Leviathan (USA-1) : The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide

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2.Fucking Your Ghost in Chains of Ice

your self-extinction
suicide be thy name
horrors blind to the dove
shit on your blind and
feeble innocence
hovering over your false courage
ghost hope and spent charity
clinging to human frailty
forces grind into your dove
a faith is lost you bring
with your scriptures
and when you kill yourself
come visit me
many spirits gather here.


Perseverence through this
rite of purgery
leaving your shit planet behind
coldest of hells
hatred of this world
hatred of this life
the eyes of spectres
which call to me
infesting every moment
invincible insanity
unlife not meant for here
never ending the sound
rope creaking in mine night
the eyes of spectres
which call to me
reflecting every
movement to die
"come with us
you belong to us
kill yourself
you deserve this."

4.The Bitter Emblem of Dissolve

When the winds come down
cacophonous and vast
the crude skull whisper
the creature blackens same
and a thunder coils
to clear a path
mine soul blackens free
now, mine vessel is but dust
with a luminous clap
now thunder
this thunder
mine heart blackens true.

5.Scenic Solitude and Leprosy

throttling in the blackened river
of time and insane
swallowed again
drown again and
deranged parasites
and a metallic green odor
so full the emptiness
withered scales decorate its
skin and its falling away
twist and writhe serpentine
treason and peril
thrust down the kill
its eyes gaze animus
are again as before
dead except the eyes
treason and peril.

6.He Whom Shadows Move Towards

hidden in plain sight
uttering unheard volumes
a soliloquy of the shadow
darkest broad day-light
cut through deep
now set it free
cut through deep
from these depths
the gift and chalice
pain must be the course
I must have this
don the horns and the skull
pain is the path.

8.Mine Molten Armor

Winds whip past the hull
screaming through
straight to your heart
the scent of your weakness
excites this metal
I will meet you with war
ignious links hiss
as the winds arise
searing fear into your heart
the scent of your weakness
ignites this metal
charred remnants of
foes past
bitter taste of ash
your whimpers feed the flame
the scent of fear
and searing flesh
I will meet you with war.

9.The Idiot Sun

Nucleus extols ice
a black cloak of night-shape
powers before the beyond
becoming the tomb of the sun
lifeless burnt-out sphere
now frozen to black
and ice is wept by the sun
stifled by crystal universe
arctic pitch black pyre
of this sky no more
lifeless burnt-out sphere
self destruction universe.

10.At the Door to the Tenth Sub Level of Suicide

I bid the body farewell
slumped down and cold history
a voice to drown out
taken in mine own hand
a blade, a rope, bitter poison
climb into the nil realm
beyond mortal pain
poison coursing through the veins
and all is end
dripping pain as fire
puncture this vessel with metal
drift out and onward
tenth rung of a ghost climb
from the murky depths
a final consciousness
slumped down there
cold and history
now comes invisible
poison courses through
veins on fire
a throat crushed closed
puncture this vessel with metal
flesh gash release.

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