Lividity : Til Only the Sick Remain

Brutal Death / USA
(2002 - Morbid Records (GER))
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Take what I want, suck my dick you fucking whore
Hard as a rock, I'm just about to lose control
Lust for your snatch, my dick it always calls to me
I think I need to cum!!
Bow before me
Bless my dick
With your mouth
Now I'll fist your cunt
Make you suck my dick
Then you'll drink my cum
Covering all your body
Crusting on your forehead
Drown you with my jizzum
Beg for my forgiveness
All give praise to my dick
As I ream your hole
All that I want
All that I need
Tight little cunts
All in my face
God bless your tight cunt
Cum is dripping, blood is spilling, everywhere
Jizz is seeping, in your wounds on your leg
Tools all set out, ready to cut, mutilate,
Tight little cunt is no tight cunt anymore
Dumb whore
Suck my dick you fucking bitch!!
Suck my fucking dick you bitch right now!!
Gagged, shackled and tortured
The visions in my mind
Becoming a reality
Beat you with a stick
Up your ass it goes
Leave you all done
You are dead!! [5x]
All alone
Dead to me
But your cunt's,
Still Alive
You are dead!! [5x]
When I'm done
You will see
I was right
You were wrong
Now're gone
No more grief
Should have kept
Your mouth shut


Whores and chicks, they'll suck my dick
Their lies I see right through
Carving out your cervix
Make you regret the day you met me
Suck dick bitch!!
Suck dick bitch!!
Take my load
Cum over everything you see
Cum splashes on your tits and in your eyes
Lustful bitch, tell me how it feels to die
When you know, my dick will be the last thing you see
Hard as shit, covering you with my semen
Coated thick with my load
Coated thick with my load
Suck my dick, then slit your throat
Coated with my load
Coated with my stinking load
Coated with my load
Coated with my stinking load
Coated thick now with my load
I cum again but never enough for you
You bitch I'll make you see
You're not alive
Drowned with cum
Coated thick now with my load
I cum again but never enough for you
You bitch I'll make you see [2x]
I denounce your cunt
Coated with my semen
Cum on your tits


Watching you for month
Shadows have become my friends
Waiting for my time to come
Finally I'll take my revenge...revenge
All done
Young and sweet
Scared as shit
Of what I...
Might do when you are asleep at night
In your bed
I creep in
Take what I... want, without giving a shit
Covering your mouth
So you can't scream
Tying your wrists
Legs spread apart
Fucking you harder as blood starts to leak
Tearing you twat
Clenching my fists
Around your throat
Die you slut
Don't blame me
Blame yourself
And that mouth [2x]
Watching you now for months
Shadows have become my friends
Waiting for my time to come
Finally I'll take my revenge...revenge
Dead and gone
Six feet deep
Buried in
Shallow ground...
That I reserved for your stinking corpse
God the smell
Makes me stiff
Dig you up...
And fuck your corpse again


A womans place is on my face
But all I need is my cock sticking in your ass
Oh my dicK's stiff and I need it
Wet, sloppy pussy juice dripping from my face and mouth
Come here you whore
Down on your knees
Suck on my dck
Play with my balls
Choke on my cock
Throw up on me
Chunks on my dick
Soon ther'll be your blood
Punch you in the face and then I slice your wirsts
Cumming as your blood trickles onto the floor
I'm not done!!
The womans place is on my face, and when I'm done
You'll beg for mercy, then you pray for death, but death won't come
When I'm angered
Hatred increased
Your shitty life, done!
I have no care
You're death I praise


This dick was made for sucking
And that's just what you'll do
One of these days this dick is going
To cum all over you
Face splattered with semen
Crusty once again
Dick now throbbing in your face
Now suck it you whore
Pussy lover, God I love it
Pussy lover, got to fuck it
Pussy lover, had it before
Pussy lover, have it again
Pussy lover, the second cumming
Pussy lover, is always better
Pussy lover, make you submit
Pussy lover, to my hugh girth
God my nuts
Feel like exploding
Jizz will start flowing
As I cum into your face
Still rock hard
Bitch, just keep jerking
Cum will keep spurting
Till my nuts dry up
Fuck you hard with the rusty knife that I found yesterday
Take you to my house and slice your cunt in two
Cumming in your face... Oh, how it excites me
Bet you think I'm done?!
Ripping the flesh
Gaze upon me
Cock in your twat
Fist deep in your asshole
Morning never comes, for light you will not see
All you need is death, all you see is blood
Screams beneath my balls, begging me to stop
No remorse at all, I grow stiff from your pain


Oh my aching balls!!
Gaping mouth siphon
Boiling semen cream from my giant cock
While deep anal and pussy action
Ease the pent up churning pain
in the nuts for blessed, cum spewing relief
Lust crazed broads
With cute snack size tits
Demonstrate an appetite for huge cocks
Wild raunchy fucking and floods of starchy white goop


I'll dissect with skill
And when I'm done
I'll tear you limb from limb
Then slice you from your,
Snatch back to your ass
The blood it flows
All over everything
You lay upon
Your tortures just begun
Anal autopsy
The dissection of butts
Anus ripping
And I will sew it shut
Guts and innards
Your bowels removed from you
Now you're dying
I'll enjoy watching to die
Suck my dick bitch then come back for more
Hard to do when you are dead
Now that you're bodies run stiff and cold
Ass sewn shut
For no fee
Sucked my dick
That enough
Sucked my dick but I won't save you
Stupid whore
Sucked my dick but I won't save you
Worthless whore
Fuck your ass but I won't save you
Stinking whore
Used your ass but I won't save you
You fucking whore


Take me with your axe
Eviscerate the fetus thats left
Abortion by man made means
Oozing, the scabs they bleed
I grabbed her quick
Stuck my dick in her face
Said "Suck it bitch"
"If you want to life"
Young girls are what we crave
Strangled on a noose
Skewered and filleted
All around bodies burn to ash
Anguish and torment
Your pretty little face we smash
Beating the fetus
'Til it's dead... "Why won't you die?"
Picking the scabs off her head
Pumping faster, pumping deep
My thick cock meets tight young meat
Spread your legs, and you'll recieve
Remove the scabs and watch them bleed
I grabbed her quick
Stuck my dick in her face
Said "Suck it bitch"
"If you want to life"


Dead I lay before you as you feast upon my flesh
Ripping apart my torso till you see there's nothing left
Moving throug your stomach and intestines to your womb
Growing stronger everday to gain control of you
Growing strong
Feeding on your ovaries
Taking form
Not the man I used to be
Organs enter from inside, I'll tear apart you womb
Raped before and after death then bury you in a grave of shit
Conception through ingestion [4x]
Now reborn
From sick and diseased
Ravaged cunt
Dying as you cum
Conception through ingestion [4x]

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