Katatonia : Dethroned & Uncrowned

Gothic Doom / Sweden
(2013 - KScope)
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In the weak light
I saw you becoming the lie
Taking it all for granted
Like freedom
It's something you'll never have

Forget what's said
And hear me sing to you
How i've set out to kill my soul
The nightward ways
The labout it brings
The verdict that i came for
Migration's song

Patterns of death overhelms
Fixation rise
I came along the way
And came to a conclusion
The indifferent sky
Is made of lead and so beautiful
Come you will

The partin
End origin
Fade into earth

Times ablaze
Under the flags we chose
Denied my step and froze my heart
Yet i stare
With nothing left to do
The verdict that i came for
Migration's song

Take yout well deserved step
Into darkness
I'll become your eyes
You have no other
We have to walk along this wire
Trust the one that never trusted you


This breaking vow
Rest so near my tongue
Anchor of the cloud
Shade upon the sun
You took my word for it
The vanishing of doubt

Will unfold my empty space
Your time froze over

I must lead the way for this conclusion
I let you inherit these words i sing for you
See how death will bestow seclusion
The one your are looking for is hidden from view

In my absence now
Irrelevant time will pass
In nothingness abide
See the evening rise
And take my word for it
Focus is beyond your vision

Do you remember when
It didn't use to be so dark
When everything was possible


You will never rest
Until the stars burn out
My day is done
I love the song of no one coming by
Tomb beneath the trees
The name unsung
The darkness in the cracks

I am not what you have waited for

Nothing is enough
This hunting ground
I need the freedom to control my own
I need the sound of rain
Wearing dependence down
The line must be kept so thin
To live near life
Not within

No need to take the test
Before the dark must shine
Reflect my eyes
And strip this creation of mine
Tomorrow is so long
The dead end king is here
Black wings upon his back


White sun
Spring of wealth
Come for a good time
It's not what i have
Life on the line
My racing heart
Your vacant mind

If i sow a wind now
I will reap a storm
You saw me sliding away from the sun
And tomorrow
Who will come
And put their hand over mine
Mine with the burning shape of a gun

Washed out
Soul of money
Couldn't keep the fire
It's not what i do
Life on the line
My racing heart
It's all i find

Inside the Sickness


Of the days when i had too much
Of the things we found
Resistance died down
Fell on frozen soils

Bleed a little for a differant day
Going deeper to come away

On the concrete sky
I saw the buildings rise
But keep our lights in shadows still
In the wind's eye
Where our reflection dies
Glass shrines of muted will

I the time i see from here on out
This burial ground
One more down
And buildings recoil


So solitary
You have been
Your time starts to fade
Distorted sky
And you find me
Revolve inside
My blood is yours too
That's what you say
It couldn't be further from the truth

I find
The soul in medication
All my loving has turned and washed away

You took my minds'eye
You bring it wherever you go
How could you take away
The burning i had
My rage
The closing line
Whatever you say
It's my heart you leech
You crushed the edge of symmetry

You are still
But my words in your mouth
Spilling over

I see
You don't want liberation
You keep belonging to what's not even here


Hear my thin voice
Hear my words fall down
See my ambitions fade out
Had so much better time

At night
Walking on the tracks
Change my perspective
Idle hands
With wounds and cracks
But past the veil
The memories of things
Still so in love with you

So dense this strife
Kick the life
I feel this weight upon my heart

Sow the seed
Aspiration is never within the reach
At night there is no other view
Sing a song for the ones who never made it

In the ward
Under yellow lights
Under linden trees i am
And led to believe
That things would change if i go away
The lowering sky under which we go

Constant noise
Behind the overcoming
I had no choice but to rearrange
The scar is open
I am not allowed to understand
I take it as your're not coming back


At life's four-way stop
The tinges in your shadow drop
Fate pulls you down for the count
With broken promises to amount

Time seal our ways
To the heart of our hiding place
When all our lifelines have been crossed
Some scars can never heal from what we lost

To fail the test and depart the strong
Is to light the way where you have gone
For only our funerals to come
A requiem in death, a song

And it seems to be
This consistancy is not what lingers ahead
But a virtue of the dead

One of these days
Hours pass yet the night stays
When your spirit won't turn anew
The world shuts down with no goodbye to undo you

Breathing lifeless
We are not afraid to die
Breathe in life's less
You're afraid not to live


How long
Is the pattern going to speak for you
How far can yout voice reach
Your song below the night
From my view
I can see you
Shudder where you are standing
In the vision
Cyan blue

This time you won't be needing me

To run along the freeway
To weigh one's heart against the oncoming dark
You left me with the pills
We had plans but you couldn't make it
Through the trees
What took you so long
The high grass
What took you so long

Translate the fire
the venom's rush inside your heart
How long can winter
Colour yout every word
And the skyline
Past the houses and the cities
Carmine red

This river
This time i will


In the prayer
Can't seem to find the right words
But we stretch our dead arms
For salvation
The foundation
And the chemical need
Discordance pur a veil
Over my creed

So sweet my fever now
Embrace by its tainted wings
Cup my hands and taste the spite
Immune to the truths you told

In the wake
Referance in my every move
The wretched stars aligned
For dead wisdom
The apparition
Rise with every breath
Grasping for the one
Who lie beneath

You leave now
Leave my void of prayers
Take these words to go with you
Take the splinters
See them fall

Idle stare
Who will come forth from the dry wind
And find my blood
And clothes and rust
Cleaned the past
Like water through stone
Earth did cast a shade
Over my sleep


Internal void
My dreams
Are getting darker and darker

Dim my lights
Time is frail
You shut my mind
But oh well
Trapped and choked
Erased my trail
Split the chest
My heart couldn’t feel more pale

Only once could i see clear

Internal void
My dreams are getting darker and darker
And darker

This light before me
Its blood runs so still
The call of the bird
The song that makes the hours go

The change inactive
Dead letters
Form these words

Dim my lights
One by one
The sordid pale
Broken run
Confined in escape
On burnt grass
Below the crest
Lier in wait for the ending

Only once could i see clear

My dreams are getting darker and darker
And darker

This life before me
Its blood runs so still
Call of the bird

Songs that make the hours go


So dark
Once an amusement park
Troubled whispers sound
On a mute very-go-round

So cold
Once a playground of gold
Caved in long ago
And then poisoned with the snow

Oceans of time
Broken patterns align
Hearts washed upon the isle

It carries your name
Like radiance in the rain
The wailing sirens alarm

Old memories hang on and gravitates by weights of sorrow
Through cracks and wounds our pain reflected in a thousand mirrors
It is time for deeds to take the shape of vows and codes of promise
The time to let our minds speak silently in the act of darkening

Out of reach and gone from view
Now light is one step behind you
On the other side of the soul
The void revolves one final role

Collapse into absence...

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