Island (GER) : Enigma of the Stars

Atmospheric Death / Germany
(2010 - Zeitgeister Music Distribution)
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Las palabras


Like the sudden silence of a ghost
It will become a great evening storm

Thrown from a sun in october light
We are allied, we are allied

Vast domain that drowns in the dawnlight

Our spent eyes would give cold tears for it
Reveal it, these treasures fell into oblivion

A bow is grinding my heart
Ripping the rich and enlightened

This rain is not just for me

Over hills landscapes melt into rivers
Stream into seas and back into my eyes

A choir entwines, filling these empty senses
One turn around and I am still nowhere


I channel the ways
And it flows right through me

In a dark olden night
Guided into the very distance
No one is here
And no one will ever care

Falling into the silence of the hill
The earth caresses me as I am suffering the own way
I'm reaching the apex as I start to realize
That this existence delineates my cold scars

It will not happen again
This life can't be done again


Celestial burden
Etherial aspect
Like a forgotten desert

The air of the summer
And dreams of freedom
To touch her skin once only

The amber in the sky
Her diamond eyes
To see her again
In solitary nights


All that I want
Is to go this way
Through the night
Under the stars
It is everywhere
Inhale the air
Into vastness
We transcend

In my heart where mysteries dwell
The wanderers are mostly visible

I am crawling into the ground
Away from the depraved souls
And everywhere there's murder
Everywhere there is more

I feel like my hands are bound
In the storm of age
Away from bitterness and fear
Into astral sounds, I will never come back
Washing it all away
Closer and almost inside the source
On the other side, there is still nothing

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