Jungle Rot : Dead and Buried


1. Intro (instrumental)

2. Immersed In Pain

I cut the flesh from bone
Tear rip mind from soul
Blood guts immersed in pain
Cries screams slowly fade
Bloodlust unquenched yet
In the blood I'm drenched now
Not in my own eyes
Exorcise exorcise demons inside
Hunting for a victim
Prowling through the darkness
Seizing of the moment
Helpless victim whimpers
Blade tears right through flesh
Chop cut bloody mess
Stench of rot fills air
No one should be spared
Command me to kill them
Spill the blood for them
I can't ignore them
Realize I despise demons must die
Hunting for a victim
Bullet in the chamber
Seizing for the moment
Point it at my temple
Immersed in Pain
Screams Slowly Fade
IN Blood I'm Drenched
Immersed in PAIN
Hunting for a Victim
Darkness overcomes me
Seizing of the moment
Burn in hell forever!

3. Virus

Tools of the slaves
Controlled forever, no one is saved.
Virus Murder
Even the score, blood sickened cells, tools of the war.
You will be the first to die, at my feet the bodies lie.
Carried by the winds of hate, the virus will assimilate.
Divide and conquer one by one, fever boiling everyone.
Carried by the winds of hate, the virus will assimilate
Weakened -
Carried by the Winds of Hate,
The virus will assimilate.

4. Misplaced Anger

You despise
My success
You hate me
Your own life
Is your own fault
Don't blame me
Misplaced Anger
Rots your soul
Hate swells
From within
Tiny flames
Grows Large
Engulfing All
Burn in Pain
Misplaced Anger
Rots us All
Brought up to see the worst in all
We will not see harmony held back because of our true thoughts
Corrupted souls battle will not ever be won
We will not see harmony to large ever to become one or color blind
Hate is what I have seen and felt
We will not see harmony dignity raped for who I am fuck you all!

5. Humans Shall Pay

We kill, we maim, destroy at the snap of a finger
No fear, no pain, turn earth to a burning cinder
The cost is great, wipe out all life
The earth will live, this fucking life
Whats man? Who Cares? The earth will live long after
It Spins, it floats, trampled on by a speck of dirt.
The universe it never ends
This fragile man creates his end
Man's life will end
Masters of Nature, I think not
Controller of planet, I think not
Killers of Nature, Humans shall pay
Ending foreshadowed, we will pay.

6. Strangulation Mutilation

Bodies they fill my dreams
Twisted and mangled limbs
Rotted and bloodied pulp
Demise at the hands of me
I can't control myself
Eyes pop from skulls
Hands at the base of neck
Squeezing your life away
Sick creation
No explanation
Mind rotted with disease
Sickness was born within
Lust after others' death
Want to reveal entrails
I can't control myself
I slice your throat
Laugh as I watch you bleed
Begin the surgery slice
Put a knife in your chest
Ribs spread open wide
Tear through the organs inside
Bloodlust satisfied death
Bloodied cavity lays
Drained of precious life
Rot fills the halls of your air
The bodies mean we arrived
Running through my mind
Another victim's eyes
Having you with me 'till the moment of demise
Hate fear lonely cries
No remorse for the victim, rob him of his life
Question why?
Burning deep inside.

7. Red Skies

I know a thousand ways to kill a weak man's heart
And I know a thousand more to tear your life apart
I'll take your child, your home, and everything you know
All lives I touch are mine, the lowest of the low
I light a thousand fires, black death at my command
I challenge all that hail this god forsaken land
Those who oppose me, now in my control
Red skies and hollowed eyes, everyone will know
There is no chance for you to run
I'll leave you nude in the desert sun
I form a river of human blood
Like pigs you'll lie in the deep red mud
You are now my army, like mummies cast in sand
Rise up, cracked and bleeding, do as I command
Creatures born of bloody mud, copulating stone
All hail these hideous forms, wrought by my hand
Cities built of human bone
Tarps of skin and human flesh
Harboring disease and waste
Salty, bloody taste.

8. Killing Machine

Searching for the smell of death
Feel it in my bones
Searching for a head to take
Hunting all alone
Raping, killing, torture, excites my soul
Want to see the other side
Wear the face of fear
Want to feel my heart explode
Evil is near
I will be one of them
Can it be
Hatred will bury me
Swimming in pools of blood
All around I am with the dead
On the ground
Searching for the winds of death
Scorching me inside
Years of violent servitude
Ends in suicide
Now I finally met
Those I couldn't see
Hear the screams of pain
Now it's time to die.

9. Dead And Buried

To be alive, it was told to me
I must conform, you can't expect me
To live a life, that doesn't make sense
In my own world, you're a death sentence
I don't hear, what you teach them
Your words could not lead me to innocence
You can try, you can't stop me
Dead and buried is the last sight you will see
My mind is set, on killing you
You cannot run, I will find you
Your hands are tied, your mouth taped shut
The screams unheard, six feet underground
Dead and buried underground
Try to scream, won't hear a sound
Dead and buried underground
What's left of you a dirt mount
Dead and buried underground
Dead and buried underground
So many victims, so little time to choose
I have to kill, my mind's blown a fuse
There is no reason, except the taste of blood
The rotting carnage, it fills me full of hate
I'll hunt you down, I will not stop
Until your rotting corpse is sunken beneath my feet
You try to hide, you will fail
The taste of death too strong, killing is sweet
Caskets, lowered into wormy earth
Family, weeping tears of blood
Cold rain, turning dirt to mud
Preacher, vomits his last rites
Citizens are watching in horror
Caskets, with blood is spilling over- bodies crunched and pressed together
Stench of human rot and putrid
Dead and buried underground.

10. Psychotic Cremation

I'm going to smash your head with a rock
Listen to the great big crunch
Rip of your head from your neck
Tear off your ears to much
Psychotic cremation
I'm gonna swing your head by your heair
Mash it in a mailbox
Stick firecrackers up your nose
Dodge flying snot
I'm gonna tie your body to my truck
Leave it in a trail of blood and guts
Bones will start to rip out your skin
Roadkill will never be the same!

11. Afterlife

Suffer through your death
Because of the life you lead
Pain will be intense
You will never rest
Seas of fire and blood
See the millions dead below
Life torn from the flesh
Carcass just remains
Now the time has come
Ripping of your flesh
Sever bone from skin and meat
Tear your heart from your chest
Make you watch it beat
Screaming out in pain
They ignore all of your pleas
See the blood and guts
Can't ignore the truth
Demon souls arise
From the depths of hell below
Take part in the feast
Gorging on the pain
Now the time has come
Walking through the seas of fire
No more can you lie
Throne of hell before you now
Body starts to fry
Figure shows eternal death
Torment night and day
Demons come to torture you
Try to crawl away
The pain is intense
Can't stand putrid stench
Those who you have done wrong
Now have their revenge
You scream out in anguish
Quick death is your last wish
Rotting seas of fire and blood
See the millions dead below
Life torn from the flesh
Carcass just remains
Now the time has come.

12. Circle Of Death / Jungle Rot

Barely escaping death, from the evil pwer
A circle of death around the fire
Chanting evil religions all holding hands
Sacrificing animals
Religious demands
The stupid fools, playing the insane game
Flirting with evil death, with their own evil lust
Letting it all end, with ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Seven deadly spinning circles
About time
The evil spirits now
Are here again
From the grave, come the dead
Hanging flesh falls from their rotting bodies
Bleeding eyes fall from the terrors below
A horror show, your past lives
Only who believes it can see
Believers of the afterlife
Don't betray, powers of existence
Or your soul will be lost in time
They come to see the world today
Their bodies betrayed circus them
Their souls float above their bodies
Watching their existing end.

13. Another Fix

The pathetic slut, a walking nightmare
A reason to kill, is a reason to fuck
The fat hairy puss monster, is calling to get slapped
How many moons have passed
Since I've fallen to the crack
Is the wench
The pig
Can't get enough
The jizz tasting scumbag cum guzzling slut
No pity for your face, it should be lit in flames
Your body's quite decayed, self abuse the game
Now the fuckin slutty bitch, is begging for some more
She needs another fix
Then you throw her out the door.

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