Iniquity : Serenadium

Technical Death / Denmark
(1996 - RRS / Emanzipation Productions)
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Celestial Journey,
Intercession of spheres
Interstellar release
The cosmic reappears
Drift among stars,
Flow vainly into black
Tranquil body seizured
But mentally relaxed

Shedding of worries
Mind quest no fear
With gravity behind me
In rapture I sear
Reaching out gently to touch and contrast
But deceived by this contour of images so vast

With gravity behind me
And destiny in hand

With gravity behind me
And destiny in hand
My body slithers paralyzed
Into emptiness


From the plains of the unborn
I have traveled from the lands beyond the mirror
I originate

From the ashes of what used to be

Now scorched is the lands of the ancient
Horrid screams from God that perished

Elderly paradise
Consumed in flames of forgotten hatred

I know to the gate of warping
That leads eternal waste
Smell the incense of the ancient
That watch the gate in peril
Names of the dormant God

Lost in societies of a man
They've awaken from their slumber
To clench the earth with hate

From the ashes of what used to be


Lethal injection in the skull
Tranquil fluid enters the brain
Incision made with surgical precision
Plastic tube inserted in the vain

Incurable chronic disorder
Total paralysation lurking ahead
Stiffening of limbs, blood runs cold
Psychic molestation

Serenade of the death-less
You will slowly transpire
Serenadium of the death-less
Painful submission to cancer

Your only perception is the pain
Of your body that slowly corrodes
The only thing left that is real to you
Is the menacing torment that is devouring you


Injecting the drug
Awaiting it's effect
Sending back the mind
Into the abyss of ages

Not knowing of the peril
Await there souls beyond
There's a hideous price to pay
For knowing the beginning

Blush protoplasmic icon
Shows the presence of them
Called upon by curious mortals
Seeking knowledge of the ancient past

Standing on the shores
Beyond time and space
Escaping through the aeons
Seeking back to presence

Scented through timeless ages
Approaching through geometrical gates
Infiltrating healthy dimension
To feast on the life therein


Facially scarred from the chronic sickness
Mockery retained to obturate

Lucid fairytale, envy the sane
Delicious wishes of escape
Conceived by a shackled reality
Sense of only pain
Approaching total tranquility
Ray of the sun drawn back once again

Signed approval contamination
Archaically involved within the strain
Septation of continuous growth
Redeemed by a poisonous fate

A lumid death unfolds
From every microscopical pore
Brain shuts of at heart's last toll
Convulse reduces emotional uproar
Not to mention or express
What rest, besides our soul
Stalking in despondent search
To reach the ivory throne

Septation of continuous growth
Redeemed by a poisonous fate
Signed approval contamination
Archaically involved within the strain

Whatever appears in the back of my mind
That will cause this contagious disease to erupt
And corrode on mankind

I solemnly search
To prevent what is ahead
Retreat from innermost conflicts
For thou shall sharpen your face


Entering the blood flow
Convention invisible
Causing a rapid terminal infection
Atrocities deformation of the bodily system
Alien spores flowing unbound
Beneath the smoldering flesh

Growing immensely inside
Converting the living tissue
Into rubbery decomposium matter

Spreading the slender filaments
Through the circulary system
The transformation immediate
Limbs turn to fungus flesh

Once encysted and dormant
The spores survive for centuries

Cataclysmic hallucinations
Marks the beginning
Encysted and dormant


In the center of the universe
In the midst of oblivion
Is where the seat of power is found
Soaked by unspeakable madness

Deity beyond description
Abhorrence absolute
Intense madness it is
Of what I dare not speak

Older than the void
Son of the cosmos
He will still remain
Aeons after our time

A torturous seed implanted in me
Embedded in my strain of thoughts
Enlightened by my killing tendency

Violence, a dominating supremacy


I am one of the flock
Like them, I lie dreaming
Clenching my rose of blackness.
Dwelling in sunken valoorni

Help me out of this war that keeps haunting me

Laugh at me, mock me, Confine your banished mind
Tempt his way nave web of frustrations in you

It was the darkness of my youth
When I came upon the man who warp my mind astray
He taught me ways of seeing
Into other spheres of reality
Where no mind saves the insane
Can fathom what it beholds

The man in black
Teachers of the master's art
Messenger from the outer limits
Of indefinable time and space

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