Metal Orizon : Metal Örizon

Heavy Metal / Botswana
(2009 - Self-Produced)
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When darkness falls on our land
Let us show what we are made of
Let us move like all that defeats the best
Let us do the unthinkable.

You know we’re gonna win
You won’t get away this time
You know we’re gonna win
No more escape, you wont away, we gonna get to you yeah!
You can never run far away, we gonna get you somehow

You will never know what got unto you
You started it, we’re gonna end it
The fire in me is burning for you
When we’re done you’re forever gone


Oh! Yeah! I’ve been waiting for you, you going no way
I am gonna get to you, there is no holidays
No escaping, there is no way to run,
I’m gonna go all the way yeah!
You can’t hide from me
Oh! No! Just wait and see,
You’ll never try me again, you won’t, no way
I don’t care what you do you not getting away
You better stop now you not getting away
You can’t run away from
Why don’t you give up right now yeah!


From this day you are mine
Coz there is no way to run
You are my most wanted
The one and only

When you’re gone I search for you
Now you are here, I’ve got you
There is no way I’m gonna lose you

Tell me you’re gonna stay
I fear I’m gonna lose you
Tell me you’re gonna stay
I fear I’m gonna miss you
You’ll always be mine
Without you I can’t go on
My happiness is you
Forever you besides me



The beauty leaves me with no doubt
Leaves me wondering why it’s this way
Torn apart by the tribal wars
I cry out loud for my beautiful land

My beautiful land (x4)

When the sun sets it tells me all
The colour of blood plastered everywhere
I wonder if it was meant to be
And no one seems to even care

For my beautiful land (x4)

The dreams of young men are shattered
The african sun rises to their cries
Will they ever see the sun set?
Will their cries ever end?
For my beautiful land (x4)


They all about to fall
You break this wrong move
They don’t see that no way
They tell you to go to hell
Now it’s your time to laugh and get away
What goes around comes around you
On there way down again they cry for you
Remember the first time

Can’t you tell you be got, you’ll never get away with this
Can’t you tell you be got, you’ll never see me again

Let them down, let them down
Down to the ground, down to the ground
You cry on my shoulder
Just get the hell away from
You got no soul for me to cry for
Tell you I’m gonna come tops
And I’m gonna destroy you
You ain’t worth this life
Looks like wasted my time on you
Trying to save you



I don’t know what the world is coming to
Everything seems fired up
No one seems to care
What’s going on
Seems nothing is gonna be right

I guess you’ve gotta get away
And you’re never coming back no more
I don’t like the way things turn around here
Better if you don’t hang around here no more

There is never gonna be a bright side
You just have to undrstand
There is no turning back no way
You just have to take it back no matter what


6. I CRY

Through the times
I’ve been through a lot of changes
The happy and the sad moments
I’ve gone through all of those
But I never know comes along everyday

I fall and rise, but I can’t run away from the times.
My view is much clearer, as I look right through my heart.
But I never know what comes along everyday
I just wait and see and takes what comes along as I go

And I cry for those moments
I cry when I think of those treasured times
I cry for my past, when look forward to the unknown
I cry for those days, when I learnt to walk in the dark
I cry when I think of all the time we’ve lost
I cry when I think of how much it will cost
I cry for all the time we will never find
I cry for all those who want to be free
I cry with all of you

You’ll never know about the game
Unless you’ve played it before
You’ll look to the past to find the way to the future



Come on take it easy and make it work
Coz time comes once not twice
So don’t you ever try to be late
Coz you will never be able to equate time to your life
And you know it’s so cool to be ahead of time
You might just wanna try that,
You’ve got a duty to do to make work
Don’t listen to what they say
They will derail you off your way

Turn on the engine, it’s count down time
Reach the stars, the world is yours
Show the world, you got be around
Show the world, never gonna be down again
Show the world, there’s no turning back
Show the world, you gonna be up there all the time

You better take what your heart craves
I tell you it’s only what matters
Better to dance to your tunes all the time
You’ll get, what you want, no matter what
You gonna get it for real
You’re so strong, stand your ground
Don’t let anybody put you down
Shout it loud, come on out
Keep the world alight with your fire
There you are standing on your feet


The attitude, dedication, the desire, determination
That’s what you need to move forward
Listen to your heart rhythm
Every beat is your step to your goal


As the wind sweeps across the plains
I am standing there calling the angels
As the sun moves closer to claim
The barren land that we have failed
My heart is filled with pain
As the wild cry for rain

The eagle cries as it flaps its wings
It casts its shadow as it flaps through hot winds
It looks up to the kings to end the misery I see
Its eyes filled with hatred
As it sings to the uncaring world

No matter how hard the eagle tries
The world is just corruption and lies
No matter how high the eagle flies
Down below will always be dry
In the end it’s where it’s gonna lie
And the sand will fill its eyes


In a way it’s for us to see
No one will ever be free
That’s the way, that the way it’s gonna be

As the eagle flies away
No one has a say
Everyone is left at bay
It’s all the rules that we lay
It’s up to you to see to it that it ends the right way


As the river runs all the way to the sea
It carries everything on its way
The journey to the end of us all
Love while you still can
Don’t leave it for tommorow

We’re leaving to land unknown
Not a single one is spared the trip
The good and the bad walk together
Love while you still can
Don’t leave it for tommorow

Can you take it? Oh yeah!
Can you make it through?
Yeah! You can do it
Go for it man

Live the gift of life today
Take your chances while you can
For tommorow holds a different story
Love while you still can
Don’t live it for tommorow

Everyone has a position to play
There are no trials before the game
There really is no time for relaxation
Love while you still can
Don’t live it for tommorow



No matter what you do
You can’t put me down
I’m gonna make it there anyway
The world is out there
For everyone to here
So don’t try and push me away

You can’t stop me now, no way
You can’t put me down, so move away

It has occurred to me that if I never try
I’ll never make it there
I’ll pay the price
For every goal I get and my price is pain
I don’t need you here
I already know the way that is my destiny

The pain that I feel, it won’t deter me
It’s just part of life so move away
Don’t ever try stopping me if you dare
I’m gonna make sure you’re are put away



Never let the world get away
Time never slows down for anyone

In these days changes are way ahead
You keep up or you lose it all

Keep the fast lane no slowing down
No turning aroung get on the way
And you’ll get there

Never before it’s been this way
Believe you me you’ll get there
You never know the end of it all

The longer you wait the further it gets
It’s getting dark as the wheels keep rolling
You don’t wanna look back to see what you lost
You ‘re never gonna stop crying for the lost time
You’ll never get there


Believe you me you’ll get there
Never before it’s been this way
You never know the end of it all
Speed it up man I ain’t waiting


Marching down the lane
Wondering how I came
Knowing I’ll never be the same
I hope I never get the blame for not being tame

I don’t care how long it’s gonna take
But whatever I say I hope it gets the rate
It deserves in weight

It’s so far away, so far away
For me to reach
If I’m to kill the time to heal
The pain that I feel

Whenever I get lost
I get back to start where I left
And leave no mile unturned
It gives me lessons of every bit of my way

When the ending is near
I no longer fear
Coz whatever I see or hear
Comes into me so clear

Bitter life (x6)

Bitter life, I’m here to stay
You’ll never gonna take me

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