Luna Ad Noctum : Dimness Profound

Symphonic Black / Poland
(2002 - Pagan Records)
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I'm the one who dare to enter the land of grimness
Loss is gone, foreign sounds of nothingness to me
Wondrous, enchanted
The king in my marbled palace
I challenge the god of this world
Yet dismal silence
Hateful natured
Becoming the lord once more conquering sadness and grief
To find myself in awaiking beginnings
Damned I'm seemed to be wandering above the twisted trees
In dungeon ensnared...
I call the mighty creator devouring my soul
I call the mighty creator devouring my soul...
Infernal wind blows pure to my face
Ruler of evil redemption we call upon this magical lust
But being a servant no more...
... The clouds are different that used to be
This taste is divine but meaningless now
Hunted through the night towards the hell...
Cascades of silver stars lurk for my pain lurk for my life
Forgetful age tearful aeon
Bleeding for my tragedy my forsaken dreams...
... Nepenthes...
Whispering voices cast on the spell
Trapped in the coffin of sickness and worthless existence
Cursed I will live within
In the garden of darkness delights
Desecrated sorrowfilled heart...
No longer I'm in faith and destiny
Deep in the sin I care my unholiness till my blood throws
It's shade at the wall of naked death...


By the fierceness of scarlet shade
In an ancient twilight
Behold the shore in a glance of ruined parlour
Where candles promised infinite life
The coven of sorrow sea upon the brightless century
Shall open wide the desert sky
We could breath the perfumes of nocturnal flesh
We could watch these flames
... Passion ravens
Hearken voices from the side beyond
And listening northern dearest gale
... Being submit to the noctum's will
In our darkened eyes is a blaze reaching stars
... Subconscious, obedient
These candles're riding fire
Pleased by the sirens from the visage of dreams
Shrouded like a grave
We're the Noctum's warriors
Mystic lords of dimness
Marvel tongue of spell to death
Gift from darkness
Like a monument
Touching the blaze from the burning sky
And rise above dominion mist
Let jewel crown of thorn sacrifices our dying souls
With the wisdom drop
... The wolves'll remember forevermore
I know that words are too isane to tell
Thus our former shape has died into the restless flames
Disdainful element
Never-ending anger
The birds never sing
Thus that moon is our only way to live
Ebony sweetness brought un condemnation
For evil's reign
Where Eden is never ending sin
In rapture
Through the midnight landscape
To feast
Behold the following seduction
Trapped in emotions of the ancient splendour
Across the fog and nightime leaves
The Noctum's eve...


Bitter frost by the crescent of the moon
One's mesmerized by the venomous gloom
Coldest lament inside my darkened heart
Standing apart
At the end of that light at last
Dead emptiness freezing
I was born for the winds for the mists
Gods reign in hell I speak to you
Now I kneel to the moon searching for me...
Then daylight is totally gone
I lust for serenity
Folly needed now
Ravishing me the motionless drifting despair
My flesh feels depart with defeated dreams
They crown the darkness sanctuary in me
Still wonder
Promised to get inspire during the sunset celebration
I know I'll never be touched by this lucid delirium
Dwelt deep inside abomination
Even far away from dying planets
Into the distant sphere of lunar hope
I built the army of spirit
How long am I supposed to wait for ancient days ?
I miss a lot...
I feel cold waking up
See the shadow of setting sun
My tortured essence
Odious presence... Embraced in everlasting darkness


Here we are
Assumed as a wreath on the sculpture god's
Sisters heritors from inherent fire
Demons maggoty
No we are
The winter breath fierced frolicing
Libido dreams of eternal kisses
Thunders from heart
Let allay our indifference
... So we breed the flames
We breed the stars
Priestess still fertile
They're breeding for us
Evil unrest
But as sarsen
Are we reverent ?
Venerates with brilliant knowledge
Of phantom speech in epitaph embrace
If catharsis by darkness abduct our spirits
At last ?
Frantic shadow fell onto us
There is yearning inside
There is our confession
For the dark's eternal glory
Into the glow of the beaming moon new
I'm glad our deliverance shall come soon
Desirous to being erred
Imbue with erotic craft
But we're sentimental
Then benighted cerements
Freeze the flesh between nocturnal frost
Dimness gods are proud again
Of their lords believers
Beyond the candles burning
Bond so the black mirror above
Upon the unholy sanctum shore
Dark ocean gives us an atmosphere supreme
And our eyes drown in black
As they are – For all
Dimness lords craving still reign
Into the fading cold silence
We took a long voyage for infusion inside
An immortal act into the gentle darkened romance...


... Flustering in smell of nighttime forest
I care my madness neverends
At sensual burnish emotions
Missing the lunar shiled
I miss her face
Velvet hand shows me the area of announced darkness
Planets in overture
Confined innthem my impressive dreams
Spreading proudly my heart fiercer still...
... Feel my thoughts if you really care
Lest I'd turn into rubbish those I hate again
Hiding my dreams upon the banned reality
Oh I love the awareness of damnation
My heart grew dark and lips
Now I stare through the mirror of our curse
Watching death closer and closer
Moon can you hear me prince ?
Shall you bless my spirit with most silver sphere tonight ?
Let me sleep in your shaodw I craving caress
Oh murderer of eternal boring daylights
Raper of the solar ens
And this whole illusion sense
Hearken voices from sepulhral depth
With honour I bear these subconscious torments
The second lunation would give me relief
Gloria lunar sphere !
Gloria ad noctum !


Perperual immolated by darkness desire
Conjure the sculpture of night
Closed in landscape leaving this moral burden
Somewhere behind
Forgive is forgotten art
Moulding into the strenghtfull essence of chaos
Wrath my guide
Speech to demons
I complain my sanity twice
Featuring careless upon madness
Feasting with demented mind
... Glêbia samontnoœci w³asnych niemych uczuæ
Obfity w gniew nêkam szeptem witraz namiêtnoœci
Deszcz ksiezyca
Lawa z przestrzeni
W duchowym tañcu podswiadomych pasji
Wachlarz euforii
Eritycznei woni
Grzech stworzenia
Oburzam sie posêpnym sumienien...
My chasm
Left through immortal tranquillity
Diabolical visions upon infinity
Blood's darkening
Mind's rapture is now completed
Only passions of being mentally ill


You always welcome
Who summons demons from your distant kingdom
You never requested
Never refused
Always on your evil's throne
But now you must await us cause we're summoning you
You are the only one who is our unholy leader
Now in your magic circle every man is overcome by dark
Damned by heaven
They are under protection of thy evil's ogares
And tonight if it's fullmoon
We're going to meet every one
Once again
... You promise the side of immortal
The land without fear
Hesitation of hereafter
Insuperable lucid dreams
You've promised the side of immortal
The land without decease
Magnificent, unsung feeling we've passed
To the kingdom of devil in
... Now we scream
Await us forevermore



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