Moonspell : The Antidote

Gothic Dark / Portugal
(2003 - Century Media)
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The fury of waters
Revolving still,
Your voices are silences
When they speak through me
To the crossroads
We are turning our backs
And in each of you wounds
I will plant a seed of belief

In and above Men

The End which is ours
Unclear still,
The thirst growing stronger
And you still won't believe:
Someday we'll come out of our dreams,
And through the eyes you now close
The immense light of the Deep

In and above Men

The fury of Human
Revolting still
Will we be together?
In the crossroad
You gave me your back
And through each of your wounds
You'll bleed the light over me

Bleeding the skies all over me


Diurnal shall be your redemption
The last of spirits now leaves your body
We all act as if You are not there
Seeing is not believing

Possessional, your communication
What gets inside us the moment we are born?
What was that descending?
From lowering skies

I am no one
The centre of universe
What got inside you?
The moment you were born.
Could you see him descending,
Descending supreme
From lowering skies


From the soul to its waste,
The Common hates his evil twin
Everything invaded
In its simplicity

How did you get inside me?

Still all fascinated,
Invaded by everything

In the first morning light
The touch of death covering skies,
Everyhting invaded
(and) All the fears inspired

How did you get inside me?

Still all celebrated
Invaded by everything

Everything so full
In the lives I have taken with me
All our moments wasted
All is getting in

Still all violated
Divided by everything

And all the grace disturbed
All existence false
All your dead generations!
I am a son of yours and I am coming back

Everything invaded
In it's finality
Tell me will it hurt
When you get outside of me?

Everything is breaking
Why have we ever stopped here?
Everything invaded
I am a son of yours
And I am giving up

Everything invaded
Invaded by everything


The silver bullet - so earthly fast
Forever rope - so hard to find
The silver bullet - so earthly thrashed
Forever rope - symbol of trust

The mandrake's root, your restless lover
The morning blade, first to awake
The morning shame that you can't take
The Mandrake's root
In venenum veritas...

The silver bullet
The southern Deathstyle
Forever rope - forever tied
The mandrake's pill - your magic route to nowhere
The morning breaks - it's lunar still...

The elements all moulded together
A family whose name is death
The elements in circlefear
Bullet, Root, blade and rope
All hold so dear!


Here is to fear
For keeping us alert
And here is to sleep
For making understand

Here's to the crowning roots
(placing us nowhere)
Here's to the laughable wings
(taking us nowhere)

Here's to the Eve
Of the day which will never come
And here's to retreat
To ease the pain

Here's to resistance
(laughing at ourselves)
Here's to defeat
How dare you come so late?

The cup is empty
Shall be filled no more
And all the thirsty
Can now approach...

The antidote


Snowbird, ablaze and hurt
Brighter, fearless, just like a runaway
Princess never-a-smile
Oh, child! What makes you try?
Crying and sobbing
You greet the other day

She who never touches ground

Spreading an eclipse
Where never the sun shines,
At her feet

Frostbite, astray, will, faith
Haunting, hunting, she rules the game
Twin soul you are always a strange
Nothing ever makes you afraid?
Promising, threatening
She looks the other way

She who never touches ground

Spreading an eclipse
Where never the sun shines
At her feet

Starlike, but never to be counted
Look at your hands, child!
Destinies grow back to them

Daughter sun
With nothing to say
Never a fullmoon
Just the sickening ray

In tears hiding,
No water shed
The sign of the cross
Will take you to bed

In Capricorn

Spreading an eclipse
May never the sun shine
At her feet


The principles firmly confused
Shake them awake
The circles vicious
All full of wishes

The vapours which invite us in
In hope we bring the final piece
Afrais of what it means

The icy patterns ascending dead
As I decide to stay
And cover with shadows my comeback way

I look outside and it's lunar still


Now you dream inside
Her sleep of death
You get to keep your soul
Until she claims it back

A darkness without end
Morning was drained
Here comes the rain

And on the other side,
All is dark again
And the dark walls
At your side again

And you walk
The darkside again

You are the dream inside
Her sleep of death
And as I move through her soul
I'll find you hiding in there:

The darkness with no end
With a light of herself
No one can forget

And on the other side
All is dark again
And the dark walls
At your side again

And you walk
The darkside again

May you walk the darkside again

And you walk
The darkside again


Starts as a feeling pure,
This vitreous second sight
Without hallucinating, hating,
Captive of a future bright

Fortune telling
Honours for madmen only!
Through the looking glass,
And when the glass looks back

Why is everything to be denied?
That could make life a little bright

Horrors guessing, exceptional,
Through details all revived
Aligned in the death wish prismal
The crystal gazing - silver eye

We are the feeble standing
Before the great awakening
The livestock roaming,
Counting the seconds to
Our second coming

Why is everything to be denied?
That could make life a little bright

Through the looking glass,
And when the glass looks back:
Yourself as a fraud


The seed of men,
From trees now freezing
All silevered leaves
With messages written

The imitators
In sequences bright
All perpetraitors
In cahins of gold

From the wait we got our hearts so wet
The legend rains our drops of sweat
Sweet all the season
The crop is death
Reaped on the rush
You hate yourself

The best of men,
Through racks now stumbling
Learning the blind walk
All apprentices

The fierest men,
In sheep's clothing,
Have bor exhausted
To everything

And yes we all believe in madness
We are being born at the sound of ends
And yes we all belive in cruelty
We breed it out so easily

It used to be the pride of men,
Now a flame put out by the cold in his hand

And yes we all have signed the pacts
We knew so well nothing was left
And yes we still believe in beauty
As we eternally sleep on it

The last of men
All hide in here
Domesticated by everything

What's left of the man
I had within,
Now gone forever
The beast sets in

And yes we all believe in fury
When nothing else is supposed to be
Consumed are now all the rewards,
As we eternally...

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