Lyfthrasyr : The Final Resurrection

Symphonic Death Black / Germany
(2005 - Twilight-Vertrieb)
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The depravity of my soul
Is going on to decide on my mind
I cannot stand the temptation to kill
Carving up a human throat

Stunning horror at my cold-bloodedness
Retreats the fear from my victim's face
Death wants to take his eternall toll
I'm satisfied, for this time

The blood on my hands
Where is the sense
I don't know the reason
But have to go on

I'm caught in my world
Voices tell me to hurt
I don't know the reason
But have to go on, I'm on bloodlust

I'm living on like there's no tomorrow
Left society a long time ago
My way of life has never been recognized
They never wanted me to be myself

But now I know what has to be done
My fate is clear, I'm the chosen one
By breaking out from my destination
I realized that my life can be changed


The gentle breath of pain pleading
Is stimulating my conflicted heart
With sensual eyes vexed to uproot
The prurient wishes of an inner lust

Carnal desire, close inclanations
Arise the taste of resurrected zest
A sacrifise to dark temptations
Unleashes the gaze of everlasting accusations

Preserved for my flesh to die
In infinite mirrors

Yearning for mercy despite of malice
Through secrets of knowledge beyond to release
Like murder in bondage as act of caprice
The whispering wisdom of lust to increase

In shame of her crawl to appease the insane
With rising the revenant darkness in vain
Tears cover her eyes in that moment arcane
On their path unto ruinous scourge to release the chains

A vision bleak but neverending
For something wicked rising from the heart
The sentinel of pale surrender
Enhances the prophecies of my decay

Senseless delay to vanish basely
For keeping honesty a silhouette
I praise the dark desired feelings
An immanence of pathological explanations

Glorification ageless again
Releases the chains to profanity

Immortal flesh exempted
From the frigid infinity

Preserved for my flesh to die
In aeons to justify
Preserved for my flesh to die
My cruel fascination
Led reason astray


My sins will be gone, nefariously in dawn
Suffering matyrdom as my own reward
Prospects forever beeing tongue-tied
The last wishes won't be denied
My legend breathes through sweet death that gratifies myself

Now paling grey skies, my revenge upon life
And knowing the raptures, that my soul discaptured
Possessed by fragments of decay
But fighting against me to delay
My legend breathes through sweet death that gratifies myself

Crawling in awful stealth to me
To ransack my poisoned soul for the key
Prospects forever beeing tongue-tied
The last wishes won't be denied
My legend breathes through sweet death that gratifies myself

Where I have to bleed upon my knees
Rear the eternal tragedies
Possessed by fragments of decay
But fighting against me to delay
My legend breathes through sweet death that gratifies myself

Salvation in mine of being maligned
Sick constellations that have been declined
On this world along my paradise's gone
The edge in my hand shows me I am the one
Temptations expired the body retires
Led to the end by my darkest desires
Serrations grow on and finally the dawn
Discovered me here in the throne of my mesmerized dreams...




My great creation
Sustained a loss
The forlorn attitude
As last effort
The dusk embraces me
No time for fear
A grieving serenade
Of fading grace
My gone intention
Aborted tasks
Pleasure malfunctioned for me
Temptation lost
With lack of clarity
Becoming bold
Reflections shining roughly
Eclipsed misery (towards my curse)

Time without form and order
Dronwing the past
The void of frozen memories
Arises to fall
An incarnation
Died for my sins
Death lost forever
His innocence towards my curse

And I will keep my honour
Until the end of their belief
An inconsistent sermon
Along the madness of this verse
Forgotten hope reveals
Abandonment for my relinquished soul

I will keep my honour until the end
An inconsistent sermon along the madness of this place
Forgotten hope reveals abandonment for my relinquished soul


Darkness surrounds my suffering soul
On my way through eternity
My death has yet not been the end
But immortality is no reward

It seems that there's no end for me
Seeing just this timeless space
Like in my life, I can't find the sense
That keeps me living on

The blood of a thousand perished men
Paves my path of gloom and tears
The haunted souls cry out in pain
As they're destined to die

My fate is left to someone else
Though I never believed in it
The last glimmer of hope decays
As there won't be an end


A dark way lies upon me, still I don't know the reason why
I cannot see the sense niether an end I can apply
The body travels restless through this never-ending gloom
My soul is jaded and I seem to know this timeless doom

Imaginating thoughts of dreams beyond the means of life
Reality is showing me we're living like a hive
A fading truth of hope decays, my life paseed by too fast
Now it's too late I have to pay the price for my bloodlust

Di I see the Future, when I see the Past?
Will there be an ending or will this be the end?

A dark way lies behind me, I want to know the reason why
In every breath I take, I comprehend that life's a lie
In chains of my own attitude I hear my victim's cry
My beloved hate refines as now my life has its reply

Raped of faith I'm now embraced by lunacy and rage
The sublimest creature appears to me and forces to engage
Sojourned in darkest shadows like a swifter silhouette
I'm stemmed and know the answers executed for my debts

You'll realize your fate by recognizing your life
There will not be another ending, my destination's prescribed...

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