Magnus Rising : Magnus Rising

Heavy Metal / Canada
(2005 - Self-Released)
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Are we all awaiting?
Are we all but existing?
Separate the heavens
Freely from the underground
And in this undertaking
The body discontinues moving
Hands that once were shaking
Fall neatly by their sides
Cleansed body, death's formation
Brings forth this levitation
Absent body, now hanging
Where death has knocked before
In air there is no capture
No suit to hold an owner
No noose, just mind
And no intention to descend
A shovel digs a hole
In the earth remaining souls
Of those who wait in this limbo
For an afterlife
Raise me up


Lines are clear to red
Draining from this fallen hand
Place yourself on this bed
And prepare to deliver.
And this one pinprick
And this one lone vein
And this one release
From one body to another.
Blue lines run red
A hole one small sever
This is no tragedy
We aid tragedy


This feeling of depression
Fallen on hard times of hope
These further recessions
To the end of a rope
Hang on, Hang on
You're reaching out from your noose
Choosing your time has come
Your blood runs with envy
Weighing your shoulders down
To stop the heart's no solution
Time pumps along
Investing too much faith in the maker
To save you from yourself
Push one more step closer
To the arms of hell
Hang on, Hang on
You're reaching out from your life
Choking on what you've done


Frustration has led to Hate
A quiet walk down Mill road
Clear my head with air
Cleanse this body of fear.
At the Shoal waters edge
Skimming stones in my head
Stumbled home more than once
Returning from an ounce
You're sitting under the gun
Don't fucking cross my line
Of blood and medicine
Where the cure fits the time
You're mine, you're mine (x2)
Back to the breeding place of Hate
Stubborn men pushing buttons again
Throw stones, and Jesus in vain
Control the fear, endure the pain
And to follow suffering
The loss of sobriety
And back to this place
That has brought out this taste.
You're mine, still mine (x2)
Abuse has brought out this Hate
The pure fear of leaving
Those who note existence
Regardless of the reason
At the waters edge
Of sure ignorance
Remain hateful thoughts bleeding
The blood of fear and beatings
You're mine, still mine,
Blood's mine, still mine


It's not just air, it's life we breathe
From these ashes once was seen
A whole, a body, a voice, a dream
And from these ashes...
It's not just time, it's life we spend
From these ashes once to be
From blood, from sweat,
From tears, the Red Sea
And from these ashes
And who ever said "We only die once"
Never really lived.
And because of this we remain
Merely shadows of our old selves
Lay in this fire.
We will rise again,
From these remains I remain
Dust to dust,
Oh just succumb. (just to come)
We are bounded by marble walls
Free from ashes still is seen
A whole, a body, restraint from dream
And free from these ashes...
We are no more we hold this flame
From these ashes no box to store
A man, a woman, a child, a word
And from these ashes
And from these ashes

6. Someone Died

A withered man is lying
In a hole dug in the earth
And I suppose the crying
Are from those who knew his worth
Shadows once were taller
Then this body it appears
I know nothing of how he died
But in a stone face there is no fear
And there is loathing
And in this hate
There is betrayal
For the man who's at the gate
But we are gathered
To dismiss another one
Although they'd rather
He'd not be gone
Here lies a forgotten memory
Here lies a tear upon a face
Here lies “what would we
Ever do without you?”
Here lies, here lies
Hidden in a capsule
In a cavity like this
Oh, there is nothing
Just another to dismiss

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