Jasad : Annihilate the Enemy

Brutal Death / Indonesia
(2005 - Sevared Records)
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Las palabras


Come to my yard to celebrate your own death
Bullets will serve you friendly as it sharp
Trigger dance gradually explodes

Muzzle aim wherever you go
You cant escape, you cant hide
My pleasure to see you suffer
Your destiny to be mine
Pray to your god then scream loud
Soon the story of your life will be end
Jump rabbit jump! Jump rabbit jump!
Your tears are lust of murder of me

One bullet to your head
And other to your chest
Nice holes decorated you
I enjoy your fuckin' pain
Bow to me, kiss my feet
I'll show you no mercy
Beg to me, kiss my leg
I'll show you merciless gun
Do it now, kiss my feet
More projectiles for your beg
Do it now, kiss my leg
Fell my senseless muzzle

I love the way you beg at me
Implore me with your tears
Desperate in pain I hear
The greatest sounds I've heard
Neight in pain, cry in fear
Die in pain, live in fear

You're my rabbit, die you fucker!

Hot tins laired
Torned pure skin
Penetrated your flesh
Fucked the beauty
Red coloured the weak
Red coloured the looser


Hornying me, tempting me, growing my little dick
Passioning me, desiring me, inspiring me to murder

Stand before me, the short pale woman naked
She has short black hair, deep dark brown eyes
White pure skin without stain
A oval face with sharpe nose
Long slender fingers
Ravishing me up

She takes a step toward me
I feel my hearth pumping
The adrenaline rushing
My lust burning
The wicked instinct rising
Sense my knife for killing
My cock growing hard and ready to fucking

Let's dance for me
Suck and drink my spittle
make me satisfied
Ask me what you want to
I'll give you everything before I kill

You are my slave now!

I start to fuck the bound and gagged
I start to fuck the wrapped plastic head
I start to fuck the lie down suffocate

My savage purity to her body
Dropping the impurity to her body

Kissing her neck, sucking her tits
Licking her cunt, kicking her body

I pull out my knife, and stab into her chest
Blood gush to the wall
The sharp blade plugs through every bone
I cut her neck, her destiny's mine
Blood gush to the wall
The sharp blade plunges through every bone

The sharp blade torn her body into pieces
Separated head from body, beheaded on the floor
Ripped vaginal skin, cut the legs off
Blood stained my face, blood covered my hand
I throw down the pieces from the 13th floor
Maggots feasting on the ground


Aku belati terkejam
Terbungkus gelap malam
Dosa dosaku yang tertajam
Masa suram tergenggam

Ritual persetubuhan khidmat
Selalu terulang karena nikmat
Pada Tuhan aku berontak
Karena nafsu tak berotak

Enam enam enam
Tak lebih terkutuk
Dari pembantaian
Sebuah benih suci


Cabuli cabuli berulang ulang kali!
Hamili hamili lalu aborsi!

Pembantaian benih terjadi
Pikiran waras tercuci
Rasa kemanusiaan terkunci
Kebiadaban telah terpatri

Pembantaian benih terjadi, pembantaian diamini
Pikiran waras tercuci, kesadaran telah lari
Rasa kemanusiaan terkunci, terbungkus dalam peti
Kebiadaban telah terpatri, melekat erat dalam diri

Binasakan benih

Ada yang telah pergi
sisakan nyeri dihati
Buah dari birahi
Terumbar tanpa arti

Dia terus menghantui
Datang selalu membayangi
Ingin aku sembunyi
Tak mampu aku berlari

Dia yang telah lama pergi
Sisakan penyesalan abadi
Dia yang telah lama mati
Sisakan rasa sakit didiri
Bidadari buah birahi
Bidadari tangisanku abadi

Bermainlah di surga
Maafkan ayahmu
Maafkan ibumu


Modar anjing!!!

Mereun geus kuduna, mereun geus tidituna
Hirup jadi hinaan, harga diri jadi kekesed

Lain sakadar ngewa, lain oge kur ijid
Tapi ieu kanyeri moal pupus ku waktu

Getih nu ngocor kudu kabayar
Hutang getih di bayar getih

Cunuk kana mangsana, ninggang kana waktuna
Pikeun ngabales kanyeri, pikeun ngabayar kangewa

Hutang uyah dibayar uyah
Hutang getih dibayar getih

Sanghareupan aing! Lawan aing!
Montong ngejat! Montong nyingkah!

Montong lumpat, ieu aing!
Montong birat, ieu aing!

Lumpat kamana, ingkah kamana, moal burung di udag
Elmu naon, jurus naon, kabeh di tadang
Urang mana, anak saha, aing moal make jeung sieun
Mun aya kawani, mun aya burih
Sanghareupan aing rek balitungan

Papatkeun kabeh jampe pamake
Ketrukeun kabeh elmu panemu
Pek asah kabeh pakarang maneh
Sok bawa mun maneh boga balad
Aing moal gimbir, kabeh ditadang ku aing
Aing moal nyingkir, kabeh ditadang ku aing

Sambat ngaran kolot, memeh dipapag ku pati
montong babacot, rasakeun ieu peureup
Prak geura ngadu'a memeh kuburan digali
Montong babacot, montong oge balaga
Sabab ieu peso nu bakal jadi pamapag ajal panangtu pati

Modar anjing!
Modar anjing!
Modar anjing!


I open my notebook,
Obviously index of the enemies
Signed one by one by ink of average
Written bold deep inside my hatred

Scalpel luster for my enemy
Malicious hate glaring my enemy
The anger shine held in my hand
Blood bath this land

I'm revenge
Annihilate you and all of your breeds
I'm revenge
For the misery you gave me
I'm revenge
For the pain you've done to me
Senseless Revenge!

Incisively greet my enemy
Scornful with my guts
The contemptible is my knife
Now I slice your body

The inhumanity is in my hand
Now I mince your body

I kill you for my mom
I kill you for my faith
I kill you for my dad
I kill you for my pain

Slowly I make you live in suffer
I don't want to see you die faster
Chant of your pain as my anger
You and your family live in danger

Announce to everyone near you
I'm the man the picker of your soul
Speech to your shepherd
I'm the creature who determinates your death

It's me the beast, born and live in southeast
It's me the beast, born and live in southeast

Charlie manson is your idol
So you cant treat me as a doll
Sumanto* is my idol
So I treat you like a doll

Annihilate my enemy
I gift the agony
I send you purgatory
I cage you in misery

With chisel in my hand
Sculpturing your body
Blood lined cross the body
Display you in the gallery

With axe in my hand
Crushing for more artistic wounds
Slashing the faceless corpse
Show the cadaver in gallery
With cigarette in my hand
With no remorse I watch you die
With no regret I see you putrefied
Annihilate the enemy!

[*Indonesian cannibal legend]

6. FFF

To revel in prostitute
Came with new attitude
Express all my distaste
Command to an execute

Find new way of sexual intercourse
Somekind of sexual abuse
Caused whore's cunt are too large
And my penis are too small

Fuck with fist
Fuck with fucking fist!!!

You bitch, doesn't you enjoy it
My fist already penetrate yet
Now open your thighs wide
Taste my fist like a dick
Blood menstrual lubricating cunt
Fist pumping disgusting hole
Now I fucking you harder again and again
Again and again!

You are stupid whore
I smell your death on the air
As stench out from your cunt
Covered by the nasty beauty
I will never kill you bitch
Until my lust completed
I will let you alive
My prosaic pathetic whore

The pitiless feast on the pity face
Pumping the hairless cunt
Menstrual chunk melt by my fist
Flamed desires drowned in lust
Suck my cock while my fist penetrate
I will not put my fist until I cum
Blood stained the embedded hand
Fist holing the stench

Don't swallow my sperm
Let me cum on your face
Lick the bloodstained fist
Eat your menstrual chunk!

Fist punched face
Fist hole the stench
Fist fucked feast
Fist fucking the rest

Fist punched head, fist holed cunt
Slowly torture in pain
Fist fucked face, fist race on face
Slowly torture in pain
Fist carved the graceful lady
Slowly torture in pain
Fist fucked the disgusting hole
Torned vaginal skin
Pumped menstrual chunk
Ripped the clitoral organ


Hilang semua laguku
Terhapus semua suaraku
Percuma semua usahaku
Hanya karena ketololanmu

Kau coba usik hidupku
Coba uji kesabaranku
Kau pancing emosiku
Menyalakan amarahku
Tanamkan kebencianku
Akan kuakhiri hidupmu

Bangkitkan terus bangkitkan
Sisi lain diriku
Bangkitkan terus bangkitkan
Naluri binatangku

Kaopatna siksa
Kalima podaran....

Kau Jemput Ajalmu!

Bagiku kau hanya
Sebuah wayang tanpa dalang
Pilih yang engkau mau,
SEbut yang engkau suka
Pedang atau parangku?
Bagiku kau hanyalah
Seekor lalat diatas tai
Sebut nama ibumu, sebut nama bapakmu
Kuburanmu telah tergali

Pilih pilih, pilih kelir acak corak
Mati dipilr atau ditembak
Tinggal pilih, pilih kelir acak corak
Pilih dibacok atau di gorok

Bulat sudah tekadku
Tak kan ragu untuk membunuhmu
Maut tak mencarimu
Tapi kau mencarinya

Dan iblis kini terus bisikan seuntai kata
Bunuh saja, Bunuh saja
Bunuh saja, Bunuh saja

Andaikan saja aku tak ingat pada Nya
Mungkin saja kini kau telah mati
Kata kata indah terakhir
Kupersembahkan untukmu:
Tai Tai!


Killing me softly
Power on your sight stab me deeper
Jailing me meekly
I have no power to run and hide
Poisoned me slowly
I have no cure but your smile
Enchanted me by the beauty
That I see on the screen

Living by my side
Breathing by my side
Sleeping by my side
That's all my imagines
Living together, laughing together, crying together
Unfortunately I dreams all alone

Fantasies I create, dreams I made
Imagines I make, it's turn out
I'm just a dreamer who dreams a better couple
Fantasies I get, dreams I found, imagine I take
Honestly I'm just a normal person
Who need warmly caress

Poor me, I can do anything on the loneliness
The good thing I can do only masturbate
June 6th 2006 is the great day for both of us
Evil sign is our wedding day
Lord of gore will bless our wedding

Flowered coffin, we sleep inside
Laying down tombstone as our pillow
Together we spend the night
Inside the stuffy coffin

The invitation card made by enemy's skins
Inked by their blood on the carving skins
Sign our names by drying blood
We are spreading the sickness together

Celebrate the party on the graveyard
Special guest come and sit on the tombs
No dishes, no drinks but human flesh
From the unburied corpses

The bride crown made by human bones
Decorated by the dead condors
Tinted red by fresh blood
Together we used the barbaric fashion

Be my wife, don't trust that's all
It would be a murmur while I sleep
I'm just a normal person
I will be the good husband

I will be the good daddy, you will be the good mommy
We will bunch the live together
I know god will realize my obsession




My wrath, my hate
Forever flames, until I die

No one can stop me in this decrepit earth
My wrath can be more than tsunami
All the pain that you gave me
Soon will be return to your suffering

In the name of oppression
I'll grind all of my knifes
Lord of hatred come inside my soul
Generosity to murder
Dizzing a couple of bride declare
To live together
Rising my wrath once more again
The bride is target of murder

Abandoned me, leave me on the loneliness
Forgotten me, Buried me
It would be pass of your death
It will be, because I'm the threat

Bless my wrath,
The darkest sky that I see
Anger out from deep blue sea
I'm here stand alone upon the unfit earth
Bless my wrath,
Deeds my own holy book
Seed of hatred that I hook
Dry field decorated human body I look
Bless my wrath,
For the life in misery
For the breath in mystery
I sing by my own forgotten lullaby

Tortured me with your words and acts
You will pay motherfucker!
Insulting me, you are so proud of nothing
You will know motherfucker!
Spittle me, split all my feeling
You're splash all my hatred
Pissing me, your act like a king
You will pay for everything!

I got tack decision to eliminate all your deceits

Colouring me the think that called suffering
Rounded me the smiles full of deceits
Enchanted me by the mask of beauty
Endured me in regrets

Shall I see moss growing on your tomb
Shall I see your rotten corpse laying on the table
Shall I see flies perch on your body
Here I sit empty bare

Brokendreams haunted everynight
Throw the star down, restlessness soul
Brokenhopes haunted everyday
Sunlight shy, all memories I burn

Bless my wrath,
I was born on your darkside
Shocked you when you're awake
You'll see the coldblooded
Terminate your life
Bless my wrath,
The incisive shall be
The explode shall be
The sickest gun on earth shall be me
Bless my wrath,
Sacrifice my enemy, loosen my infamy
I'm the neoarchitect of the new grave
Bless my wrath,
Sadness change by my hate
Sickness became my fate
For the avenged
I should not be lazy and late

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