Krokus : The Blitz

Hard Rock / Switzerland
(1984 - Arista)
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Did you read it in the paper
'Bout the danger comin' your way
She'll tear you up at midnite
Killer on the loose get out of her way

Sex machine terrorizin' dream
Lock the door tonite
She's got it all she can walk through a wall
Better run for your life

And in the light of day
In hidin' she will stay
Watch out at midnite
Feel her shadow on your face

Midnite maniac:she's a killer at large
Midnite maniac:lock your door
A) cause she can't be far
B) she knows where you are

Did you hear it on the radio
Crimes of passion makin' the news
It happened after midnite
In your neighborhood could've been you...


Please tell me what I need to know
How much time before she blows
It's in every magazine
Always on the T.V. screen

Feel the tension everywhere
Drivin' people to despair
Politics and misery
Throw the world into a deep freeze

Just a few with all the power
High above in ivory towers
People thrown into the streets
Had too many ends to meet

Pressure danger crime war
Out out out out

Out of control:don't feed the fire
It's out of control
Out of control:too hot to handle
It's out of control

Hate becomes a way of life
Cuts survival like a knife
Dyin' blindly in a war
They didn't even know what for

Runnin' junk into the brain
Temporary shield of pain
Diggin' deep into a hole
Suicidal overload...


Party time pass the wine
Anything goes tonite
Shoot the moon call the tune
Nobody's gettin' uptight

See the girls gettin' on down
Dancin' and doin' it hot
Snakey hips sexy lips
Givin' it all that they've got

Steppin' outside ready to ride
The boys are on their way
Burnin' steel spinnin' wheels
Better get out of their way

Never surrender...go all the way

On a boy's nite out
On a boy's nite out
Gonna scream...gonna shout...
On a boy's nite out

Dream machine driver's dream
Take me on this flight
Worked till noon got her tuned
Don't let me down tonite

We're gonna make it
We're gonna take it
Take it to the edge tonite
Follow the noise
And the boys
With the fastest machines around.


I can tell by the way you hold your head
Tell by the way you smile
You're tellin' me lies
But I don't need to know
It's your life

When we're together babe it's love all the time
Livin' in this heart of mine
You tear me apart
Now I don't wanna hear you
Start again

Please don't ask no questions
And I won't tell you lies
Diggin' in the dirt
Only gonna hurt
It's time you realized

If you got somethin' to say
Go ahead 'n' fire away
No matter what card you play
It's you I've always needed

Our love will never die
Don't know why
It's a feelin' inside

We both had lovers outta town
Both like foolin' around
It doesn't really matter
Because we'll never fall apart again...


Hey...gimme a break!

Goin' crazy insane
Got a load on my brain
Can't stand it another day
Broken down family way

Got a beat up Cadillac
Slippin' out now I won't be back
There's a party down the road
Got a girl gonna take my load

Turn up the music
Turn it up loud
Turn up the music
Turn it up turn it up loud

Out to lunch
Get up and dance
Let yourself go into
A rock'n'roll trance...ooh yeah!

Crazy mama takin' pills
Street legal dirty cheap thrills
Good for nothin' old man
Livin' life in a T.V. land

You and I have better ways
Rock'n'roll is here to stay
Give it to me all night long
Let it in till the break of dawn...


All right now let's go
Ah it's been gettin' so hard
Livin' with the things you do to me
Life has been gettin' so strange
I'd like to tell you everything I see

I see a man in the back,as a matter of fact
His eyes are as red as a sun
And a girl in the corner,that no one ignores
She think's she's the passionate one
Oh yeah! Feels like lightnin'
Everybody was fightin'
And the music was soothin'
And they all started groovin'

And the man in the back said everyone attack
And it turned into a ballroom blitz
And the girl in the corner said boy you're
On the run
It's gonna turn into a ballroom blitz

Ballroom blitz!

Oh reachin' out for something
Touchin' every thought I have of you
Ah somethin' I could offer
When you appear there's nothin' left to do

Ah the man in the back is ready to crack
As he raises his hand to the sky
And the girl in the corner is everyone's fun
Can kill you with a wink of an eye

Oh yeah! It was electric
So frantically hectic
And the band started livin'
'Cause they all stopped breathin'


Have you heard it's the new sensation
Bringin' magic in the air
It feeds your imagination
Puts the colour everywhere

Bright lights blue smoke
Whatever turns you on
Push yer body thru the crowd
Get close where the music's loud

Lookin' thru your magazine
Turn the pages find your favourite dream
Rock'n'roll hangin' on your bedroom wall
Turn the lights out dream about the show

1 2 3 4 rock...rock the nation
Rock...rock the crowd
Rock...rock the nation it loud

We cross the seven seas
To satisfy yer needs
We're playin' in yer town
We'll burn it to the ground

Strike you like the blitz...ooh yeah!
Feel the power comin' from the stage
Rock'n'roll generation goin' wild
See the action sing it with the band...


I've been travellin' down the road
With my friends all across the nation
And I met a lotta girls
Help me live my fantasies

Down in New Orleans
I found the right combination
She made me feel like a king
Boy she was so good to me

I felt her eyes follow me across the stage
Touch my body with a tiger's gage
I slipped into her dream
Didn't even say goodnite
In the mornin' she just told me
In a letter

Hot stuff:I got love to suit you baby
Hot stuff:guaranteed to make your temperature rise
Hot stuff:I don't want to lose you babe
How I hate to have to say goodbye

Back on the road
Another show hot stage new city
Love connection
Slowly fadin' away...


Get ready to give me
What I want what what I need
Keep comin' need more
Got a sweet tooth she's my candy store

I'm gonna rock that girl tonite
Keep it up do it right
Been waitin' so long
Got my hands full she's amazon

The way she teases
Really drives me wild
She always pleases
And I love to hear her say

She's:ready to rock
Ready to roll
Ready to rock
Get ready...

I'm lightnin' she's rain
Givin' pleasure t'ease the pain
Sweet thunder like a storm
Winds that blow till you're ripped and torn

She'll be where the girls in the crowd
Love to rock love to scream out loud
Got a fever inside gonna find that girl
Keep me satisfied

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