Madball : Set It Off



I see through bitter eyes and
The fact still remains
I read between your lies
You got beat at your own game
Take a trip with me for soon
I will sin
Without one regret
The pain will begin

As the knife got deeper
I won't go without a fight
But you know the price you'll pay
That price is with your life
Suffering and pain like nothing
In your past
I walk the walk, and my path
Will be your last


Don't ask me no more questions
Just get out of my face
I told you i know nothing
I'm leaving this fucked up place
You're trying to take my freedom for
Something that i haven't done
I'm not a fucking rat
So just go fuck yourself

Justice, justice
That word don't mean nothing to you
Fuck you, fuck you
Fuck you and your system too
You've ruined my life
There's no turning back now

If i don't rat i'll never get out
I know nothing, that's not
What i'm about
You locked me up an innocent man
Because i got some pride
I got some pride

Can't you see what you're
Doin' to me
Locked me down when i should be free
I've done no wrong
I'm an innocent man
You don't give a fuck
You'll never understand


I see it every day
Everywhere i look they say
Another life has been taken away
It makes my stomach turn
But livin' here you gotta learn
Get used to it, it's reality
Say your prayers
Hope it won't happen to you
Mind you business
Do what you gotta do
Don't look for trouble
Sometimes trouble finds you
What can you do, what can i do ?

One on one fights don't exist
Fist fights are extinct
Nowadays people don't seem to think
They can't see how easy
It is to set a soul free
That decision is not theirs to make

Now you see what I mean
Protecting my family and me
What can i do ?

It makes my stomach turn
But livin' here you gotta learn
You gotta fight back when someone
Tries to take your life from you


Don't tell me how much better it was in the eighties
Don't talk about the brotherhood lost within the scene
To me you were always a quitter from day one
Just like you proved mi right in the long run
No longer you wear the crown


The time has come for all to hear
Madball's back so just beware
The time has come to
Set it all straight
Speaking the truth because
I got a lot of hate
To all who got beef

6. C.T.Y.C (R.I.P)

I still can't believe till this day
That he's gone - passed away
His life was taken in the
Blink of an eye
All i can ask myself is 'why'

Cold as life harder than you
That's how he's remembered
In everyone's view
That's how he'd want it
That's how we want it too
Cold as life, colder than you

He was not an angel and that we know
But he had a heart, he was our bro
His life was taken in the
Blink of an eye
All i can ask myself is 'why'


So in your eyes we've always been the bad guys
Dropping false knowledge
You're just full of lies
You misled our youth to distract them with fantasy
But your plan backfired
Blew out intro reality
I've taken on losers like you in the past
So why should i stoop to your sorry ass
I thought you were my friend but you only showed me disgrace
I'll slap you with reality across your face


You wake up every morning
In this living hell
Not knowing that
You're worst enemy is me
You never know what can happen
Within this cell
Betrayal is what i feel
Revenge is what i seek

No hesitation, no turning back
I gotta do it, i have no choice
Gotta do what i
Gotta do for the crew
Down by law
What you did i can't
Forgive my so called brother
I can't let my feelings
Get in the way

Why you turn your back
On the crew
We always had your back
We'd die for you
You ratted on your boy
Something you never do
Now his life is over
And yours is too

Down by law
We made a promise to each other
A promise that you choose to break
We stuck together no matter what
My brother
You turned you're back
And proved you're fake

Down by law
You've left me no choice
The strength of a gesture
A thought with no voice


The clock is ticking
You're time is up
Now's my chance, i gotta move fast
Our memories i put to rest
It's the law we chose to live by
You broke the fuckin' rules
You must die


All you wished was to block my goals
All you did was to strengthen my soul
And what i wanted from you
I could never get
So dreading our deaths is how we choose to live
You're the one who feeds my rage
You're to blame for endless pain

It's been in your nature to destroy my dreams
It's in my heart to damage your means
'Cause i feed off your fire day after day
It's you who i live for 'till i shit on your grave
So shall it be the last laugh on me
When you lay there to rot, i breath


You say that you've been there
Think that you've seen it all
You keep frontin' like you know it all
You let ignorance set in and
Control your life
Runnin' your mouth into
Extreme heights
You chose to dis me and the crew
You played yourself like a fool
Showing pride's far
Beyond your might
Push came to shove
Now it's time to fight
Tell me how you're livin'
Face to face
Tell me how you're livin'
Is it in disgrace ?


No more fighting we've had enough
We won't take any more of your shit
You got the badge and you got the gone
Don't shoot us down just 'cause we're having fun


I don't want you around - get out, get out
I don't want you here - get out, get out
I don't care what you do - get out, get out
I don't care what you say - get out, get out
Stay the fuck out!!!


Born into violence
Didn't know any other way
This life of crime he was destined
For, and this is his fate
From a broken home
Getting beat was an everyday thing
This is what is going down everywhere
And for him it's too late

Can't blame him
There's nothing he can do
They made him take their abuse
And he's takin' it out on you
It's my turn, i'm takin'
It out on you
The world is mine
And no onecan take it from me

That's his mentality
That's why he got put away
Did his share of time
And he's out and back
To his old ways
Got wiser, became a leader and took
Control of the streets
Turned his gang into an empire
Now he can't get beat

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