Make A Change... Kill Yourself : IV

Ambiant Black / Denmark
(2018 - Cursed Records (AUT))
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Once awake I was - vibrant with a thirst for life
An insatiable hunger for the world and everything it had to offer
Come on, anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime
No challenge too great to overcome
Possessed by a determination to be strong and survive
Now the world passes me by unnoticed
I can barely crawl out of bed, let alone find the motivation to go on
Feeding this useless machine of rusty old broken parts
Falling apart from wear, weathered by use and abuse that never seem to fit together, no matter how hard I try
Everyday a new puzzle left unsolved
The future never held less meaning
Once awake I close my eyes and simply drift away
My thirst has been drowned
My hunger has been quelled
I am nauseous from the feast of life
There is nothing left of me, there is nothing left for me
No passion, no heart, no purpose, no soul
Never shall I be what I once was,
A dreamless sleep I seek
Once awake I was


Reality never had less meaning
I live in a blur of distorted images
Fractured images of an unknown world
I am a shadow that walks among you
People pass me by unnoticed
The eye sees what it wants to see
Insanity in the past, present, and future
I hunger for realization, yet nothing dawns upon me
Nothing is and yet everything is
I hold life in my hands, yet it is a tormented burden
What comes next? Who am I? What is reality?
Do I dictate what happens next?
People look at me as if I need to be saved. As if I am lost
Lost because I do not do what is considered normal
I don't need saving. Who needs saving?
Mankind's true ways have been forgotten
I found my way long ago
I walk in the shadows of a meaningless reality
I distance myself from your behavior
I need no people around me. I find joy in solitude
I withdraw myself from this society

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