Isis : Celestial

Las palabras

1. Sgnl>01

2. Celestial (The Tower)

Remit the signal

The flood is coming down
I can't hold it back
I can't see her
I can't even breathe

Even breathe

The individual
Will drifts into space
And the signal
Fills it's void

Black hole

The eyes of greater size
Than all the oceans
Do you ever get that feeling that you're sinking ?
I do

3. Glisten

Drawn in
Kneeling, scraping, praying

Her lips glisten

Fall into
The burning noise and sting

Her jaws dripping
Sockets glowing

That reach hasn't reached me
Her machine has reached me

(She's) Waiting for me to give in
Waiting for me to cease

4. Swarm reigns (Down)

Wait for me dead
When light hits floor
When our cancer
Has swept her away

We are the sleepers
Black sun heralds new dawn

It's all we know
Black holes and static eyes

We are the sleepers
Swarm contained in her tower

We mesh our flesh and bone
With her mechanical mind

We are the sleepers
We are dead and reborn

5. Sgnl>02

6. Deconstructing Towers

7. Sgnl>03

8. Collapse And Crush

Collapse the veins
Crush the heart
Snap the tendons
Dissolve the bones
Flood the brain
Burn the skin
Pierce the lungs
Collapse the body

Stars now beneath our feet
We've known the terror and still not stopped

Swarm down and forgive me
Rain down and forgive us

9. C.F.T. (New Circuitry And Continued Evolution)

We became parts of a greater whole
The black hole sees a light

10. Gentle Time

Hive been fed
Fill my soul
One way in
Fill my soul, fill my soul

I been high
Still can't see
Come find

Pleasuring arm
Tempted to bleed
Dares my soul

I been high
Still can't see
Come find

Our inventions split their cocoon
And the whir of wings was deafening
Rain down and bring
A gentle time

11. Sgnl>04 (End Transmission)

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