Massacra : Final Holocaust

Death Metal / France
(1990 - Shark Records)
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In a land of darkness
Only war makes them live
No one knows who they are
It's too late toknow it
Death warriors without fear
Destroying all around
They are back, back to kill
With violence and bloodshed

Only death in their souls
Just madness in their brains
No escape you will die
Nobody will survive
Death warrior without fear
Destroying all around
They are back, back to kill
With violence and bloodshed

They're slaves of death, ravaging with death in their sides

Stand in their way
Or run away
They're back to slay
Keep out of their way
It's time to pray
They're here to stay

In the dark of the night
They are back to attack
Hear their screams hear your cries
No pity people die

Death warriors without fear
Destroying all around
Now you know who they are
Eternal ghosts of war

They slaves ....

Stand in their way ....


Agonizing pain in your brain
You feel this drugs flows in your veins
Raging fever of exitement
Fit of choking you're in torment

Sufferer from mad scientists
You've been act as a guinea pig
Trying on you experiments
In the name of the new science

Researchers of tortures
Acting like mad butchers
Scientific sorcerers
Using drugs and tortures

Excruciating pain in your veins
This noxious drug is burning your brain
Now you can feel no emotion
They neutralized your sensation

They've got your soul under control
You're prisoner in their power
Sufferer from these sorcerers
You must comply to their orders

Researchers of tortures ...

Declining world, lawlessness world, self destruction
Laboratories, mad scientists, new corruption
Now yo're under the influence of their serum
No solution, it's a poison and you're destined to die


Set ... me ... free
Let ... me ... out
What right have you to keep me as a hostage

I'm not crazy
What right had you to sentence me for life
I'm not guilty

You kept me in confinement
I've been there for a long time
And i've lost all scence of time

Always confined in the dark
No rays of light, no land of mark
I must be out of my mind
I feel that i'm going to blind

You treat me roughly
And mercilessly
I'm here to stay
In the name of the law, i'm sentenced for life

I'm an embrassing witness
'Cause i know things that i shouldn't know
I've got into a fuckin' mess
Why did i decide to go to law?

Corruption took the place of justice
I want to get out of this cell, of this jail

You treat me roughly ...

Since my last disappearance
No one knows my existence
Now i'm rotting in prison
No escape, no solution

I felt about in the dark
But i've never found a gap
Some rats kept me company
And i ate them heartly

You treat me roughly ....


Far away, bloodstained banners of death
Iron, leather, around warriors
The stae of siege's gonna be declare
Spreading panic, it's a nightmare
Swords gleam in the sun
We've got no place to turn

Murderous knights, resolute besiegers
Fortified castle, proud defenders
Terrible fights, pitiless invaders

Standing in fear the confrontation
Needless to be under delusion
They've come to over run the land
We're gonna hold out to the end
Trapped in this castle
Life and death struggle

No surrender, there'll be no prisoner
Invasion, devastation
No surrender, facing the invader
Starvation, war of attrition

They've come to built a new empire
Flames and smoke, the place is on fire
The battle is raging
Constant harassing

Hopeless end, desperate struggle
Throes of death rattle for days on end
Coveted land, never ending battle

No surrender ...


The rooms smells dumb and death
Everybody catch their breath
Suspense and deathly hush
You're ready to try your luck

Don't go beyond the bounds of reason
It's a matter of life and death
It's time to pass a resolution
You've already come close to death

To death

Money, bets and wagers
It won't have two winners
Games and depravity
Russian roulette's still in be

You're prepared to take part in this game
You do it to earn your living
It's a long time you've got a bad name
Now it's your turn and you're sweating

To death

Life is more precioius than cash
You shouldn't brave the power of death
One day you'll be kill outright
'Cause the bullet'll be aimed at you

A gun shot'll break the silence
And there'll be a smell of gun powder
Blood'll spurt out from your head
And your body'll lie on the ground


In the street, not a living soul, there's no sign of live
Nobody, everything's so strange, so unreal
This city is out of the way, it's a no man's land
What's happened? no one knows the fact, no witness

Poison gas
Or suicide
Bad sect

I'm alone feeling ill at ease, expecting the worst
There is not a sound to be heard, deathly hush
Smell of death all over the place, my blood's running cold
A mass grave in the town center, rotting flesh

They were on oath / according to their god
Slaves till death / ultimate offering
It was their will / supreme sacrifice
Their last fill / the final holocaust

Dead bodies're lying on the ground i can't believe it
In this town people came to pray to their god
Ethic group believing in their spiritual master
They came in this place of worship to see him

Poison gas ...

Now i know, now the reason why there's no sign of life
They're all dead according to his instruction
Worshippers scarified themselves, collective suicide
They're all dead according to their religion

They were on oath ...


Unreasoning faith
Devastating reign
Doomsday mania
In the cause of god
Pain and bloodbath

Passed on from father to son
It's still in be for generations
Firmly rooted sensation
It's still actual between religions

Aaarrgh ...

Fanaticism and terrorism
Hate ... rage ...
Eternal hate!

Racial war, extermination
Intolerance and violence
Holy war, discrimination
Race ... raid ...
Eternal hate!

Outburst of fury
Lust for power
Sad insanity
Extreme danger
Raving patriots
Racial riots

Passed on from father to son ...

Aaarrgh ...

Fanaticsm and terrorism ...

Racial war ...

Eternal dissension
Optimal aversion
Implicit perversion


Scenery of death and destruction
Show of sack and aggression
Smoke screen and rays of light
Howling crowded ready to fight

Hemoglobin starts to flow
All systems go to begin the show
Offering you as a sacrifice
It's a bloodbath, it's a genocide

Violence ... massacra
Torments ... massacra
Doomsday ... massacra
The day of massacra

The marshall noise is driving you mad
And the scene is taking by storm
Turning everything upside down
Everybody's thrashing all around

Playing faster with volume higher
There's no limit, it's sheer murder
Going beyond the bounds of reason
No self control, possessed by demon

In a state of exhaustation
And bathed in perspiration
Everybody is out of breath
But we still thrash till death

Violence ...


Today the public's come in large numbers
It's time for you now to make your entrance
Compelled gladiators, walking in silence
You've never been trained to kill, potential fighters

Chockfull arena, vast aphymtheatre
Overexcited cheering audience
People's come to see the awful slaughter
Gloating over this riot of violence

Fight, might the best man win
Kill, you must save you skin
There's no alternative
Fight and kill or be killed

Slaves of barbarians you must kill one another
There's no rule and no law it's a fight to the death
People takes pleasure in seeing this wholeslaughter
And they've got the power to send you to your death

If they give you the thumbs down sign heads're gonna roll
So you can't abdicate if you want to survive
'Cause you're slaves and they've got your lives in their control
You all can win your freedom if you're still alive!


Future man you' ll return
In the past to change it
Peace keeping messanger

In this world you' ll cme back
And you' ll see realities
Pollution, destruction

Final war
It's too late
Millions dead
`cause it's fate

Prophety now's coming true
You must save your future world
You can't fail this hard mission

Final hope
Last missionary
Sick humanity
Endless case

It's the way of this world
War nations declining world
Desaster it's sheer murder
People kill one another
In war time no solution
Destruction for no reason

Final war
It's too late
Millions dead
`Cause it's fate

You must change history
You must stop this tragedy
You' ve still got a fight chance

It's a race against time
You're alone and you know
You can't stop destiny

Final war
It's too late
Millions dead
`Cause it's fate

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