ghostly appearance
Descending from aetereal regions
Under phantasmagoric forms

Moon of death is in the sky
The banquet is served
Demons are guests
On human flesh they feast

Possessed by an ancient necromancer soul
Foretelling at the sight of human entrails
Bodies lying lifeless, half devoured
Unleash the wrath of vile etrurian blood!

Eat the hearts of the dead
Drink their blood so red
A ceremony by demns led
Eurynomos is fed

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