Mat Sinner : Back to the Bullet

Heavy Metal / Germany
(1990 - BMG Records)
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Las palabras

1. Back To The Bullet

[Sinner, Beyrodt / Sinner, Geiger]

You better listen closely now
I'm a man with a mission and I'm back in town
If it's all a waste of time
I'm only wastin' mine

Here I come a head full of dreams
A need so strong to swim upstream
No boundaries
Could ever hold me here

I'm under fire - I'm gettin' ready

Let's get
Back to the bullet - follow the fighting choice
Back to the bullet - takin' another shot

A one way ticket to the hall of fame
So there's gonna be some changes made
I feel the rhythm of a thousand pounding drums

Little by little, I'll even the score
I'm not gonna play second best anymore
Got a bad attitude
And I'm playin' rude

Too many rules spoilt my plans

2. Tear Down The Wall


I see your face, smiling from a picture
I remember you, so many tears have fallen down

How long did I try to forget you
I throw away my pride, but the fire's still there

We hide our love and we'll find a way
But I don't need another heartbreak

Tear down the wall [2]
Tear down the wall and answer me
Tear down the wall [2]
Between us

Enough is enough, you took it too far
And I'd really sold my soul for you

How long 'til you wake up your mind
I can't wait any longer

If you're strong enough
Just call my name
But I don't need another heartbreak

Are you strong enough
Then call my name
But I don't need another heartbreak

3. Every Second Counts

[Sinner / Sinner, Geiger]

I saw you standing in the neon light
Just one look was enough
I get what I want and I wanted you bad
You really took me to the highest high
To the heart of the night
What a hell of a time I got with you

You gave me tears and I gave you my blood
An eye for an eye, I was yours

Ooh oh oh oh every second counts
I'll remember your face, when the truth comes out
Ooh oh oh oh every second counts
And you'll better learn what's it all about

I'm gonna take you where the sun goes down
I promise you
You'll be home before the break of dawn
But don't you ever try to hold me down
I got other plans and there's no one
Who should tell me what I should do

When the talk gets cheap
Then I'll see you twice
On the other side of heaven again

4. Call My Name

[Sinner, Naumann]

It feels so cold inside to wake up without you
The third morning, we go separate ways
I go to places where we used to go
I pay the price of loving you

I've lost enough sleep over you now
I don't care anymore
I don't care

But if you call my name
You know I'll be there
If you call my name
I'll be there
If you're standing in the shadow
Or standing in the rain
I'll be there, call my name

I'm sitting here alone now
The empty glass and me
I remember the times, we shared together
Screamin' out the rage about
The love we threw away
But your chance will never come again

Soon all the tears will be dried from my face
I'm not gonna crawl again
A broken heart don't mend

5. Crazy Horses

[Alan Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Merrill Osmond]
[from The Osmonds "Crazy Horses" (1972)]

There's a message floatin' in the air
Come from crazy horses ridin' everywhere
It's a warning, it's in every tongue
Gotta stop them crazy horses on the run

What a show, there they go smokin' up the sky, yeah
Crazy horses all got riders, and they're you and I
Crazy horses

Never stop and they never die
They just keep on puffin' how they multiply
Crazy horses, will they never halt?
If they keep on movin' then it's all our fault


So take a good look around
See what they've done
What they've done
They've done

Crazy horses

6. In The Name Of Rock'n'Roll

[Sinner / Sinner, Geiger]

I don't wanna lose this feeling, it keeps me alive
I need the stage vibrations, everyday of my life

You can bitch about my pretty bad vices
But I'm going on strong, where I set my sights on
Don't wanna be concerned

In the name of rock'n'roll I need to survive
In the name of rock'n'roll I'm hooked on this life

I need the thunder of drums, the roar of guitars
The road is long, but the spirit is strong now
Every inch of my way

Every night's got some new provocations
Every night's got some sweet temptations
I wanna hear you

Here I'm standing, at the edge of the stage
When the lights come up I can't hold back
I'm still singing my heart out, I know it's not in vain
The hunger inside me rises again

7. Wildest Dreams

[Sinner, Geiger, Naumann / Sinner, Geiger]

So you thing, less device keeps you safe
But lightning might strike twice
It could change your life overnight

Into the fire, out of the dark
You're like the gasoline and she's the spark
Just how long can one heart act tough

Easy come ain't always easy go
When her lovin' expires
It might cut you to the heart

Now you're standing in her line of fire
In her wildest dreams
She gets everything her heart desires
Easier as it seems, wildest dreams

Some dark edge of the heart
Told you words that tore your world apart
Silouhettes fading into the past

So put your money on the same plane
Scratch 'I love you' in her windowpane
A Romeo in the Juliet train

Have you heard she broke a hundred hearts
When her lovin' expires
You're number one, oh, one

You're stranded on the lonely shoreline
Tossed upon the sand
As she makes and breaks her promises
You'll never understand her wildest dreams

8. Down Undercover

[Sinner / Sinner, Geiger]

Easy come and easy go
You see me walkin' on ice
I couldn't take any more advice
It's time to step into the light

I got my outlook of life
There's no turning back
The fire's still alright

Down undercover - will music ever rescue me
Down undercover - when my blood runs to the beat
Down undercover - when the thrill has got me again
Down undercover - rescue me

Hard as rock like dynamite
And I'm about to explode (I'm burning up)
I'm out to win this long lost fight
It's got me screaming for more

I forget all the trouble
It's like the call of the wild
And the passion still burns

9. Face To Face

[Sinner, Beyrodt / Sinner]

Here I'm standing alone at midnight
They told me again that tough guys don't cry
Face to face with a devil called love

You see me waiting in the shadows
And one step to you seems to be one million miles
And you're so far away

I'm walking on ice, no safety in sight

Let us play the secret game
Let us leave the chosen ways
Walk on water face to face
This is more than meets the eye
We can make it if we try
Stay together

Uh, I can't sleep at night
I can't think it over again
There's no easy way out

You better throw off these chains
That keep holding you back

10. Crying In The Wires

[Sinner / Sinner, Geiger]

Little snow white hang tough
You can dream a little longer
When you walk the high-wire
Hold on much stronger

What's a nice girl like you
Doin' in this wild world
Playing for keeps, you're going

Overdose, overdose - you set the wheel in motion
Overdose, overdose - now watch it turn around
Overdose, overdose - reason lies dying
Overdose, overdose

You might wind up alone
Do you think you're in control
But the wounds keep on spreading
Until they reach your soul

I can hear the door slam
Sounding like thunder
Of a sacrificial rite, you're going

Overdose, overdose - you set the wheel in motion
Overdose, overdose - now watch it turn around
Overdose, overdose - reason lies dying
Overdose, overdose - I hear you crying in the wires
Crying in the wires

Your life lies naked in the hands of fate
Your memories add up to nothing

11. She's Got The Look

[Sinner / Sinner, Geiger]
[bonus track]

I'm out with the boys on the tough side of town
The street's on fire and my feet don't touch the ground

Here comes trouble, a high heeled sight
The party command on this Saturday night

Sometimes it's so easy
On a night like this
I'm runnin' out of control

She's got the look - and I can get her
She's got the look
She's got the look - and I can get her
She's got the look - she's hot

She takes me where the wild ones go
But she doesn't give in, she's playing on

Passion takes it over, I'm down on my knees
She can lock me up and throw away the key

Like a fuel to fire
Yes I need her bad
She makes me change all my plans

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