Leaders : Now We Are Free

Hardcore / USA
(2012 - Facedown Records)
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I need you now. Do you realize what you’ve done? You’re bringing this on yourself. There’s always time to change isn’t there? How can you love someone like me? After the things I’ve done. You’ll never be free if you don’t let go.


I'm running out of places to lay my head
I'm feeling lost
I'm feeling hopeless
With nowhere to go and no one to save me
Look into my heart and tell me what it is you find


Fight! fight! fight!
For what is right
Fight! fight! fight!
For what you believe

Fight! fight! fight!
For what is right
Fight! fight! fight!
For what you believe

I won't give up on this so easily
So just keep trying
To take this from me
Now step up
And show me what you're made of

Running because you're free
Let me tell you something
Running isn't freedom
From what has a hold on you

I'm fighting and fighting for who I am
I'm fighting and fighting to keep my head above the water

Today I said goodbye to my past
And without a fight
I let go the way I was supposed to
Now I feel so worthless
Listen child to the story
Of how you always were
Worth it to me


Always the same. Never changing. Never ending. I only wanted the best for you but you turned your back on me, running away from my voice. Always the same. Never changing. Never ending. Are you looking down at me now? I never meant for this to fall apart. I never meant to lose control. If you can hear me now I’m sorry. I’m searching for your voice, God can you hear me? I only wanted you to be there. I can hear your voice so clearly now. Don’t let me go, don’t let me fall. Always the same, never changing, never ending.


I am not who I claim to be, and it seems that you know me better then I know myself. Don’t tell me who I need to be. I have given you my everything. Where did I go wrong? I keep running in circles I know where I should be! Why do we want to be where we don’t belong, why do we love this? How many times will I tell you this is not where we belong, this is the last time that I will let you inside of my heart. From this grave of a body I am screaming let me out! Let me out! My son! My son! I am here for you but keep your eyes on me, but keep your eyes on me. Take your stand and make your move, I won’t let you in this time. Don’t you dare come near me, I am nothing.


Just keep taunting my God, one day you will be at his mercy. I tried to save you, I tried to help you but you just turned your back on me. Now you are at the mercy of my God. Now look where you are! Now look where you are! Bruised, beaten, and broken yet you still won’t believe. Realize you have nowhere else to go! This is the end of the line, so get on your knees. Hands reaching for the sky, bruised, beaten, and broken. Hear my cry.


Padre Necesito tu Amor en mi Alma


Marching forward in your straight lines, hand over your mouth. How does it feel to be one of them now? Hands tied behind your back, eyes smashed in, believing every word that shoots from their tongues. We will lead each other to the promise land we all say. Forward! Forward! Don’t look back just keep marching forward. On and on and on we’ll sing this song of pain and sorrow. Be my strength when I am weak. When this is all said and done, this is who I really am, this is really who I am. Be strong my child, Be strong I say. You’re worth so much more than this. I see everything that this world has to offer. In the midst of this I remember who I am. I am nothing without you God. I will only the blind lead the blind they all say.


Here it comes again
Haunting my dreams
I can feel him
Trying to put this fear
In me

This isn't
The first time
That I've been here before

I've been to the bottom
And I'm not going back

I will stand
When there is
Nothing else
Left to do
I will stand my ground
I will stand my ground

I've been to the bottom
And I'm not going back

I've been to the bottom
And I'm not going back

Now I have what it takes
To stand against you
You will have no power over me

My god is one
My god is one

It's in these moments
When I realize
Who I am
And what I stand for


Here I am again these demons are calling my name. The world is yours! Let me in! Let me in! They’re sitting in the corners of my mind shouting everything. And are you willing to turn your back on everything you’ve ever known? Don’t forget who was there all those nights when you were alone. Where will you go now? Who will save you? Searching for what? Something they’ll never find! Something they’ll never have! Tell me what you want? This is what you wanted. Open your eyes I’m standing right in front of you. These things you long for will only be the death of you so just keep digging your grave. Father! Father! Fill my heart with your love. I am not alone in this race, you are my everything. God! You are my everything, you are mine.


It’s been years and years that you’ve been breathing down our necks. No love for the weak. An eye for an eye, we try and we try and we try, but still we are never good enough. The time it takes to get back to you feels like we’re never going to make it. I will meet you right where you are just be broken, I will meet you right where you are just be broken. There is always just that one thing that will blindside me when I am standing on my own two feet. It’s eating away at me. I won’t let it pull me under.( I will pray) He’s had a hold on us for so long that we did not know anything else, but we know now that we are free. Now I know what it means to be broken. Now I know what it means to fall short. (and I will pray) God why do you love someone like me after everything I’ve put you through? Your love never fails and your love never leaves. My God why do you love someone like me after everything I put you through? Now we are free.

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