Moonblood : Taste Our German Steel

Epic Black / Germany
(2000 - End All Life Productions)
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Embraced by Lycanthropy`s Spell

What happens to me when the moon shines
Which morbid longing is tormenting me
That greed for blood, so fresh and still warm
That lust to creep through the nocturnal forest
Hunting to satisfy my mysterious greed
Ah... that pain
I can't stand it anymore
I must go out: in the night
Cold winds whip my naked skin
When I enter the freezing darkness
But the hunger forces me out
Out in the streets, I take in the scent
Bloodlust under frozen skies
My teeth want to rip the victim's flesh
And my tongue wants to taste the juice of life
Ah... what a great feeling!
The odor of death is for what I'm living for
My nocturnal howling under the grey moon
Forces of unnatural silence over the night
Embraced by lycanthropy's spell:
The eyes of my victim are still opened
Distorted because of the horror they saw in the end
There is no mercy in my wolf heart
Only that magic, which forces me out at night

Sarg und Tod (Part II)

The fight, of night
War between death and lust
The right, of might
Possesses the skull's key-rules
The sign, is mine
Take the knife, hold it high
The lord, of death (invocate my name)
A torturous yell (blasphemate with deep hate)
Open your soul, your throat, your veins
Look how the blood is going away
And don't ask yourself a why
It must be the path to end all life
Then throw away the knife
Kill yourself with hateful fire
With abhorrence be o' mine
I am the end of all
My name is death, I won!
I killed the arts of dusk woerot
Profaner of eternal sadness
I rejected the existence of the moon
Ruler of the abysmal darkness
Conqueror, emperor of maggots
I suck the dead men's black blood
I am the end of all, the rotting
And when you die, you will be nothing
Dead forever, no arise
Impurity, no chaos
Unholy dark demise

Then Came The Silence

The enemy has failed
And the sun was swallowed by a total eclipse
Their iron weapons still forgotten on the battleground
Our forces were too strong and our war cry frightening
We killed their best warriors during the first attack
Lightning and thunder were on our side
And the rain forced them to defense
We did summon the winds
And the storm they've created
Took the defenders high into the air
Dead bodies came bleeding back on the soil
Conspired of the forces of maliciousness
Our greedy blades and thirsty axes
Did wait for the sign to attack
The horses stamped evil with their hoofs
Fire streamed out of their nostrils
Fire was their diabolical breath
The monks of the dark brotherhood did summon the forbidden forces
Our enemies fought proud, but they couldn't win
Our dark brotherhood was chosen to beat
The Christian bastards
The last final battle was the decision who will rule the eternity
We did run against the enemies' defense lines
And lightning and thunder fought on our side
Powerful we've beaten on the defending Christians
Warrior and warrior did fall in our rush of blood
The burning arrows set their camp on fire
And the ground was wet from blood
Then came our horsemen
Upon black horses, who spit fire
They killed the last remaining fighter
Slaughtered Christians, dead like their lord
And we watched our work, a picture of horror
... Then came silence...

Apocalyptic Vision

Enter the enchanted forest
During your journey every night
A freezing wind accompanies you
Let the veil of night spirits cover you
Let them protect you
You, who is creature between man and animal,
Procreated through the sperm of Astaroth
In a night which people call unholy
In a night of the demonic spirits
Day for day you saw that illusions
And it was horrifying, cause you couldn't explain it
Today such a night opens its arms to embrace you
And you know your destiny and the reason of your existence
Your birth was cursed by holy mouths
And your existence is blasphemy in the eyes of Jehovah
But the dark necromancers enjoy your occult magic flair
Your body and your mind were prepared for this night
Under the right constellation of the planets
You will await thy supreme overlord
So step on, nearer to the light of the flames inside the shadow
Five grandmasters of witchery will await you
Inside the magic pentagram you must wait
On every edge they stand and greedy eyes observe you
Blood runs from their arms to the middle
And flames blazing high by the touch
Your mouth is calling magically the words of his arrival
And during the planets building a line
And the flames burning the blood of witchery
Thy lord rises up under a bearing thunder sky
His eyes are red blazing flames
The hoofs step on the earthly soil
And his breath burns all
He's coming to you to perform the demonic wedding
Your father will be the father of your spawn
The necromancers died, cause all blood run away
During the planets building its occult constellation
The enemy has been procreated, called the antichrist
Astaroth left this universe, back to his abyss
And inside your body the archenemy will grow
There are only a few years under the reign of the light's race
When his eyes see the light, the Christ will fall...

The Angel's Lament

Bloodless moon tonight forsakes the dead's last rest
Scattered by frozen death winds
Are the bones of all who died without remembrance
Died alone their own special way
To pay their sins and god's betrayal
Heretic souls, forgotten and banished
Dwelling in eternal punishment
And rest in the dark on unblessed soil
Can never again hold the torches of life
And will never reach the eternity's fire
Which they are longing for so many aeons
Blind are god's eyes and falseness hides behind his face
Not able to forgive past sins, but praises himself as your lord
Wings unfold in the crimson dusk
During thunder defeats darkness silence
Storm is coming from the mountain side
Came to pray for the dead's last will
And louder than the loudest thunder their chants resound
That all blood freezes by their sad melodies
And mist rises up and all coffins burst
Creeping shades arise with the angel's lament
Panic is ruling, but it's too late to escape
As bony fingers grip for white silk and ripping their sweet bloody skin
Coming through the soil with the shadows, creeping evil
They arise from graves, legions of the dead
To wreck all what is of God
Holding high the weapons they were buried with
Swords and axes, armors of steel
Iron blades cut the angel's flesh
Screams of torment calling loud
But suffocate shortly after
And all voices grow silent
As blades cut through their throats
Blood and death, the dead's only war chant, conquers the grey mist
Under moonlight, white and cold they die
Suffocate on own holy blood
And merciless slayers stalking through the darkness

A Walk In The Woods

A dark deep night
Walking by the hills and the plains
Under the goatmoon
Above the eternal glowing stars
Hearing the voices below
From a world beyond the consciousness
Feeling the strength of nature
The power of unearthly forces
Touching the caress of snow on my skin
Feel the freezing winds from North
Covering my bodiless soul
Searching for my pain
In my open wounds
Longing for a sign
The wolf is coming
Within my flesh and blood
Away... far away
Hear the weak helping screams of Christians
Suffering and praising for death

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