Krabathor : Lies

Death Metal / Czechia
(1995 - Morbid Records (GER))
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Feeling important with your lies
Living your half life
Blind faith in yourself
Blind pride
So why are we scared?
We lie to ourselves!
Always we are ready
For suffering, pain and stress

Don't you need to vomit?!

Stop these bleeding
Fucked up times
And say the truth
About all lies
Artful assholes
In false pose
By a mendacious world


Your personal koresh
Sleeps inside of you
Mental mutilation
Sicker then ever
Neverending inner crime...
Patronizing kidding
Seems like an nemesis
Your words stink...

Don't you need to vomit?!


Shapes and forms of the human body
Only thought is able to kill
We are too ordinary
To give ourselves air over something

Everything around seems to be
Strange to you
Nothing is how you want it to be
There are too many realities in life
And you have problems resisting them

You can't get to know
Anything in yourself
Only others see what you do wrong
You try to suppress your inner evil
You must be ready for it

Unnecessarity of your life
Sucks your power
You just must die
You just must die
You just must die
Die from desperation
Die for sorrow
Falling down the world in your head
There's no way out
Birth, power, life
Birth, pain and blood

Everything around seems...



Welcome to slaughterhouse!!!

Territory, realm so gory, art of murder
Stress of small place, no act of grace,
Born to suffer

You go your bloody way, satisfied anyway
You love this special game
When you hold a shiny knife
Naturally long enough, there's time to open
Ritual carnage, ritual carnage
Ritual carnage, ritual carnage
Ritual carnage, ritual carnage
Ritual carnage, ritual carnage

A white coat means the pain and death
And desperate eyes
Execution - sweet ecstasy - no one survives

Step on the last stage, murder is my job
Take in your last seconds to die
I am master and who has ever been more?
Dream on after - consume a resurrection

Painful Eden comes after a few strikes
Suffer for me now, fear me, hate me, cry!

Who gave you the right
To rule other lives you primitive!
I wish for you to follow
The fate of you victims


...And there is the question:
"Who's the animal?"


Your leave your hands along your body
You wanna take your pain out of your hands
To arrange everything by only motion
...Nothing so fast

You want what you don't have
You scream without response
You cry without tears
You fear without fear
Tears, hope and hate

To take a breath again
To give a change to nothing and nobody
You must hurt? Do you want it?
I think it's a law of life


What I’ll do will be right
I'll believe the voices of my heart
No other way... Don't be scared
All will end for your pleasure

Time is too fast
It makes corpses of us by growing old
You have to do something in time
No! I must wait - I’m even scared!


...And pleasure!!!


Looking at their bodies
You're diverting your eyes
You loathe their touch
Expressions in the faces
Talk about inner pain
Can their hearts scream for help?

Disgusting human boxes
Someone's hand given them to retirement
It's easy to get rid of something
That you don't want
But they await your help
Disgusting human boxes
Someone's hand given them to retirement

Gods and the games of nature didn't stop
Horrors of life will continue still repeating
You'll never forget what you have seen
Still you'll hear the crying of those
Who suffer!

Pain that doesn't hurt
Bleeding hearts
Pain that doesn't hurt
Veins filled with tears

Disgusting human...


Jesus - you son of hell, look at my evil face
Hear my calling, touch my rage
Gracelesss liar, feel my hate!

Anyway there's the time to
Throw away the "book of lies"
To suffocate seed of church
Forget the paradise

The church is a loaded gun, war has begun
Rebirth of blasphemy
You still try to bless blood on your hands
Rebirth of blasphemy
Listen to my speech you son of a bitch
Rebirth of blasphemy
In my eyes the Vatican burns
Rebirth of blasphemy

Deliverance doesn't come
There are only deceived ones

Bless the cross - bless the pope
Bless your tricks - bless my dick!

God - you mendacious god
Who with angels makes love
By your own blood you are always drunk
The fairy tale doesn't anymore

At the bible the children laugh
They laugh; you were crucified
I'll never kiss your hand but you can kiss my ass


Kiss the cross - kiss the pope
Bless your tricks - kiss my dick!

God - you mendacious god
I am not blind, I’m really not blind
Fall on your knees and try to pray
If it helps because now you die

Lord - I am your jack the ripper!


Thousands of cruel warriors
They bring only death
Leading imperator
You're losing breath
His brain covered by wrath
And heart full of hate
Selfish hunger for the throne
In his eyes you can read

Dressed in a war-suite
He drank the blood of brave men
He was sure
That their power will come
Into his veins
He loved courage over all
And most of all his weapon
Sword that so many times
Was killing his enemies


Once somebody put
Poison in his cup
He will never again
Drink the victory
There's not any crying
Around his grave
Only the burning cross
Will be burning on...



Outside the night
You lie behind
A glassy cold eye
Inner war streams into your dreams
War of senses
Still pursued, still desperate
No chance to escape
Where is the dawn, forgotten sun
Nobody cares

You want to fly out of your mind
To set free your other life
Stonedream reminds you
Of presence of the past

Still with you like an unwelcome child

Awaiting the hard night
You go on the bed
Your nightmare is so real
So close to your life

You want to fly out of your mind
To set free your other life
Stonedream is here to bring the pain
Why do the dreams so hurt?



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