Mekong Delta : The Principle of Doubt

Technical Thrash / Germany
(1989 - Aaarrg Records)
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On the air
Words of wisdom spread across the land
And nod your head in faithful trust in me

So senseless - there's no doubt about it
So senseless - when you hear the latest news
So senseless - you'll accept my opinion
So senseless - as plain facts and truth

TV sets and the radio
We bring real life to your homes
This is the question of trust
Talking about affairs that don't concern you
Just close your eyes and drift away

Switch on the TV
And you will find life's so much brighter with us
This is the question of trust
Come home from work
Feeling weary and out
We kill your boredom and thoughts
This is the question of trust
Pay some more bucks
For a fifty - inch screen
Our second hand world will seem real
This is the question of trust


The old bum - over there - holds a sign saving
The only way for you to live - never stop trying
A little boy - hands a note - over to me
The message there - on that note - is simple and clear
Don't ever leave the path - you have been walking on
Don't ever change - your ways, your ways - of getting alone
No chance for you - to escape - from your destination
Choose between good and bad - and make your own decision
Just be true - to yourself - and things will be coming
Don't ever try - to make them, to make them - smile at you
For in return they'll turn their back on you
A prophecy - that's what I say
And you'll find - some day
A chosen one - that's what you are
Some day you're bound to find your way
You will fight - in a world - that don't seem real
You'll have to fight in that world - you don't believe in
Don't you try to resist for things will be coming
Hit by a car - in the streets of deserted town
Wake up in dreams wondering - where you're around
A voice keeps calling
I will be lord of this land
I will be ruler of this land
No one can stop me anyway
This will all be mine some day
Run - Run - Run
Run but you can't get away -
Run but you won't change your fate -
Don't try hide away - I'll wait for you some day -

And you can't run away
Away from your destiny
You just can't deny
The part you're bound to play


Here's a weird tale of madness
About what happened to me
I led a life full of luxury
Till I broke down on my knees
Cadillacs and furcoats
A mansion by the sea
Then lady luck walked away
Left me in misery

Once I believed
This couldn't happen to me
But now
But now
Everything has changed

A six inch blade cut through my hand
On that fatal day
Then the doctor told me
Slow death'd come my way
My woman went away, people ignoring me
Razor blades in my cornbread
The folks in town wished I was dead

Go away
We don't want you around
In this town
Don't want you
Don't want you

What they say
They don't want me around
In this town
Don't want me...
Don't want me...


Way back in ancient days
I took the shape of a golden idol
They knelt in front on me
Worshipped me prayed to me
I saw the greed in their eyes

Longing - fame and fortune
Yearning - wine and women
Craving - gold and happiness
Demanding - eternal life

Ever since time began
I have been the curse of men
I saw them burning down
Cities and countries
They killed millions of men
To please me, to calm me down
I saw the greed in their eyes

I've been around for so long
Their faith and devotion make me strong

They've prayed at my altar
With heads bowed real low
And I've been around
Wherever they go
Wherever they go
Until the end
The end of time
There's no escape

How I like your
Ever since time began


I am
Gonna save this world
Drums beating
Soldiers marching
Don't stand in our way
Over the hills
We march
The final showdown is near
I am chosen
To be
Savior of this world one day

Marching on
Through this land
My dreams
They'll all come true
I will never ever fail

We just do what's right
We will never die

The world ain't real
The weak one cries
Soon he'll face truth
Over the hills
We march
The final showdown is near
Dawn is near
But what I see
I simply can't believe
Soldiers, soldiers, soldiers everywhere
As far as I can see
Billions of enemies
Bound to tear my world apart
Now that I face the facts
I gotta realize
Something must I have been wrong from the start
I can see
Them smile at me
I know the end is near
That's the curse of reality
Curse of reality
You have got me down
You have shot me down
You have knocked me down




Can't control
My hands and feet
Conditioned to be a human machine
Can't control
My thoughts and needs
Memories erased...
My brain won't work
Without that chip - inside my head
The things I see - I can't define
Responsibility seems strange to me

Shock - I'm a victim of the latest
Fear - Gene technology
Shock - I'm trained to be a robot
Fear - To serve society
Shock - I never ask no questions
Fear - I never cause a doubt
Shock - I don't know what's going on and what it's about all

I gotta know
The reason why
I can't receive no signals anymore
Seems like I'm
Left alone
In a dying world
I did my job - all night and day
Now everything - has gone astray
There's emptiness - inside my head
I realize I've been long gone dead

Shock - Foreign determination
Fear - And the happiness I've known
Shock - Have faded with the signals
Fear - From my master's room
Shock - All wires disconnected
Fear - I see the shades of doom
Shock - Standing by the ruins fills my heart with gloom


I'm a member of the motley crew
Pleasing the rich and kings
When I make 'em laugh
Nobody even cares
What's inside my mind
Don't seem to get what I'm looking for
And I can't stand it anymore
Can't you see
Can't you see

Don't drag me down
Don't push me 'round
Don't drag me down
Don't push me 'round

I'm gonna get what I'm yearning for
Break out and play my part no more
That's what I say
That's what I say

I sit and I wait till the big boss's calling me
Now I wish I could hide away
You'll see me smile
But I'm hurt inside
Now I wish I could break away
I can't stand it anymore
Don't wanna play the fool no more
Gotta break away
Gotta break away

When you gaze at me it's like
A look into mirror
And here is what you're bound to see
Someone like you
Leading a kind
Of life that's killing me
I'm gonna get what I'm yearning for
Break out and play my part no more
That's what I say
That's what I say

I'll be just I wanna be
Wanna be - desperately




Light turned low
Curtains let down
Ain't no one else in sight
Waiting for you
Just for you
Four walls get closer every day

We have been friends for so long
And no one will ever know
Like the Phoenix from the ashes
You come to haunt my dreams
And I think I know
You'll never let me go
You'll never let me go
You're a part of me
You belong to me

You know my secrets
All my emotions
Nothing I can hide
We'll stay together
Cause we can't stay apart
Though I know someday we're through

Now you've gone too far
Now you've grown too strong
The ceiling is caving in
You've been here for much too long
Dark walls all around I see
Getting closer, closer to me

Won't let you go -
I got a split-up mind

Can't let you go
Ooh, you drive me insane

Won't let you go -
Please, please let me go

Can't let you go
Cause you're killing me

Won't let you go -
Why do you do that to me

Can't let you go
Why don't you set me free

Won't let you go -
I'm paralyzed in my bed

Can't let you go
Pain's creeping right through my head

Won't let you go -
Why don't you leave me be
Can't let you go
You are the death of me
Split personality

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