Marduk : Infernal Eternal

Brutal Black / Sweden
(2000 - Regain Records / Blooddawn Productions)
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Black, fearsome and grim and mighty
Panzer division Marduk rolls over enemy land
Striking hard and fast against your lines
We blow your fortress into sand

The victory is Satan's but the battle is ours
We avenge you for centuries of rape, murder and theft
Behold the power of our killing machine
There'll be nothing but dust when the vultures have left

Forged in the essence of the unholy flames
By the first angel once fallen from the skies
The war hounds of hell can't be stopped on our march
To extinguish the goodness and lies

Panzer division Marduk continues its triumphant crusade
Against christianity and your worthless humanity


Burn my coffin

The blood inside my veins is poisoned my funerals and dreams
The beauty of life crushed
Death is the life and destiny
The night so dark and everlasting
Were death and pain remains

Burn my coffin - release the soul
Burn my coffin - unveil the shadow

Black candles burn tonight
As my soul begins it's fight
As the veil of Darkness lower it's shadow
I traves through the night

Burn my coffin.

The first rays of dawn came mistbathed in red
As the rays of the sun to the soil were wed
In the early dawn I gazed for tomorrow
But my heart and soul was burned with sorrow


Baptism by fire
Feel the wrath of Satan's relenless flames
Ungodly desires
When god is lost and on his planet hellfire reigns

War master makes his call
As death descending out of clear blue sky
A hailstorm of bombs fall
In the blazing pandemonium your holy powers will die
Death from above - The hellfire will soon be unleashed
Death rips the sky - Domination gives praise to the beast

Baptism by fire

Fatal omens in the sky
Our soldiers burn away your holy lies
Retaliation of the fallen from up high
In the firestorm you choke on your feeble cries

Baptism by fire
A divine punishment for those who go to war
Against those who defied the line
And scaled the christian fate forevermore

Death from above - Explosions is tearing your soul
Death rips the sky - The bombing is reaching its goal

Baptism by fire

Hear the bombs falling
The devil is calling
The godly creation
In obliteration
On your final hour
Experience the power
Of retaliation
Death and domination

I dominate
Your destined fate
All life will soon be gone
Still the flames linger on
See death's shadow in my eyes
High priest of his sacrifice
Through the inferno that burns in the night
Baptism by fire show you our might

Death from above - Death or glory there is no way back
Death rips the sky - Attack, attack, attack!

Baptism by fire


On my knees I pray for the darkest day
I will be the one to go your way
Earth is filled with sorrow that will soon be unleashed
Powers of the dark see their reign increase
Being my body and soul
Into the dark

Sorrow I salute you
Pain my greatest joy
Death to those who fail me
Death I shall employ
Blood for the king
Murder we sing

Bring us from the light
To the temle of burning night


I hear the coil calling of the spirits of dark
And see the beauty and the power of the devil's mark
The night always call my name
Gaze into my eyes and see the shadows of the flames

Of hells fire
Torture and pain I desire
Let the flames reach higher
And lick the realms of the nazarene liar

Dark reflections sweeps the night a call from the depths of the earth
Antichrist is rising the image of him to which hell give birth
Necromanticals chants are brought forth by the winds of the north
The message of destruction from Satan and his curt

The tall of damnation's hell
Open the gates of hell
I can feel the delightful smell
Of rotten souls who in darnkess dwell

Thou - the archangel who fell from the heavenly empire
Thou - the hand that wounds with evil and unholy desire
Thou - the black lord of the unlight to which we belong
From the deepest pits of gehenna tormentet souls sing
Damnation's song

Write my name with the slaughtered angel's blood
As I step in the face of the fallen soldiers of god
All the children of jehova will always be our prey
Beyond the pearly gates we shall crush, rape, destroy and slay

Grant us to the first power
Up from hell we storm at the witching hour
Where we ride the soil turns sour
The evil eye beholds from hell's highest tower
The power of Christ doesn't compel me
Lucifer, I kneel before thee
Join the forces of Satan for you will see
Grim and dark the future is going to be

Of hells fire

6. 502

Panzers march

Whether it stormed or snowed or the sun was smiling at them
If the night was black or the day boiling warm
Thoir faces were dusty but their spirits were high
Their panzers it raced along with the storm

With thundering engines as fast as lightning
Through victory and defeat they fought their way
With blockades and tanks the foes tried to stop them
But in full speed they rolled at their prey

Beast of prey
2000 hostile tanks they slayed
Takings its toll
To panzer battle they called

Their fighting will forever stand no mark
But at last their faithless luck them couldn't save
When the bullets killed them and their fate sat in
Then their panzer became their grave

502 - Beast of prey
502 - 2000 hostile tanks they slayed
502 - taking its toll
502 - to panzer battle they called


The solemn tones of an ancient clock
Have announced midnight
The air is thick and heavy
A vast deathlike stillness pervades all nature

A faint pearl of thunder comes from far off
Drifting clouds obscures the moon
As I passed onto the path in darkness
The wind must have grown colder for I felt myself shiver
As I walked towards

Unaware of the light
I struggled through the night

A materialization of my fear - the light
Through stealthy shadows
Through darkened halls
As the first rays of the sun emerges from
The horizon

Unaware of the light
I struggled through the night

Materialized in stone
Embraced by the woods as my throne

Materialized in stone
Forever stand alone



Sounds of violence breaks the silence
Ripping the stillness apart
Sounds of thunder n force from the world under
The essence and joy of my heart

The messengers who chime death's bell
The panzers have come to blow god into hell


Like Lillith's sons - the demonic ones
Storming through dust clouds to kill
All they seek - to kill the weak
The extent of bloodshed to the thrill

The black roaring panzers who bring pain and death
And through their barrels you will feel hells breath

Eyeballs rolling, bodies twisting, mouths are screaming as they burn
Shells exploding, steel is crushing, dooms bell tolling, death you yearn

All I want, All I need
Is to see my enemies bleed

Guns of annihilation, hell's celebration
Execution of god can begin
Set the world on fire so christ can expire
This time the devil will win

Smell the scent of fear and pain
As we roll through the pile of ash
Antichrist is here to reign as we blow god's throne
With a crash

All I want, all I need
Is to kill the ones light saved

I spit in the face of god with my gun
Ablazing the ghost and run over his son


The nine

Blasting through the earth as a storm
Spreading their dark coldness
Evolved into creatures that existed at the edge
At the edge of this world and the realm of the shadows
Resisting death, yet unable to die
Magically clung to life

Forever dying but never dead
The nine - Those of the unlight

Frozen on the very brink's of death
Enslaved by the dark lord

Forever dying but never dead
The nine - Those of the unlight

A shadow of the great evil that prolonged his existence
A shadow creature - forever dying but never dead


Praise hail Satan

Our wrath is about to be unleashed
Upon you - oh lord of goodness
For so long we have waited and believe us
The future will be a vast black memory on your grave

From our synagogue of Satan
We say to you
Black metal warriors of northern lands
Lift your swords up high
Let us praise
The horned one
The lord of the sulphur souls

The city walls of Babylon
Are now decorated with the bodies of your
Weak followers
Here they hang begging for our mercy
With a symbol of your teachings
We can't do nothing but hate

From our synagogue of Satan
We say to you
Do never lower your heads in awe
For a god so good and mild
Let us praise the one with black horns

Woe to you oh falling god
See how we scorn your work and worshippers
See how they hang in shameful nakedness
On the bloodstained walls of Babylon

The white sun bites us
But why be afraid
The bright morning star has turned black
Your empire is ruined oh god of life and light
And I am your Judas


The ravagings through his homeland gave the dragon the realm of Sebes
By saving his people from the turks and powers fatal to the flesh
But the turkish sultan Murad saw this as a treason to their deal
And swore to his god that one day the dragons fate he would seal
Across the donau with peace in mind the three of them ride
Dracul his father and brother was captured on the floods other side
The dragon swore his soul to the turkish realm of the sand
And left his sons to their fate in the infidel muslim land

As time went by Dracul for humans grew a great disgust
Aswell as expiering the pleasures of the harems
sinful lust
Decietfulness , intrepidity and cruelty would become his name
Man or beast, muslim or christian it would all be the same
Brother Radu won the hearts of the turks and become Murads own son
While Vlad's powerful innerself would make him king in the long run
But as thunderbolt from clearblue sky
Message that father Dracul had died

Words have arrived that brother Mircea has been captured and buried alive
Dracul swore that his killer, Hunyadi, wouldn't be able to survive
Along with the turks he turned against the first goal he could see
The wallachian throne ruled by pro-hungarian family Danesti
Two months later Dracul was cast out from rule
By conspiering forces who feared the lion and desired a mule
In fear of the turks and his fathers hungarian slayers
He fled to Moldavia and hoped that lord Bogdan would answear to his

Lord Bogdan of Moldavia has fallen from rule in a pool of blood
Assassinated by rivalry powermongers to the fathersbrother of prince Vlad
Strengthened by promises of his cousins blood and steel
Dracul now will force his opponents to before him kneel
His fathers and brothers killers trust he now will earn
The realm of Transilvania awaits with fear his return
With twenty thousand crusaders he will drive poles through
Every follower of Danesti ruler Vladislav II


Dethrone the son
The crucified one
Dead and begotten
Unfortunately forgotten

Death on the cross
Life was your loss
You fell from Roman hands
In thy holy land
Still your words are being preached
But now your realm is being breached
Your vision we will turn to sand
When we reap thy holy land

King who was scorned with a crown of thorns
A sadist who tormented mandkind since he was born
Your throne we will burn
You shall never return
The light won't shine over your holy empire
As it ends in a roaring storm of fire
The christian serpents can escape or stay
And face the oceans of fire, blood and iron which will sweep them away

An ocean which everything you accomplished will erase
And pull out your venomous fangs from mandkind without a trace
Now were crashing onto your shore
Stare into the face of war
Death to you forevermore
By pain you never felt before

Death on the cross
Life was your loss
You fell from Roman hands
In thy holy land
Still your words are being preached
But now your realm is being breached
Your vision we will turn to sand
When we reap thy holy land

Dethrone the son
The crucified one
Dead and begotten
Unfortunately forgotten

You will pay
For getting in our way
You will see
How we will be

Fistfucking god's planet


Ride now on fast horses
With swords drawn let steel meet steel
Swords shall sing
And shields will lay broken

Warrior's shields met
And many weapons broke
Many met death
But that's a part of the process

The sky is filled with red
Of the fallen's blood
Perdition, damnation cries my soul
To burn in hell is now my only goal

So once again we meet
Look into our eyes, look deep
In the sky that is our mind
The dark clouds are gathering
As our hate unites with our soul

Rising our hands
The renewal has begun
Since long time ago
Faded spirits
Screams with scorn

Rising fro mthe soul
As a united force
Carried by darkened wings

Dark through time
To open the door
To the blackened place of rest

To once spread his darkened wings


[Originally performed by Celtic Frost]

Screams of terror behind the walls
Chambers and vaults scenes of fright
Unspoken words of pain and dead
140 lives past his hands

Gille de Ray - Perverted son, holy man
Into the crypts of Rays

Alluring children for his masses
Robbing and buying young souls
Sacrifice them to morbid demons
Satisfy his sexual lust

Gille De Ray...

So this is for the morbid ones, the braveless and sick
Shivering laughter shrilled through the tombs
Sexual offense and perverted rites
Watching them limp and die
Wizards and darkness - Gille dreams
Halfway came through

As a late medieval french marshall
Unrestrainted with endless ambitions
Personal guard for Jeanne d'Arc
The rising of his soul to god

Gille de Ray...

Overdone mysticism
And desperate satanism
Are just one small step apart
There is no human scheme in the beyond

Gille de Ray...


The world you see around you
Is just an illusion
Created by your mind
To keep you from going insane

Still Dead, Still Fucking Dead

You ware both with the love of god
And you will die with Satan's hate

Meet the chaos on the other side
The past is haunting you
Death is just the beginning

Here's no peace


It was predicted that with every tool
That the romans brought pain to you thy fool
People to your god should be lead
While our warriors lost and scattered fled
You should be the king on earth
Bastard son of virgin birth

Slay the Nazarene - In christian eyes supreme
You will die

Slay the Nazarene - Your might is just a dream
You shall die

Slay the Nazarene - Tourtured you will scream
You must die

Slay the Nazarene Slay the Nazarene
Die Die

On your command man should do what god wilth
Glorification of holy christian slime and filth
Your vision of your crusaders bravery
That turned the wiched out of their slavery
You should be the king of kings
But now feel the embrace of Lucifers wings

Slay the son of god - Drown him in his own blood
Meet your death

Slay the son of god - This is your sinners flood
We praise your death

Slay the son of god - Scum of inferior blood
Hail your death

Slay the son of god Slay the son of god
Death Death Death

Now glance upon your teachings
In the pits of lost realities

Behold the righteous ones
Before Satan at their knees

Slay the scum of the earth - Whoreson of infidel birth
You are dead

Slay the scum of the earth - Your cross is nothing worth
Your teachings are dead

Slay the scum of the earth - Teared apart with sadistic urge
Your god is dead

Slay the scum of the earth Slay the scum of the earth
Dead Dead Dead

Humiliated as no other
Seek patience at the weak chest of your father
Crucified you shall die
Mocked and spitted at
Your feeble rat

Slay the Nazarene - In christian eyes supreme
You will die

Slay the Nazarene - your might is just a dream
You shall die

Slay the Nazarene - tortured you will scream
You must die

Slay the Nazarene Slay the Nazarene
Die Die Die

Slay the Nazarene


Dreadful life, time to die
Visions of Black ends my life
Retribution I am saved
Without form I shall be evil

Departure from the mortals
As my life ends
Departure from the mortals
But I will remain

May my lust be fulfilled
Reach the land of no return
In the forest of the dead
My evil soul will dwell

Departure from the mortals
As my life ends
Departure from the mortals
But I will remain


With my pale eyes, I watch with delight
Beyond the horizon on the everlasting night
A heart so black and cold as ice
A soul in fire blessed and baptized
Lucifer is the fallen light-bearer
For his glory we must all burn!
Children of darkness..
Raise your blood-filled cups to our father with horns
In eternity, we shall blaspheme the one who was tormented with thorns
A new era will arise as I see the black angels of the abyss fly
And the demons come storming in the silent cloud-less sky
With their burning eyes of ripping evil..
I am given strength from a thousand sinners
That dwell in the everlasting, burning, roaring depths of Hell
With the demons the possess my blackened heart and soul
I shall strive for Satan's triumph and reach infernal goals
Children of darkness..
Raise your blood-filled cups to our father with horns
In eternity, we shall blaspheme the one who was tormented with thorns

Feel the darkness growing when we draw near
My name is legion, for we are many in here
Heaven shall burn accompaigned by the angels' cries
We shall invert paradise
Death to peace

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