Moonblood : Blut & Krieg

Epic Black / Germany
(1997 - Majestic Union Records)
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In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon

The fullmoon shines over the cemetery
The wind roams slightly through the trees
A smell of rottenness lies in the air
Knocked over crucifixes, ransacked graves
Besmeared with blood
In a bloody night of fullmoon
I was born
In sin I want to live
Under the freezing moon
Dead bodies under the fullmoon
On their chests... Carved pentagrams
The Antichrist was born
His destiny is the fight against jesus christ
And his fucking god
In a bloody night of fullmoon
I was born
In sin I want to live
Under the freezing moon


Darkness everywhere, silence everywhere
Trees stand like giants in front of me
A weak wind blows through my hair
Like a ghost wich is going through your body
The shrubs sing the song of fear
The grass sways it with the wind
The huge trees with magnificent crowns
Don't let the moon shine down to me
Every step goes into uncertainty
Every look catchs it
Hasty it flits through the night
Glowing eyes stare at me
The shrubs sing on the song of fear
My journey through the nightly woods goes on
Everything turns around me
Everywhere are shadows
The branches snap on going
Everywhere are glowing eyes
Everywhere are shadows
Are it the children of the night
They accompany me
Flits past in the trees
As shadows

...And Snow Covered the Lifeless Bodies

The moon goes its way in the northern sky
Anxious it circles over the horizon
Frost-pregnant winds push it
In front of themselves
The night has thrown it's veil over the land
Birds are filling fast te dark sky
Their huge dark wings wide stretched
Gliding silently through the night
The snow falls slightly and peacefully
Evaporates when it's touching my skin
I see a light whizzing fast the sky
A shooting star
My black heart beats faster
Out of pleasure, out of fear
I don't know
The weapons died away
Flames beat high into the sky
Fog comes down
The field saturated with blood
With the blood of our enemies
Hail - To you, it was a good battle
Hail to our enemies
Bloodsmeared blades
Smashed armours everywhere
The death was riding with us
Side by side we have fought
The Power of darkness were with us
...And snow covered the lifeless bodies

My Evil Soul

Blackness Surrounds Me
With The Eyes Of Dead It Stares At Me
Its Dark Claws Reach For Me
My Body Struggles Against
But My Evil Soul Will Go With It
But I Am Still Strong Enough
To Hold It
My Mind Is Strong
A Northern Breeze Breathes At Me
With Its Icy Wings
It Want To Kidnap Me
But My Body Fights Against It
Only My Dark Soul Wants To Go With It
On A Journey Through Shady Countries
An All - Devouring Fire Surrounds Me
Its Flames Want To Embrace Me
But My Body Objects
Only My Dark Soul Is Prepared
To Unite With The Eternal Fire
Demons Come And Flatter Me
They Want To Take Me
Into The Empire Of The Eternal Darkness
With Sweet Words They Try To Persuade Me
My Mind And My Body Don't Want To Permit
But My Evil Soul Wants To Go With Them
It Has Become Stronger Than Before
Slowly It Escapes From My Body
Slowly The Life Fades Away With It
Fades Away From My Body
It Goes On A Journey
Through Shady Countries
Into The Empire Of The Eternal Darkness

Blut und Krieg

Die Sonne verdunkelt sich
Der leblose Mond schiebt sich vor sie
Langsam verdunkelt sich der Horizont
Eine unheimliche Stimmung kommt auf
Grausames Kriegsgeheul
Von den gegen?er liegenden H?eln
Schallt es her?er
Sie r?ten sich f? den Angriff
Das Kreuz, es leuchtet her?er
Das Zeichen Gottes, das Ende ist nah
Sie k?pfen f? eine l?gst tote Macht
Blut & Krieg
Endlich sie kommen
Gepanzerte Pferde, gepanzerte K?per
Sie st?men den H?el herunter
Auf unser Lager zu, doch wir sind ger?tet
Unser Banner, das Pentagramm
Weht straff im kalten Wind
Umgeben von all unseren Br?ern
Reiten wir ihnen entgegen
Wir werden unser Leben geben
F? eine st?kere Macht
Schwerter kreuzen sich
Sie bohren sich in das Fleisch der Gegner
Abgetrennte Gliedma?n ?erall
Das Blut spritzt uns ins Gesicht
Doch das Schlachten nimmt kein Ende
An den Stielen der Äxte
Klebt das Blut unserer Feinde
Das Christenbanner ist zerschlagen
Der letzte Christ zertr?mert
Unsere Horde war siegreich
Blut & Krieg

Kingdom of Forgotten Dreams

Knights full of fear, knights full of hate
Endless long it appear me
Dream tyrannile my sleep
Dreams about death
Dreams about power
For everybody it is open
The gate to the kingdom of forgotten dreams
Everybody can enter it
At night, when your body falls in sleep
Is it the best time
Slowly the things begin to turn around you
What once was is again to get over
What still comes... You can see it
Demos take possession of you
Inyour dreams
They try to take you on the other side
Dreams which are long forgotten
Live again in you
Scatter your thoughts, torment you
The demon of dreams torments you
The gate wide opened
He stretched out his claws
After new victims it grip
When they dream
He'll find them in their dreams
And don't let them again awake
And endless they'll sleep
Endless they dream
In the kingdom of forgotten dreams
Imprisoned in the hell of eternity

Under the Cold Fullmoon

Through the night, through the darkness
Through the forests, through the fields
Through the mountains, through the rivers
Through the coldness of the northwind
Under the cold fullmoon
Fullmoon, cold and merciless
Take my soul
Through the airs on black wings
Through the stars I glide
Under the forests, the mountains
I pass all and glide away
Under the cold fullmoon
Fullmoon, cold and merciless
Take my soul
Pass palaces, pass castles
I glide on my black wings
Through the night, through the darkness
Through the coldness of the northwind
Under the cold fullmoon

I Am All

I am the clouds which roam slowly over you
I am the gloving sun which burns you
I am the fullmoon which lights up your way
I am the rain which wets you
I am the wind which blows around you
I am the stars which stand in the night of heaven
I am the night which nourish you
I am the coldness in your heart
I am the darkness which surrounds your thoughts
I am the fire that devours all
I am the fear which drives you
I am the food which which you take to you
I am the wine which you trink
I am the blood the lets you live
I am the hate which gnaw at your soul
I am the torment which hurts you
I am the courage which strenghts you
I am the power which guides you
I am the fight which you sets you
I am the dragon which attacks you
I am the vampire which drinks your blood
I am the death which ends all
I am the evil which rules all
I am all
I am the Satan

The Infernal Master Returns - Outro

When the day is an eternal night
And the fullmoonshine the only light
When firestorms attacks the earth
It's a sign for evil's rebirth
And when the sky turns it bloodred
And flames the houses of christ burn
Then the time has come
And our infernal master returns

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