Intestine Baalism : An Anatomy of the Beast

Death Metal / Japan
(1997 - Repulse Records)
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Part 1: Captured by Hatred

The congregation has betrayed against the empire
Captured. I cannot resist my Doom
Impregnated, the cursed son of Nazarene
Profanation, holocaust by the fire of hatred
...I'm intoxicated with the cross impiled on my belly

Corporal celebration, the beginning of the end
Captured, i am made to confess all my deadly sins
Coproral celebration, the fall of the empire
The first bell tolls, the beasts start to devour my flesh

Master of the damned, damned at his birth
Let the children know their fates

Part 2: Bleeding for the Lord

Torturer strangled, my neck twisted
Bringer of incineration, please burn my body parts
My body parts still moving to beg of my lord a blessing
Incriminations....I bleed for my lord
....By your spell I die, your spell is my wish

Incrimination, I bleed for my lord
....By your spell I die, your spell is my wish

I'm the lamb of my lord, my lord is Satan
I'm walking the path to the guillotine
The beast arises in my with wicked sickness
The last bell tolls....Colloseum is in ecstasy


"Malleus Malleficarum"...Scripture for the torturer
All of the innocent suspects are butchered by the lord of flies
He is called Beelzebuh...the tyrant who lost his sanity
Gaze into the fire of nocturne, now the ceremonious trial begins

Anatomy of the beast...their agonies are his pleasure
Their corpses rip to pieces, even God cannot be saviour
Anatomy of the beast...anatomized with cult
Soon all their wishes turn into desperation
Disgrace for the creations of God
Foul odor of mangled torsos
Death awaits, but the trials continue everlasting
They are captured by the cycle of rebirth

Called by siren, enchanting queen of paradise
Gehenna, a place for punishment, gaze into the fire of nocturne
Dragged intestines are still moving, like dying red serpents
Dying but still alive, ceremonious trials repeats again
Pulled out embryos, they are eaten in their sleep
Children full of hate, offering for the lord of flies


Behind the mirror I saw my lamentable fate....

Evil lilith blazing red, astrologer weeping....apparition in my dream
Terrified, destined as Baal. Amon. Amy. Gaap....Necromancy is my will

Unforeseen, unknown, under the clouds I collapse
We whispered look at the children, pregnant women

Nemesis' sickness is eary, Gomory is slave of gold
Luxurious way...virtue
Sodomize all of paradise, capture all of saints
....Hades' darkage comes

Antichrist's profanation, Beelzebub and Satan's lineage
....The incarnation of desperate
Rhadamanthus judge, Alastor execute at the gate of hell

Lightning strike across the sky....all false kings were swept
Under the cross I beg for mercy, Alastor's sadness...alas

Most evil beast menaces christians, butchering them the most evil way
Occultic number of Sun Daemon....dark moon of temptation
....Behind the mirror I saw....End


Obsessed by an unholy sickness
The cries of christians echoed
Satan looking down from Pandemonium
The whole creation is blasphemied and disgraced
Offer the fresh human meat
Infernal cannibalism is chaos

Baphomet smiled after vomiting his intestines

They squirm like grotesque tentacles
They rape all sacrifices

Baptism in blood, a violate end
There's no exist for the bound and sacrificed
Bared entrails, dangled intestines
Intoxicated by their beauty
Mangled fleshless torsos are spat from their mouths to cunt
They are exposed as the monuments
Blasphemy to the grace of God

Lucifer struggled to devour the fresh entrails
Fresh human meat, blood dripping from the fresh feast
In the cursed Sodom, a cannibal land
....An untrodden lost paradise

Baphomet smiled after vomisting his intestines
They squirm like grotesque tentacles
They rape all sacrifices


When dusk deepened around where once stood eden
Immortality psalm remains
They ask for sensual luxuries, they gasped in primitive caresses
Everywhere is death along the poisoned sea of blood

All the virgins are raped, butchered, dismembered
Reduced to a lust is drawn with blood

Armageddon...they know the end is near
No grave, scriptures are request will be granted

The false gods...insane
They drooled from their smiles when they saw the blood
They flung their sperm into the womb of the torso
She conceived crations...they grew

Painful spawn so grotesque, rips her cunt that breeds apart
Breathing beings in a breathless lifelss body
Eat the broken organs, remove them with cannibalistic instincts
The jellied substance they spew out, the cursed creations are born

The Gods trembled with fear, desperate and weeping
The cursed creations grew, the Gods felt regret
....But too late


My darkened nightmare....the visions of forgotten paradise
Ancient gods are buried under the frozen tombs
Cruel reign of fear....the ultimate inhumanity
Martyrdom from the anatomists are masked black

The darkland i rule....I am the almighty new king
I need new sacrifices to fulfill my lust
No shelter from your all shall die by my judgement
I set fire to the forest of eternity
....But my mission is far from complete
I must receive....


Out from the eternal darkness
Entering the core of his aureole
Born into the kingdom of the damned
I know I must curse those blessed
I am the new unholy king
The unblessed child of my father, Baal
I am reincarnated as a symbol of hatred

I rule where their Gods cry
All holy spirits are gone
No Gods shall live, no life shall rise

Immorated, obsessed....a relic of the ancient faith
Diabolic spells...they intoxicated
Raped, submissive witch...conceive the animus
Mutilated womb...a creation of incest

Sodomite...insult serpents in his anus and mouth
Nymphomaniac....hang her upside down and gut her

Drowned in the sea of blood
The sea known as lament
The eternal life they have is an everlasting atonement
The survivors are suffocated by the reek of spoilage
I cannot handle my madness, no souls can seize me
I rule the kingdom, i am the child of Baal
I am reincarnated as a symbol of despair

Blazing mighty stars dyed red
The witch spawned the child of doom
She writhed around the altar in pain from her mangled belly
I thrusted my scythe and pulled her child out
The carnal rite climaxed
I ate his raw flesh

The world is full of shit
Gamygyn, let him know
Hear their Gods crying
They die, and are reborn to die
A place their Gods left behind

Bleeding crosses are burned
They are wiped by my vomited intestine
The dark moon is alight, but no light appears
A place their Gods left behind




Evil night, in rain the sacred rite begins
Rule the cursed creations, stride their corpses
Sacrifise and old king....betrayal of the wisemen
We praise the ascension of the tyrant

Rip open your womb, pull out the unborn children
Hang their meat on a hook, offer them to the tyrant
Dig out your intestines to fill an argent tray
Scatter the foul blood, dye the altar red

In the sadistic last supper
Tied, slowly you die
Butchered and ripped from her cunt
Your rotten meat....shredded

The tyrant drooled to see you
He laughed at your painful rotting body
He peeled open your organ....crushed
You die stained with shit

The tyrant drooled to see you
Striding a pile of bloody corpses

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