Madball : Demonstrating My Style



Demonstrating my style
Lettin' it be known

Follow the path of no one else
It's all about being true to myself
I'll speak my mind, i won't keep it inside

The years pass and people change
But i'm stayin' true to my ways
Hardcore is my life, i'll carry the name

Demonstrating my style
Lettin' it be known
Demonstrating my style
We're not alone
Give respect where respect is due
To those who know what we've been through
We can all relate in our own way

To those who put us down, we won't see you around
Cause you're too scared of me
To those who've helped us out, you know what we're about
You'll get respect from me

Demonstrating my style.


Now - is the time for unity
Why - because it means a lot to me
We - can be strong once again
I've seen it before and I know we can

They - always tried to hold us down
We - are the ones who are still around
Why - because we fought for unity

That is something they don't wanna see
They'll always try but they can't hold me

There are many who have come and gone
I've seen the weak, I've seen the strong
But to those who are true, you know who you are

This is all about you and me, and our fight against society
Our time has come; we have to break free

Don't think that we believe your lies
We see the fear in your eyes
You can't change us so don't even try

It's time for us to make this last
We've learned our lessons from the past
I've seen it before and I know we can.


Live or die, are the choices i got
But i refuse to go anywhere soon
Life is too short to keep explaining myself
My situation means nothing to you

Back to reality once again
I clear my thoughts and think about how much time i spent
Keep movin' on and try to do what i do best

I was always taught right from wrong
But who are you to be judging who's right
Doin' what i gotta do to get by
Will i survive, just look in my eyes

I gotta live my life day by day
No matter what type of bullshit is thrown my way
I'll overcome it with or without your help

Don't tell me, you can't tell me
How i choose to live my life
The way i choose to live my life

I was always taught right from wrong
But who are you to pint the finger at me
I have no need to explain myself
Cause your opinions i don't need.


Times are changing for the worse
Gotta keep a positive outlook
Growing up in such violent times
Have some faith and you'll get by

Thinking back when i was a kid
Times have changed so much since then
All grown up i gotta do for myself
I refuse to depend on anyone else

Life's hard, you struggle some times
In the end i'll get what's mine
But for now i'll deal with the times
Have some faith and you'll get by

Times are changing for the worse
Times are changing - I keep

I know my family is there for me
And without them where the hell would i be
But still i gotta try to be my own man
Make good of what i got - do the best that i can.


Walking through these streets of hate
And i can feel their pain
I see how this fuckin' place
Can sometimes drive you insane

But i choose to keep my sanity
Won't let anything bring me down
I gotta be strong mentally
Be quick to the schemes that are all around

When i walk these streets
I know that it's in vein
I've been told i should get out
Before i wind up a victim in pain

But i choose to keep my sanity
Won't let the bgad times bring me down
I gotta think of all the good things
And all the good friends i have around me

Streets of hate
Walking through these endless streets
And i can feel their rage
I see how this fuckin' place can sometimes drive you insane.


In a society where no one is free
Because you're judged by what they see
Affraid of what they don't understand
Putting you down whenever they can

Thought that it was better these days
But there are some people who will never change
Still a minority in their eyes
And when confronted, they will always deny it

Be proud of who you are
Fight for what you stand for
Together as a crew
There's something you can do

Be on-point when you take action
Never give them the satisfaction
Of watching you suffer for their lies
Still a minority in their eyes.


Hardcore still lives!


Times are hard and getting rougher
Could never understand why my family had to suffer
May be it's because we're not as fortunate as others
At least we've got each other, and we can rely on one another

Working hard just to make and meet
Through good and bad we refused to accept defeat
Trying to give us what they never could have
Not a day goes by that we don't thank god for what we have

Times are hard but getting better
We paid our dues but money doesn't last forever
Maybe it's because the money doesn't always matter
At least we have each other and we can rely on another

I thank my family for everything that was given to me
Being there no matter what, even willing to die for me
They're not at fault if i'm not as good as i'm supposed to be
They did their part and now it's all up to me

I thank god and all my family
Did their best and now it's up to me.

9. 5-0

I see the way that you're looking at me
You don't like what you see
Harrasing us every chance that you get
When the fuck are you gonna leave me be

I'm getting sick of your smart-ass ways
And i don't have to play your bullshit games

Now, hads against the wall
Don't fuckin' move - don't say a word

I look in your eyes, i know you're not much older than me
Going out of your way to impress your peers, and make a fool out of me
And then you wonder why some people just don't fuckin' care
Quick to lock us down, and when in need you you're just never there

Help - where are you
If this was you, what would you do
Cause i won't help you
I can't trust you any more

Won't back down from you no more
You think that you're better than me
Give me a chance and then we'll see
Take off your badge, now talk to me
If you're the man you claim to be.


All fucked up, now you turn to me
All this time i tried to help you see
Where you're headed is to an early grave
I don't want to see you go out that way

Help you, is what i try to do
But you refuse - what can I do
That shit you do is only killing you
It's blinding you - can't see the truth

Can't you see what you're doing to yourself
You're at fault, can't blame nobody else
Where you're headed is to an early grave
I don't want you to go that way

You're losing all your pride
And now it's time to gain it back
Get your self-respect
I can only help you out
If you want to be helped
Gotta help yourself

Life's not waiting on you
Gotta put yourself in-check
Get your self-respect
I can only help you out
If you want to be helped
Gotta help yourself.


Livin' in a world
People try to be what they're not - but can't see the fantasy
Who's living a dream
It seems it's you

We know whose real
Your life is just a game
You don't deserve your fame

Living in a world
Where the fake get apid and the true get pushed around
True to the game i'll stay while for you it's the fame

I despise you and your selfish ways
You know i'm real and i know you're fake.


He was young at heart, been through it all
Seen all the changes, now it's time to move on
If it wasn't for him it just wouldn't be the same
He's not gone, in his heart it will stay

Pass the glory down
So pay your respect
Keep alive what he started
We'll make sure of that
If it wasn't for him
It just wouldn't be the same
He's not gone, in his heart it will stay

He moved on, that's the choice he had to make
Do what you gotta do, we're behind you all the way

Hardcore, that's all you're ever gonna be
I give thanks, you'll always be a brother to me.


He had a life and so much to give
I'll never understand what he did
He had a family who cared for him
That was a selfish thing that he did
Life comes down hard on you sometimes
You gotta deal with it, give it time
I know he had a lot on his mind
Wish i could talk to him one last time

I know things are hard but that's no reason to end it now
I can't believe that it was so bad, that you had to take yourself out

Waste of life

I know times are hard
Why'd you give in.


You wanna try and fuck with me
And disrespect my family
You wanna judge the way i live
And you don't even know me

You'll never understand our hate
It doesn't matter anyway
Never understand our kind
Try to disrespect what's mine

Your words don't mean a thing to me
Your living in a fantasy
Now we have no more to say
We'll get about it our way

Game has gone far enough
And it's time we put it to an end
We're comin' out with all we got

Time is runnin' out fast
Adn you're the only one to blame
We're comin' out with all we got
You won't forget our name.

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