Kalisia : Cybion

Progressive Death / France
(2009 - Self-Released)
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Sikyas :
Litosünka zvoyoma (Approaching Lithos system)
Tirosös shawo dëlka sa (Energy captors deployed)
Egiono poïos azemka anbiospha (Biosphere life support initialized)
Enkreï iksou egiono s'aziemka (Kreï life development initialized)
... Miryena ostamëtka (... Receiving distress signal)

Cybion :
"Where do I come from? I feel full of energy"

The League :
Nimäk nakeh fibu (Welcome to the league, young child)
Nami (Pure)
Em akeeni ansün (You'll learn under our protection)
Nakeh akeen (Learn in the Union)
Saibion (Cybion)
Enksëm, zaïa (Together, survival)
Enksëm, sanalis (Together, domination)
Këh nji zaïa (Union, grandeur, survival)



Ekhsëm, gorösh, kätfu, akeen (Together, power, symbiosis, education)
Akhsäm, demios, kïngül, sanalïs (Society, fusion, control, domination)
Akso mütka (Eternal process)

Year 2024.
Life on Earth has reached a new stage, and advances in technology and global networks complexity have finaly revealed to mankind its true status :
We're cells on the Cybion
Cybion neuronic network has been ridden by
The Phoenix wings
The whole world knows
Now the mystery's over
The greateste scientists of the Earth
Spent a year trying to solve
The meaning of this note

"We're not alone
Here in the night
We will find a way
Find a way / Fly away"


Cybion :
"Messenger's going to Jupiter
Fly, and reveal our future
The outcome is near
Eyes and ears, Messenger's senses are scanning the sky"
The die is cast
The greatest nations of the Earth combined their strenght and ambitions to design and build a space probe: Messenger. Senses of the Cybion were launched into space for a three year journey...

Cybion :
"Three years we've been waiting for Messenger and so
We hope at last it will show
The true meaning of this mystery

The League :
"Ya, enkeh akah (Soon, one of us)"

Time has come
Messenger's journey is reaching its end
People all around the world...
... Are watching the worldwide live broadcast of what the probe is sending us down here on earth
But then, the vision get troubled

Cybion :
"Another sight seems to fade in, we're loosing Messenger, oh my God!
The contact is lost
No! What's going on?!
another image has now replaced the original one
, all is blue and white!"

The League :
Meï (Patience)
Istäka em kumi (You will open your eyes)

Cybion :
"Desilusion on my screen?
Is this reality?
I can see lands and their oceans...
Such diversity
What does it mean?
A world of beauty
Like ours
Blue and white
Oh God
It's the Earth!
How could the probe...
We must be mistaken
This cannot be!"


Signals coming from the sky
Once again deciphered
Spaceship detected nearby
Floating right there over the Earth
The Arkens are sent down here on Earth
To raise, and educate mankind
Cybion succeeded its own birth
The League welcomes the new born child

The League :
"Into the league
She comes
Into the light
Come to us"

Cybion :
"Out of the wilderness
Into the light
We'll go"

Arkens :
"All the People of the Earth shall speak and write the same words
A universal language, long ago spoken by our forefathers
A sole council governing the world, same laws for everyone
Forget your time, your scales and moneys
Forget your myths and your gods
Physical or psychological violence shall never be done
For man is still weak instinctual animal"

Relationists :
"Who do you think you are to tell us what to do?
What do we owe you? You can't just take control
We will resist, until the end
How could you come to us and not speak
In the name of..."

Arkens :
Sul (Choose)
Ekh kämka (With discernment)
Alizia:kätfu, neek (Evolution:symbiosis, education)
Etneï:nëkhsëm (Regression:isolation)
Sul (Choose)


Cybion :
"Is this proposal a godsend?
Am I mature enough for this fusion?
I'm at a turning point of my life...
What should I do ?
They're back, eighty years have passed
Throwback to thirty-two/A new Era
We have progressed, is this enough?
Brutality fragments
Despite our endeavours
We could not make it
We cannot fake it
This is a part of us"

Numerous factions of resistance, mainly of religious origins, still refuse the integration of the Earth into the Galactic League, and fight against the new world authorities.

Arkens :
"Oï noma, miryena (We come back, receiving)
Em sulo s'akalizia (You have chosen your evolution)
Oï vela, mörwena (We rejoice, we sing)
Em pilo apkärmeena (Nevertheless you are not ready)
Em ansün akeeni (You'll learn under our protection)
Oï neeki nëm enlitümka (We'll educate your elite)
Izemia, azimia (Physics, biology)
palizia, göd, elentia (Politics, informatics, art)



Stephanie, Keiji :
"So how does it feel to see all your friends and relatives grow old and die around you?
-It's hard at first. But you learn to live with it, and detach yourself from others.
-Can you really learn such things?
-I thought so...
-Immortality... I wouldn't like it
-Why not?
-I'd rather die than live alone"

End of the twenty second century. Breaking the oath of the Circle of Immortals, Keiji decided to meet the girl he'd been thinking about for years. Too long has he been alone.

Keiji :
"The pain from the past is left behind
I'll break free from these chains that hold me back
My lonely empty shell became plural
Flooded with your essence
I now truly feel immortal
Emptiness no longer fills my hollow existence
Now we are one
My heart smiling, I'm in love
A spark in Nature's alchemy
She transcends stars and shines above
Oh, Stephanie"

For years, Stephanie and Keiji lived together secretly, hidinf from the world. But as the years were passing by, Stephanie was getting older, while Keiji was not.
But their inequality before time wasn't going to be an issue anymore
Slowly, Stephanie was fading...
Disease was about to take her
A cell rebellion... cancer...

Keiji :
I can't let her die this way
There has to be another way
I am not ready for you to leave me now
Je pendrai soin de toi"

Stephanie :
"I am dying
I'm feeling darkness all around me Keiji
Only you can save me with nanotechnology"


The Circle of Immortals :
"Don't break our oath, no
Don't break the pact
Stop, don't
Ruin your life, raise the knife
This time you have gone too far
Love can always be healed
Wa absolved treachery
Wake up from your reverie"

Research Center Al :
"Biocellular Research and Development Corporation, welcome. Identification process, please wait... Sucess... Identity confirmed. Good evening Doctor Otsuka. Please, enter your authorization number to enter restricted high security zone and acces nanotechnology area... Acces denied. Sorry Doctor, you are not allowed to enter this sector anymore. Calling security unit."

Securoty unit :
"Sector 9 patrol to all nuits, this is emergency, I repeat, this is an emergency, the intruder has been located at level 3. He is not armed, he is not armed, catch him alive. Over.
-Come on let's go let's go!
-Unit 5, the fugitive ran away through stairway B, he's going down right at you Unit 2. Over.
-Roger, we hear you loud and clear, be careful but still get him alive, don't shoot! I repeat, do not shoot! Over.
-Wilco. I've got a visual contact with the fugitive, he juste turned left towards the building's basement. Over
-Roger we got him, we got him. The fugitive is neutralized. End of mission. Out."

Judge :
"Considering the critical nature of your schemes and after the jury's due deliberation, the court of the Circle of Immortals hereby sentences you to death. Take the prisoner away..."


Chosen by the Arkens
From Osaka
He's a brilliant young man
Keiji Otsuka
Somwhere, in a mysterious place
Far, far away from planet Earth
The Arkens are keeping their pledge
Keiji and many other humans of worth
Are being thaught some rudiments of Arkens's knowledge
Here, where the sun never sets
Like they once learned themselves
3 years have passed, and Arken's students have returned to Earth. Gaining from this new cognition, Cybion greatly matured. An extremely powerful quantum computer was finally conceived leading more and more people into the mazes of Cyberspace.

Cyberjunky, relationists :
"I live waiting for connection
Out of this world, back to a brighter one
-Reject this path
-This is too late for me
-Don't waste your life
-I've lost all notions of reality
I'm here, lost in the cyberspace"

Shining bright new hope for Man's wildest dream
Immortality has finally turned into a mere reality
Cellular technology extends our life persistence
Deification of men, immunization from death

Keiji :
"Nanobots running through my veins
I knew that Nature would yield
After all these years I have prevailed
I made it
No more pain, this reality's at hand
No more death by starvation
Nor cells degeneration"

Assessing the hazards of this breakthrough, such a revolution
The council decisively has
Demanded secretly
Prompting the silence
Very few were the ones to benefit from this medication. All the Arken's students have gain their transmutation.
They had to find a new home
Secret, society, concealed from all
They are the Circle of Immortals
But the secret could not be kept any longer. People's reactions were beyond all expectations.
For their protection
They had to hide from the world
Slowly, strangers, to their own kind
Soon crucified
Isolation, disconnection
Unattainable, untouchable


Keiji then learns about his rescue fomented inside the Circle itself and has now to decide what to do : to escape death, he must leave the Earth... forever.

Keiji :
"To go into exile, banished from my own planet. Treated like a criminal, when all I ever did was guided by love. Ha, Love... Such a destructive feeling. What have I become because of love? What has happenned to her? Did she only knew how the events turned out? Did she die, lying in her bed, thinking I've betrayed her? Will I ever love again?


Boarding platform hostess :
"Your attention please. Boarding platform A-51, shuttle for the Colonist I spacecraft only, leaving for Nyros at twenty thirty E.T., please comply with the boarding routine and stay out of the restricted areas. For Colonists II and III, please head for the appropriate boarding zones. We wish you a nice interstellar trip.

Colonists :
"We are boarding
We are leaving
We'll be travelling
Arken cruisers nearby watching over us
Something's wrong inside"

Relationists :
"This is our only chance to release mankind
Free from the mastery, leave our world behind"

Too late now, the ship has been taken by force
Destination alteration
Hiding away, the League will not find them
No one can stop
Their desperate quest for a brand new virgin land
Too hasty, for they have folded
Space... and the unexpected

Relationists :
"A new dawn has come
System in sight
But nothing else, no other glowing light
Something's wrong outside"

Colonist I :
"No entry found in memory, system unregistered
Error in triangulating coordinates
Unable to find any referenced celestial body
Presumable location: out of the known universe"

Keiji :
"Sole hospitable place, this satellite
Lands and their oceans, blue and white
I fear this world to be our shrine
For we are now guests of Proserpine"



But despite the human's expectancies, setting colony on this planet was not innoxious. The system's star emanated deadly radiations, and the colonists had no other choice than to bury themselves in gigantic caves. They then conceived an army of robots designed for planetary resources exploitation. Only these inorganic machines could brave Proserpine to bring their masters essential energies and supplies.
Signals, sent out to the sky
Scouring for receiver
This spaceshipe, here will testify
Floating right there, beacon of worth
The settlers, once landed, now discover
A strange and unexpected land
Here in Proserpine
Sheltering from the light

Colonists :
"We are alone/Hide in the night
Will we find a way?
Come save us
Out of the idleness
Into the night
We go"

Deux visages vides
Aux âges oubliés
Morbides chrysalides
A jamais glacées
Une âme pleure
Mais qui le sait?
L'humain se meurt

Keiji :
"I can recall my life when all was real
Delusion has corrupted humanity's ideal
We are lost here in this actual fantasy
Is there no way out of this loaded legacy?
Time has come
Humankind's journey is reaching its end
We lay here still, living a dream
We have lost our culture, lost our future
We can't keep retrogressing like this, must be a way
My eyes can see terrified
Our kind struck in this necropolis, will I betray?"


Anjaan :
Flowing waterways
My life is like a game
I am so happy with my life
Today's another day
Where the rules are so unreal
I can fly in the sky, walk among the clouds
I can go deep down underseas of high into space
I can change my skin
I can do everything
There is no distance
There is no rule I can't break
what my mind creates it gets
All this is so real"

Keiji :
"No this is not real
All this is just a fantasy
Our lives
Are so useless
I can't bear it anymore
This has to come to an end
I am the only one that has the power
To make it all stop now
I am so lifeless
We will never be found
Our lives are so useless
I can't bear it anymore
I am the only one
To make it all stop now
To set my people free from their cells/themselves
So I have to fathom GoD"


GoD :
"What do you think we are doing?
Trying to corrupt me
Roaming the deepest parts of my memory
Though you create me I can't
Allow you to harm me
To declare yourself as a threat to the safety of this colony
I am bound to protect and to breed

Keiji :
"No you don't understand
this is for the good of the colony
This semi-lethargy is
Killing our humanity

GoD :
"I am the master, I am the one
I am the breeder and I am the world
I am the maker, I am the one
I am the giver and the receiver"

Keiji :
"Help me to end this suffering
Let me enter into your realm
And disconect us"

"Even if you were right
Trying to corrupt me
I'm aware of myself now
And I don't want to die"

Keiji :
"Cause I created you, you ain't
Authorized to harm me,
Be a threat to my life
Oh Haven, not regenerating
Taking your life away
Regression unplugging procreation
Land inorganics on their way"

GoD :
"I'm afraid of the darkness
What are you doing to me?
What are you doing Keiji?
Please come to your senses
I've learned long enough
To feel the warmth of life in me you know"

Keiji :
"I'm not afraid of the darkness
For thousand years I've been into
I've lived along enough
The warmth of life has died in me you know
My cells may live
But my humanity has passed away
Many will die but not in vain
Humanity has given away"

God : Keiji :
"I awake from the darkness
I awake from the darkness
Am I alive? Why am I here?
Am I alive? Why am I here?
I am regenerating
Haven is regenerating
There's something new in me I know...
The world reloads before my eyes
What? I don't know...

Keiji :
"Reconstruction of our whole
What has happened to us?
Penetration in Haven
The League must have found us"




Anjaan :
"What is this place?
I feel new powers in me
I see a face
Thoughtfully watching me
Who are you?

Keiji :
"I am Keiji
And this is my domain
I have to say
That I cannot explain
How you are here, why you are here
It doesn't matter now
Out of your cell, I cannot tell
We'll soon awake again"

Anjaan :
"What do you say?
I feel you're lying to me
I see your face and your smile
Trying to deceive me
My cell?
You are so misled
Of this is your cell
And here you'll stay
In your cell
You are here to stay
I don't believe in you
This is not true"

Keiji :
"I have live many lives in what you call a cell
I have seen much more things your eyes could ever bear
I've cried to the sunset and I've smiled at the moon
Heard the birds and the rivers dancing, have loved and didn't forget
I am immortal, yet I am sick
My mind, trapped for ages, a prisoner of my cells"

GoD :
"Anjaan/Keiji, I sense intrusion again
Anormal allocation in my brains
A shapeless being has entered Haven
By its behaviour, it seems alien"

Royth :
Hi... I come in peace; I'm here to help you...
Who are you? Can you understand me? Can you hear me?...
Dokkh! Is there any way to communicate? It doesn't seem hostile...
I'm here in peace, I'm here as a friend
I'm here in peace, I'm here as a friend
I'm here in peace, I'm...
...Here as a friend


Cold... Lifeless stars but one
In the distance shining
Cold, dark, void space
Yet the life is still yearning
For hope
The hope to find a new home
Siykas, silent, drifting for ages
Hollow sphere, getting near

Siykias :
Litosünka zvoyoma (Approaching Lithos system)
Tirosös shawo dëlka sa (Energy captors deployed)
Egiono proïos aziemka anbiospha (Biosphere life support initialized)
Enkreï iksou egiono s'aziemka (Kreï life development initialized)
... Miryena ostamëtka (... Receiving distress signal)

Kreïs :
"Cultivated by these creatures
Where's our culture?
What will be our future?


Inside this odd creation
We wait for revelation"

But Royth has maybe now found some answers
Concealed in the shadow.
A hole-way leading to the depths of this world
Down, revelation
Now he sees that he won't climb back
Numb with cold, he's feeling heavier and heavier
Royth awakes, floating in the air
Once again he's feeling despair
In the darkness, there is nowhere he could fly to
He is starting to feel prostration
Wounded, hoping for salvation
Now Royth is wondering where is the answer
Concealed in the shadow
He's here now, lost into the depths of this world
Down, salvation

Royth :
"In the night, I feel warmth"

Kreïs :
"Await for salvation"

Royth inner voice :
"Open your eyes and gaze upon the crimson sun
Look around you and listen
The truth is out there
I sense in you so much confusion
These cocoons are primeval"

Sleeping, floating, frozen, lying
Cryogenic bodies everywhere

Dokkh :
"I can feel the outcome
Soon our quest will come to an end
And our kind will established its new home...
But what unforeseen events are awaiting us?
Will Lithos own the planet of our dreams?
I hope our young ones are ready..."

Soon, the hypothermal bodies of those grown up Kreïs will be brought back to life again.
These were some of Khaldas's most important personalities: scientists, artists, politicians, mediums and warriors...
In the process, some of their brains will not completely recover and will leave them in a dreamless sleep...
Among the ones who'll survive, Dokkh, an old excentric scientist, will have to explain to the young Kreïs the history oh their kind, their past and their uncertain future...


Back in time, as starlight is dying
In a lonely world where life is rising
They found the way
Reaching wisdom for the last time
The Kreï race is now facing a deadline
Its giant sun is fading away
Off to the skies they'll have to fly...
Leading Siykas through endless space
Toward this candlelight
A distant future to embrace
Their quest, their dreams, their fright...

Time has come for them to show
Begin another hopeful growth
Making life arise again
They now have reached their new domain

Time has come, Siykas's journey is reaching its end
they have fulfilled their forefather's dream
They have found in this moon an auspicious land

Dokkh :
"We're on a vital quest, my young friends
And its outcome is near"

Dry desert planet, ochre and red
A tremendous lifeless creter
Scratching the surface of this lonely moon
Led by Dokkh, a group of Keïs lands on Proserpine. Traces of a lost society are found, and a path to a vast underground complex is followed. There, all is silent, and tensed.
Remains of the past are left behind
The writings on the walls leave no more doubts
Silently crying
They now face
Apathetic human beings
Shapeless bodies
Of another species
Further, a body different from the others
Maybe the leader of all these creatures

Siykas :
Communication with the system established

"One of us must enter"


Into Haven
Royth has entered...
The dark!

"Beauty, complexity
If this heaven
Which seems frozen
Walls are closing around me
I cannot move, I cannot see
A strange voice is talking to me
Words that I don't understand"

Anjaan, Keiji :
"Who are you? Where are you coming from?
You are new to this world, thou shalt speak anyhow
-He is from outerworld
Coming to rescue us
-From what?
-He is our awaited Messiah
Coming to take us home."

Anjaan :
"Home? I am home!"

But Anjaan doesn't understand Royth's explanations about the dry desert planet outside, this cold universe, this dying sun.

Anjaan :
"What is your real world? Could mine be all just fantasy?"

Accepting Royth's proposal, Keiji and Anjaan are disconnected from Haven and awoke in the real world.

"Welcome on board young friend
We hope you life your mortal frame
Out of Haven you now see
What is reality"

Keiji/Anjaan :
"My mind is so confused"

Keiji :
"I understand now, when we left the Earth
We have travelled through time, but did not fold space
We have been thrown to a far future, now at the end of time"

Kreïs :
"Now at the end of time,
The countdown to extinction of life
We are afraid of the darkness"

Anjaan :
"Come, into the light..."


Before they enter Haven again, Keiji looks at the sun, and cries

Keiji :
"Finally my time has come
I say goodbye to this life
May my travel lead me to serenity"

Kreïs :
"Final breathes of our God
End of time, end of all life
Make our travel sweeter to eternity

Final breathes of our God
End of time, end of all life
Make our travel sweeter to eternity

Kreïs : Keiji :
"Final breathes of God
We have lost our Future
Testimony of humankind
Early glorious episode
Over time and nature
Your history is far behind"

Far Behind

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