Marduk : World Funeral

Brutal Black / Sweden
(2003 - Blooddawn Productions)
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Fist in the face for the time smothered angel
By Satan my scythe will shallow every hallow
Open now dear blood soaked soil
By Satan I pour magma down throat.
Come ghostfaced hungry shadows of shadows
By Satan I drink the darkness they drewl
With victorious weapons
I will melt every angels wings
Triumph of the will striking
Striking to kill
Cloak the earth with a thousand nights
And a billion dead
We toast and drink from and chalice
Filled with shreds of life
And know my eyes are knifes
To shred every fucking stream
Of Christian light


Loving the dead
A torso, a hand or a severed head
The cemetery girls don't say no to their fate
When their bodies gets too rotten
Their skeletons do great
Lurking in the shadows with you on my mind
I'm engulfed by your beauty:
I'm a man who's gone blind
Watching you move so graceful this night
I'm going to catch you how I long for this fight
Smelling your hair as I'm working my knife
I adore how you scream when I take your life
How I love your pale white skin
And the emptiness in your lifeless eyes
And how I love the warmth within
Like the blood that sprayed
When you stopped your cries
Your naked corpse is as beautiful
As the down when it comes with the first sunray
But it was your peeled bleached bones
That really took my breath away
Admiring your beauty my wonderful rose
Oh what pleasures you'll give me
Before you decompose
But the darkness has fallen and the clock strikes ten
Excuse me may daring but the shadows
Are calling again
How I love your pale white skin
And the emptiness in your lifeless eyes
And how I love the warmth within
Like the blood that the sprayed
When you stopped your cries
Your naked corpse as beautiful
As the down when it comes with the firs sunray
But it was your peeled bleached bones
That really blew my mind away
How I love your pale white skin
And the emptiness in your lifeless eyes
And how I love the warmth within
Like the blood that sprayed
When you stopped your cries
Your naked corpse as beautiful
As the down when it comes with the firs sunray
But it was your peeled bleached bones
That really stole my heart away


It's not who I am, my name nor number
It's how I use it and what I do
Came to break the spell you're under
Remain to your instincts true
It's not a sin to take what you want
You only fall with self restrain
Loose the guilt that your world haunt
I take away your pain
Don't care what is being written
Piss on what is being preached
Like the snake mesmerize the kitten
Rip the priest head off - don' need that leech
Came to give you all you wanted
Hear my truth
Star that fell to shed a light
Over elder and youth
Never listened to no god's answers
Scars to proof
Desolate cast out and risen
Cloven hoof
Hear the church bell rings
As the angels sings
All they brings for the eternally jinxed
And kings is mere dead insects wings
Lost control of creation
Corruption, intimidation
God is just a bitter pig
Who carries pure black hate
Can you see the genius in uttermost ferociousness?
Ruthless you say I say charity judgment defeats you
God bless
Knifes oh christ carves "love" in your flesh
Darkness of heaven a bottomless pit
Loose your soul and walk though life dead
God replaced it with a piece of shit
Cloven hoof
Grab on to the vision
Hate through attrition
The shit in your life that
Makes you wish you'd die
Crush the oppression
With ruthless
Rremember I'm
Right even
When I lie.


May your joy pass horrifying lamentation
What is left of your lives endure eternal dread
Let the hungry be befalled by merciless starvation
Life expelled no compassion soon we are all dead
God spawned me to set the end free
After me nothing is meant to be
God spawned me to kill you all
I am world funeral
From the east to the west with plaugebearing steps I march
My sharp arrows of instant death I shoot in every beating heart
I will not spare you; I will not care how much you cry
I am the face of death; weep you humans now you die
Violent death is storming from all corners of the earth
I burn the ground poison the air, all seas and every well
I crush all kingdoms, I kill all men I, crush anything of worth
I unlock the dusty gates of hell
I points spears of pure black death at each and everyone
At all the unborn I laugh in spite, I killed you before your life began
I am the angel and the dragon bringer of orion's curse
On wings of death without a heart I tore apart the universe


Order of rites veiled in dusk
Above else in a mysterious husk
Our own legend will be told due
To that the fight-to the deathshead true
Core of our being to our commitment we brought
Kill and be killed without a second thought
Sacrificial death but our force will renew
Alive or not-to the deatshead true


Perceive how our shadow and movitz mon frere
Within a darkness en closes
How gold and purple in the shovel there
To gravel and rags disposes
From his torment river charon waves
And three times thereafter the digger of graves
Ended it all this your last groan
Therefore movitz come do what I grave
Help raise our sisters? tombstone
Oh that wistful and forgotten place
Under the branches that hushes
Where time and death one hideous face
Unites into ashes
You who never once by envy was struck
Although your time came when you ran out of luck
Amongst the graves always narrows
Enemy there armed with face carved in rock
Gently breaking ones arrows
The little Bell tolling the grand Bells
Cantor with flowers in the gate
And with the Bellowing prayer like
Hallows those who met their fate
Path that leads up to this grand yard
Of tombs
Tramples on roses fading yellowing
Moulding hoardings and biers
Until this long black clad row of doom
Deeply bows down in tears
Past on to rest fistfight and ball
Gone is the love of your life
At where the grass yet don't grow at all
You look back at your buried wife
She from wine and liquor parted today
And with her all the joy that kept death away
Bottle who will now command thee?
Thirsty was she now have become deaths prey
We are all thirsty as can be.


Torn out of your grave deprived of your eternal sleep
I'm anxious to steal if for your corpse I want to keep
Your journey for Elysium I stopped before in begun
Sent through dimensions for me your flesh and soul
For you none
I attract misery like a light attacks moths
I need you all dead I get off funerals
Ghostfaced assassin invisible for eye and ear
In life and in death I got you in a chokehold
Of fear
When I have killed you I let you hide in death awhile
After you all dead I get off on funerals
Come with me now and I'll open you eyes
Killing for me is a pleasure not even found
In paradise
A blessing for the wicked
A chalice for the cursed
To ride the nights as frightening dreams
Within the devils hearse
Welcome to the neverdead
This life was just your first
I'll never let you go I'll never set you free
You can always pray but in the end you follow me
All to be entombed and buried you are all my prey
All Morningside mortuary where the dead
No longer is that way
A nightmare for the blessed
And those who puts god first
To see what's afterlife is like
Within the devils hearse
You are now the neverdead
From here on the nightmare only gets worse.


Rush that fills my head when I
Hunt you down to kill you
Pain-that I will inflicts this is what I do and what I love
Hate-that I feel for you
And all that stand beside you
Suffering that you'll be put thought prepare
To die in pain
I will cut your throat
I will kick your face in
I am pain and death
Where I end hell begin
Violence-nothing exceeds my hostile excess
For brutality
Scratching-is what you hear as I sharpen my
Knife on the paving stone
Ghost-screaming your head they're
Chanting for your death
Insanity-is coming for you with every beat of my
Like a rain of coffinnails
And I am the hammer
I am misery to the bone
The pain I give it lasts forever
Night that I'll get you
Glow you to pieces
Our night of the long knifes
Night that I'll kill you
Stab you breathless
Our nights of the long knifes
Night I destroy you
Beyond recognition
Our night of the long knifes
Night of your death
I split your head open
Our night of the long knifes
Your time is out
You are all our enemies who are not in our ranks
Feel me beat your face to pieces
I am a fiend for cutting hearts out
At the edge of my knife or at the end of my gun
You'll all be equal in the dirt - equal to fucking shit
Falling in my wilderness of pain
Broken bones I am your last sigh
Look in my eyes - unscrupulous
Before a bloodsplattered terrain


Drain the blood, fill the barrels to the verge
Vein must flood, bodycount is rising for the dirge
All the creatures that are breathing must be bled
Cure of the ancients, ultimately we are all dead
Rip my vein open and let the blood rain
Splash in a gusher my soul will be stained
We all must bleed
The ones among stardust the ones of the deepest pits
Apostles of christ and those who so perfectly into hell fits
All behind heavens door and the ones to the ocean floor
Strong and beautiful or uttermost twisted
All will they bleed
My bleeding inclination
Your damnation
Drain the blood, fill the barrel to the verge
Vein must flood, bodycount is rising for the dirge
Wake up from this dream, the scythe you must kiss
And abandon the nightmare the flestful dream that life is
Love the pain of the knife
Death is bloodletting life
Till the final drop


Like a shadow of my pain
You're my scourge, my misery like a constant rain
The splinter in my brain, driving me insane
Searching for truths you say doesn't exist
Come inside your shelter of soulkilling mist
Before I do that I'd rather die, now feel my fist
You're new and improved - so we're told
But truth unfold, behold - to you we're cold
All who died for you - was it only for their sins
Better you than me - that am where my sanity begins
If you are the lamb, the gentle and the sane
Believe me when I say my views are inhumane
Here I am, unstoppable, the twisting thorn in your side
A welcome addition to the kingdom of satan
My mind is sharp, like a razors edge, my souls gone mad
An outcast beyond your timid lying morality
Peace of mind, put to ease, still a hellhound of my leash
I am the shit of god
Born on sin - come right in, it must be tempting to be god
Take your original sin and shove it up your ass
I'm going to hell!
Obey natures laws and into hell fall
You must be choking from the shit in which you crawl
Burn to the stake, or have your neck break
Woe the ones who claim your love for man is fake
Pawns under your yoke, blood for heaven to soak
Your saga is but the ending of a worthless joke
I believe in death
I believe in disease
I believe in injustice
I believe in torture
I believe in anger
I believe in hate
I believe in murder
I believe in pain
I believe in cruelty
I believe in infidelity
I believe in slime
I believe in stink
I believe in you

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