Letlive : Fake History

Screamo / USA
(2011 - Epitaph Records (USA-1))
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There are no martyrs in resolution
If you remain still, don’t expect restitution
Stand up
You cannot argue with evolution
All we are certain of is death and excuses
Stand up
No worthy icons, no revolution
If you remain seated, expect destitution
Stand up
I am the martyr of evolution
Rather than die, i’ll provoke execution
Stand up

Well hello,
Now i’m on my way to the sun
Just to take him on for the place of…


I met a man at church on saturday
He said I’m here because I’m sick
And after sick i’ll be dead
And once I’m dead i’ll be saved

I played an atheist on judgment day
If we’re all here because we are picked
Well I was picked with no faith
So once I’m saved don’t mean shit

I can tell we found the rhythm
And oh…we can obey
But if they don’t pray
Then they don’t mean a thing

I got my fathers stitch on mother’s day
It does appear life’s a bitch
But I’m a dick just the same
Because we’re the same don’t mean shit

We can’t all forget how to be son of man

Afraid that the wait has only
Given away this opportunity
Lucky for me, the sun it sets
And it sets on and on again

They learn the sea, for they will swim
I will learn the sea tonight. I will learn.
They learn the sea (they're gonna burn tonight),
For they will swim (they're burning now)
I bet they cannot, forget their landmark

I met a man at church on saturday
He said I’m here because I’m sick
But we all drop just the same
And when we drop we will learn to bounce

I believe in everything you tell me because
I believe in everything you show because
I can see it all

Having trouble getting over insecurities?
I am the wall
If you cannot forget this I will remain
You will not fall
I found that the wait has only
Given away this opportunity
Lucky for me, the sun it sets
It sets on and on, again

We all can’t be a sun of man


You said it was a boy that bears your name
But eighteen’s a man
I know everything they know
Yes i’ll bear your name
Yes i’ll wear that crown
Heavy lies that thing, i know
(i will dance by myself atop my early grave, so come on mother fuckers)

Here in the sun, there’s only fifteen minutes of fun
(hope we tan and hope we can burn up)
And i will stare at the eclipse just to believe it. So what?
(hope we tan and hope we can burn up)

If it wasn’t for the boy that bears your name
Well you’d be the man
It’s a damn good thing you know
That there’s no shame in stepping down
As long as this boy steals the show
They said you’re nobody until someone kills you
That’s what b.i.g. said so i do too

Ya, i gotta copyright
Oh ya, i’m writing all the books
(i'm the record book)
Copyright, i gotta copyright
(all the record books)
And tonight i’m signing all your books
(sign the record, i'm the record books)

And we, ya we can, all burn up


Y si me encuentras sangrando llamo los vampiros
Ay mi hijos

If i started bleeding today
Call up every vampire you know
I just wanted all my children, all my kids to know that..

If we are the faithful living, then we are the grateful dead

Put me in the bed and give me what i want
I’m tired of the mattress we use it too often
And i will wait for it
I’ll put you in the bed if that’s what you want
Use your body to hammer the nails in my coffin
And i will wait for it

If we’re playing musical chairs
On the decks of titanic’s you know
All of us are racing for the seat nailed to the bow
And i want all my kids to know that
When i started drowning today
Everyone was diving in to know

If we are the faithful living, then we are the great


The opposition is now for sale
So the santa maria has caught wind and will set sail
The opposition was there for us to take
Set our feet in position and march on, and on, conquest
Take it back, wrap, then you give it to me
Indian giving them bootlegs
We love the ones presented on their own time

I feel sick from the blankets they gave me

Lock, stock, and then you’re ready to pay
But they aren’t for sale
So we’ll rock the slots in an american way
In casino columbus

You see meek opposition
Was there for us to take
How did i know we had permission?
We had guns loaded with faith
So keep on dancing and giving to me
History will one day realize
We’ll keep on dancing until
We lose our feet

Lock, stock, and then you’re ready to pay
But they aren’t for sale
So we’ll rock the slots in an american way
In casino columbus
Hot shots every day by day
Buy something else
So we’ll rock the slots in an american way
In casino columbus

I want to be the bourgeoisie, but i don’t have blue blood in my veins
But i did see the vampirous pilgrim drop a few red drips from his fangs

Stick your finger down the throat of your freedoms
And let it all purge on out
Tell the modest and the faithful
We ain't shit


Rest easily in the bed of another man’s tired old queen
I cannot wait for love if it comes as fast as he did
Rest easily in the bed of another man’s tired old queen
I cannot wait for love, but if it’s coming as fast as he did well, shit
That’s two minutes well spent that she spent with him

So stay home
In bed alone

And all because of you now i can’t stand it
In all that i do, all that i do, i see the scarlet branding
Mother, you know i’m sorry, but sorry’s pregnant with remorse
And when remorse is born remorse won’t see an ounce of child support

Wait eagerly. Because tonight i’m another man’s brand new queen
Why should i wait for love, if it comes as fast as he did?
He said, ‘wait. She’s with me. So send that other man walking with his two left feet’
Now i hate my love, and now the other man’s floating in the dead man’s sea
And he’s floating face down because he’s a dead man, see?

Don’t you cry, mama
We’ll be ok


You are the product of a prodigal son

Every other person wants to take on my son
Acquit every little birdy on jailbird street
They’ll walk the walk with both damn feet
They know..laugh with me

Can you walk like me?
Can we both burn?

In a world so full of it
It’s only a waste of my time
But we love them anyway
Yes we love them

I am the father of the prodigal son
Never had i thought i would compete for my son
But he met another birdy on jailbird street
Said she could walk with both left feet, she said
‘you are the body? Well, oh. I rock the body well.’
‘let’s have it out and we’ll shake this old cell’
‘you rock the body? Well go on and rock the body well’
‘let’s have it out and shake this whole town’

Now kill the army
And i’ll send them all to hell
Because they know what i did
I swear, i swear i will

Let me kiss my momma
Because i’m going straight to hell
Daddy knows what i did
I swear, i swear i will

…do it again.

If we both burn. Both of us can learn to…


Let me count the ways
Decades of excuses. I don’t want to know
My t.v. Died today. That was my excuse
Because i don’t want to know
I caught that girl justice cutting holes in her blindfold

I’ll take my brother’s hands, from the mother land to father’s grave
And i’ll break those other hands, from other lands, for father’s sake

Full paid justice, holiday truths, it's all for you
You will pay for what they do, it's all for who? It's all for you

I was blind the day they broadcasted revolution
I ain't gotta know
So let me die today by work of evolution
I ain't gotta know

Buy me a new car and shiny diamonds
Let’s start living in a way old money can’t be bored
Buy my foreign cars and bloody diamonds
That’s not given away


We’re biting off more piece of mind than we can chew, and oh…
Did someone lose their head?
So many people, pretty people, many people
Keep talking my head off

You bit into the apple didn’t you?
Now chivalry is dead
Make your bed and sleep in it with me
I’ll sleep when I’m dead

A better way to…
A better way for you

Let’s just say I never got an angel
I’ve got some skeletons myself
But I display them on the shelf
Because I never doubted you angel
But I guess the devil’s hot right now
So I’m better off right now

We’ve gotta find another way so we can remove
Remove you from our heads
Go tell these people, many people, pretty people
To chop all their heads off
We’ve gotta find another way to
To tidy up our beds
I’ve cleaned my sheets for dirty deeds and now I’m asleep
Asleep, because I’m dead

And now I’m stuck on the back of the bus
The bus..back of the bus…back of the bus is where I’m proud

Because Jesus is making fun of me


I missed the offering, friends

None of us will reach the top
Remember what I said
I’m selling out to the beat of that song in your head
“hey, hey, hey!! I’m stuck in back”
“I’m all the way up front”
“well I’m gonna take it slow”
I’m gonna face the fact that I’m a pro

You cannot pray for
They might as well be dying
And I want to find the only way
Over and under
Over and out, sir

Celebrate the hedonist thought
And then we’ll rage for half an hour
Until the devil’s lying naked passed out in my bed
You let him in, so get him out
Caviar might taste the same with
Antique platters decked with shit
Bless the fame

(I missed the offering of caviar, with my head in the sand)
(I might have had a dish or two)

Diamonds don’t mean shit if you don’t mine them for the world
They keep fighting over me they’ll waste a fight again
I’m so over it and you’re under it. wasted violent trends
They keep fighting over me. A waste of violent trends.

11. DAY 54

To all my friends you’re all gonna die
And i’ll be stuck never wondering why
I ain't sad. I’m more so upset
It was such a selfish manner in which all of you left
I talked to god, he saved you some grace
Not to count up all the time that you wasted
You cheated death and that’s ok
But according to his watch you were already late
To question god is to question my faith
But heaven seems like such a questionable place (it is)
But while I’m here I know I’m alive
And it hurts me to know that you’re all gonna die

To all my friends you’ve already died
And I am stuck wondering why
See I ain't mad, and I ain't upset
Because I’m the closest thing to sainthood you never will get
I talked to god, he saved you a place
A spot too far for you to spit in his face because
I never asked for you to believe
I just asked for you to say ‘goodbye’, before you leave

I hate say, ‘I told you so’
‘I told you so’

Our memories at discount rates
Still we can’t afford it
I believe in something so I hope you’re going somewhere

To all my friends who’d rather get high
I’ll be at ground level watching you die
Fuck drugs and fuck straight edge
Those are both the things that got the best of my friends
And to all the girls that make it a trend
To fuck all of my friends
We’ll all die of the same disease
Whether you got it in bed or you got it on your knees

Can’t wait to say, ‘I told you so’
I told you so

The boulder on my back has been washed away
The worst part is, I don’t miss the weight
The tide is high and they’re washing face
Within the sea of time pissed away
The boulder on my back has been washed away
The worst part is I don’t miss the weight
When the tide is high i’ll watch them sink
Into the sea of misery

To all my friends this is the end
I’ll leave you six feet under with those shit eating grins
To all my friends this is the end
And this is way more important than that bullshit with ben
To all my friends who’d rather be dead
I refuse to let you leave without this song in your head

All our memories, all at discount rates


We whispered a bit too loud
In the Ghetto's ear
And now it's way too loud in here
Let it go
Let them run to you

When they fail
And they're running home
They're running home to you

We can't pay for mistakes
They have made in my name
We cannot forget this. we cannot
We can't afford this - no, we cannot

When they fail
And they're running home
They're running home to you
If the way they sell is the way we fail - I know
Run on home
Run on home

It's kind of like we're being paid for having heart attacks
Well, we can only see the top when we're on our backs
Remove your teeth and have yourself a bite to eat
They don't care if we don't sleep
It's the equivalent to having blind men watch your back
It's like a liquor store without the swishers
Kind of like a dime with no sack
Lamborghinis traded in for Cadillacs
You might as well have given them the clip to your gat

We know failure.
We will rock you.

They say, "charge it to the game"
Don't talk about it, be about it now


Denounce these old exalted limbs once you've gained
Krishna status or something better than-we know we're better than
To ever judge I've ever had, allow me to lay your verdicts to rest
While I'm swooning them
The jury knows that I'm a man, and I'm a great one
There ain't no way you're stopping him
There ain't no way you're stopping me

I'll tell my proudest secrets
Don't mind if you can't keep them

Well, lately it's been mayday
So tell me, why is this your favorite sin?
Lately it's been mayday
So tell me why you wanna fake it?

They say that once you've gained
This status it only gets even better
And he will prove that he's a man
With wooden bed posts whittled away
With the notches, they were carved in a little too deep
And now he's paying for it
He's sleeping on the floor tonight

I go from the back
So that way they cannot see
That this is me
Now I know shame
Look at my back
The marks make it clear to see
Innocent me can no longer claim a saint
I'm now digging my fingers
Into the back of a whore
But here's the thing
In the good book it said that
God made man, and I'm a man.
So tell me...who's wrong?


Now why don't you-
Damn I'd love to
The thing is, I've seen the bed
That I'll make love to you in
We'll sleep in it
Make peace in it
We'll cut off our noses and breathe it in
We can't afford to bleed in it
So keep on the plastic you received it in

Now put your faith on layaway
You claim confidence
Foreplay bravery
Now put your faith on layaway
A pale confidante
Just stop.

I can't stand the taste of tongue when I'm speaking
They keep asking me to talk
For a man with two broken legs
Although backwards, you're walking the walk pretty well

Now I've got you
Right where any man would want you
Depicting a man on fire
Hoping you'll sweat, too
Let's make believe
That you're willingly
Breathing it in, the likes of me
At least you know how to rescue breathe
At once saving them & sharing your disease

I can't stand the taste of tongue, no
I keep asking me to stop
Talk on
They keep asking me, asking me?
Telling me
They keep asking me to stop
Stop this

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