Lost Society : Terror Hungry

Thrash Metal / Finland
(2014 - Nuclear Blast)
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Attention! Attention!
The world has been contaminated with high levels of alcohol
The streets are filled with crime and bloodshed
The world as we know it has become... Spurgatory!


Look me in the eyes and tell me
Tell me everything that you know
I will be the last thing you'll ever see
So remember to say bye bye
Fear is the key, throughout eternity
Life has fucked you well
You had a good run, I think you can tell
Now let me introduce you to the burning pit of hell
Face it, mean it, tonight I will come after you
I get what I want and tonight, I ain't gonna lose

Game Over
Game Over
Game Over
Game Over

Consider me your black hooded savior
Down with me is where you belong
Your story will end, time to go to bed
To the never ending journey from the living to the dead
Face it, mean it, tonight I will come after you
I get what I want and tonight I ain't gonna lose
This time it ain't easy but some things I just got to do
Just close your eyes, soon you'll be through





Until you rest in peace my rage comes with a fist
You wake me from the grave, now I will strike again
The curse you put on me will show
Anger and hatred you know nothing about
Now watch this motherfucker blow, Fuck!
UNDERGROUND, I'll drag you down
Your last rights in my hand
Just try and run and hide, I'll find you

My brain grew ravenous
I feed on guts and flesh
This time it is my turn
This time I'll make you burn
Rest in Piss!

You're always only thinking about retribution
You're always only thinking about retribution
How ’bout you pull your head out of your ass
And think of a solution
It's just whine, with you, no answer
I tried to die but still couldn't get rid of you
You thought I'd take it and run, no point at all
Get back in line bitch 'cause I am

Attaxic, space rage you can't hold back
Attaxic, this day I will strike back
Attaxic, space rage you can't hold back
Attaxic, this day I will attack



Napalm breathing fatal coming
Napalm breathing fatal coming
Retribution coming at you
I'm attaxic, What the fuck dude, I'm attaxic OOOH


Unleashing and speeding the past in front
Tonight's gonna be about guts and glory
The needle can break, I don't care about that shit cause I got the
Three B's with me
Smash me with a fist or spit in my eyes, I got something on me
More than you know, it'll melt your brains and drag you down below

Hit that shit!


See me the crazy flipped red guy, pushing it my style
Forward, my runway will go on
Till we reach the skies below

Fire up, go!

I'm going down, I'm gonna rip it up, talkin' ’bout this speed
This is my lethal pleasure
Thrashin' up, hitting it oldschool, bang your head for
Our lethal pleasure

Raw aggression forcing through your head, down your spine, through
your ass
I will take no for an answer, if you pussy out this time
Cause when I'm in charge, I'm the man and you will get your dose of metal
For you the end and me the start, you will know it's
The lethal pleasure





I'll fight you 'til the last hit's going and I’ll bury you in the sand
I gave you one chance but you said no to my hand
This one time was the last one for me and you didn't get it
I'll find you and remind of the beast you made and you'll regret it


Terror hungry
Look me in the eyes, you made me
Terror hungry
Terror hungry man without a cause

I got my pride left to give and this is my defense
I'm loud and fast and pissed as ever and sure as hell I'm hungry for violence
Face me with my attitude and don't push your luck
My head's glowing red and I got two fists ready to fuck you up!



Throw your gloves in and bitch let's go!
I'm flying through the air, I won't stop now
My time ain't coming soon but yours is now
When I'm done with you I need some more
Don't you know that I'm hungry for... Terror!

Look me in the fuckin' eyes, Bitch!



Driving like a maniac
Prepare for the attack
I scream, you scream
All for death
There's no way out
This car is taking me alive
Everyone screaming high
We're all gonna die

Watch out
The end is near
Crash and burn


Speed bumps on the way
Looks like I'm gonna die today
Put your fatal smile on
For a nasty hit



Let it go!


Think of all the people you've been putting down
Broken, scarred, victims of the world
Chained to the scars inflicted on your soul
Building peace, not hell, for us all

Kneel down, and praise me for the choices I have done for you
Fear me, for I'll make myself a god
Burn my money, burn my face, go ahead and burn the entire race
Tyrant's coming with the power
Kiss my ass

Things could be better, could be worse, suck it up 'til you're in the hearse
Stomp on me, punch my face, soon I'll count your fucking days
Hypocrisy, fortune and fame, for you I know it's just a game
I fought for you, it's just that, someday you'll meet my final attack


The tyrant takeover is coming
Showing us what you are
Rip me off and stab my back
You'll take us down with you


OH, my rights are lost, you are mine
Tyrant takeover
Tyrant takeover


The tyrant takeover is coming
Showing us what you are
Rip me off and stab my back
You'll take us down with you


You might as well just laugh back
Tyrant takeover
Tyrant takeover

burn bitch!

I warned you once, flipped you twice
Now you'll give me back all my rights
It's my turn now to be your god
Push you face down on the mud
My fury goes just on and on
Soon we'll make you gone
You chained me in to be your slave
Now I'll laugh all the way from your fucking grave!


You had your chance and you failed at it all
Try to keep it up, you're gonna fall
You play with fire, you never learn
Join us and we'll make this system Fuckin' burn!

Welcome to my mind, enjoy your stay
Hear all my bitchin', what I got to say
I tried to impact, now I know how
I'll forget what's up and make it loud, I'll make it loud!

Ask me once again what's going through my head
Please let me answer, we are the Braindead!
You can obey what you hear about sobriety
Or come rip it up with Lost society!

It's a cut throat world, we're heading for a bitch
I chose right, I chose to thrash this bitch
Too much for them, the world is going insane
But at least I'm blazed and hazed with an overdosed brain

Saving myself from this
With an overdosed brain
No sign of weakness, this ain't my sickness - Uh!

Let them stab or let me grab you and make you Bang your head!

I'm the madness calling
Won't catch you when you’re falling
All I need is one more victim for controlling
Forget what you read
I'll take you over instead
I'm the ghost, I'm the ghost in your head
Uh, Hey!


Eins zwei drei vier




Tell me what I can't see and blow my mind
Point out every fucking thing that I can't find
Patience is a virtue but I'm in a hurry
Not really in the mood so don't try to be sorry
Preach to me only if you stop believing in those
Spirits that have come here to save your ass
I'm the misfit with a bag full of tricks
Surrounded in this business class world full of pricks

Speak of me and you will see what's hiding in my head
Images of you lying on the ground dead
Dug myself a grave but my ego doesn't fit
My thoughts are locked up in my brain and the code is Six Six Six

Someone could show me how to die, I got no clue
Gotta cause some mayhem soon and the model could be you
Some say get help there's something rotten in your brain
I'm part of a mutant generation and I've gone insane!

I've seen it all and now I'll end it all. Your high, my low, it's gonna blow

Face! Me! And get your daily dose of thrashed reality
Face! Me! And get your daily dose of thrashed reality
Thrashed reality
I'm coming after you




This is the way we were supposed to die!

10. F.F.E.

Uuuh Fuck!

Lost my job to a scholar, bought a beer with my last dollar
I think it's safe to say I might as well just go
Some things just don't change, no, oh throw me a fucking bone
It's 10 a.m., far too early to get stoned?!

I'm breaking out, Loud and clear
You'll hear me fuckin' scream
Slave grinding to the limit
My fate is clear

You know I've been, and I'll be
Fucked for, eternity, eternity, eternity
Fucked for eternity, eternity, eternity
Fuck you!



4 am. Get up to a scream from my neighbor bitchin' again
My head's exploding, I'm not moving
I think I might be dead
Last drink gone, but I feel drawn to a pill on my floor
Red pill blue pill not again... All I need is more!

Round two! Fighting for the right of brew!
Round two! Fighting for the right of brew!

Heads up, I'm getting back on track
Last time ready for the attack
Last time not so well, I guess
Little by little it's going down

If you wanna get out alive you better step out of my way
Cause I want it now, what? now, yeah! now!
I want it now!
Let's go! Uh!

Brewtal awakening
I'll take your everything
Brewtal awakening
Coming your way... 2, 3, 4!

Oh shit...
Bombs away, ready for the bell
All I gotta say is N.W.L.
Ready for the fight, ready for tonight, going ’til the last
Light’s out
Problems coming right to me, killing my reality
Going all in, all at stake
Tonight I'll make my last mistake!





Morning ‘til the evening, louder than death
We’re doing it faster than anyone else
Blazing through the notes like through an open road
Heads are gonna bang and heads are gonna roll like fuck
Ripping it bad time, we’re crazy as fuck
Tell us to go home, you’re shit outta luck
The storm’s coming near as we’re getting near
We make the underground tremble in fear
And we’re ready to explode!


Put your fists up in the air, in the air!
You’re with us now, and we don’t care
This is our style, this is our way oh
A fistful of energy coming at your way Uh

Mosh it up!
Mosh it up!
Mosh it up!
Mosh it up! Mosh it up!


Speeding with a 100 miles on the clock
Aiming so high with no chance for a stop
Outta my way, gonna go ‘til I die
Tongue in cheek all the way ‘til I fry
Booze, bitches, thrash, oh where do I start?
Terror hungry maniacs is what we are
Drink up or lie down, you got no chance
If you don’t agree you can kiss my ass

Put your fists up in the air, in the air
You’re with us now, and we don’t care
This is our life, this is our way oh
A fistful of energy coming at your way, Ooh Fuck!





Let's go, Uh!
Wasted after midnight
Wasted after midnight
Wasted after midnight
Wasted after midnight

Crawling into another bed At night
Oh once again I'm wasted
Out of my fucking mind

Wasted after midnight
Wasted after midnight
Wasted after midnight
Wasted after midnight

Once again I took this one
Inch too far
Cocked and loaded in the
Wrong way my only
Memory is a scar
But I'm fine as long I got
Myself intact
But you know when you're
Really shit outta luck
When all you can scream is
Jesus fuck!

Shot! Shot!
This monster is taking over me
Shot! Shot!
Making me show my own brutality
Shot! Shot!
The big F is looking kinda small
Shot! Shot!
Why do you do this to me alcohol?!

Is it worth is after all, YES
What's the point of it all
This is my habit, can't stop just gotta have it

Blackout, pass out
I don't care what you do, just keep 'em coming or
I'll come after you!

I'm coming there, destination I don't care
I've lost the last of my luck and I've lost my will
To give a fuuuuuck

Wasted after midnight
Wasted after midnight
Wasted after midnight
Wasted after midnight

Oh now I guess it's time to say my last goodbyes
Open my eyes and see what I woke up next to this time
Now I know I really can't get any lower
Until the next time I say, hey guys! Let's Take
This over!

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