Inexist : Relax and Feel Free

Melodic Death / Russia
(2006 - Mazzar Records / Mystic Empire)
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I didn't slept for some days,– thought that dream is just illusion
I didn't thought about myself and (about) my needs
I shriveled up as a lemon, I’m tired to the bone
I've spent all my vital power

Mirror. Who is that? Is it me? Some dried-up and scraggy man?
With hollow cheeks and eyes
Tedious glance, and the shadow left behind...

And I feel faint
Rise and go... In expectation for
Bright chapter in a gray-leaves' book
Fuck the difficult

Critically looked at the way of my life
Overcomed my laziness and chronic tiredness
I’m changing my mood
(and again with all my might) I drive into the (same?) Well


I’m coming up, I’m coming in
Inside your clear mind and your pretty skin
Just relax and feel the pleasure
You feel the pleasure, you linked to me

Die! Filthy animal! Could you expect that?
Let you feel bad! I sold already all your thoughts!

To the net you connected
With a hope to have a wealth
To enjoy and pleased yourself
But fell a victim and now disappearing

Your information – my resource
I’m virus b; I’m here and there
My guide – whole net
Your server burned away – my routine

But till I found
You drink your coffee all the evening
And in the morning everything will be vanished
The virus b will turn to chaos all that you know


You was born without your opinion
Doomed genes were instilled into you
You didn't believed them, you believed in yourself
The time has passed and, agree, you failed!

You resigned to reality
(your attempts to break the nature of things were hopeless)
So what will be your second move?

A lot of possibilities around you
But you're out of luck, don't you know why?
Why, everything is so easy and simple
But for some reason the luck goes by,
Despise yourself...

Why, I failed in this world
And nothing can help me now
I have no reasons to live
And I cannot be strong anymore

For what learn and waste time?
Nobody needn't your knowledge, you see...
For what strive for anything?
You needn't it, you know...

Consider others, plough the sands, bend before, try to breathe!
Tear along, hit the bottle, press ahead, try to live!
Hurt others, give hope, wait!
Loose your self-control, scream, the wall... And further exist...


Have explored all continents of dying earth
Forgotten oasis recreate they want
Beneath the space have gathered they
Not even matter where they live,
Where born and die... And so beneath

On all the planets far beyond
Created they their better world
New plants and mills again
Became to boil here scare
Through red-hot tubes and violent plain
Created was mutated brain

With well-grown dna mistake
He felt, but they aren't understand
(he thought, but not like they)
He was departed to the mars
In colony for rebel-hearts
He has a dream to change his faith
To leave these scary darkness place

But how weak his will became
The universe of means is more then stronger all beneath
His dream will die...
And now try to see,
What will be done with galaxy
(It will be darkness colony)

Such future I don't want to see
But soon here will be colony
Neoslavement in neokingdome
Will fulfil prophecy of neoworld


Feel free, in summer night
When I see only stars
Warm wind and pure sky
Some beer... I love july

When the autumn comes
Soul will be coloured in sadden lights
Thoughts will shade away to horizon
And you should here relax and feel free

New year, new haircut
New feelings from other heart
Some changes, but nothing wrong
Our friendship, I hope, for long

6. 4X4

Roar of engines blooks our speech
We're feeling power of adrenalin
100 gram for ecstasy, catch it!
We are free & ready for positive

Cool rubber, modernized engine
Winch in front and no conveniences

Nobody sane would never go there
Swamp, mire, ladoga, only water around
Inclement conditions excite the animal instincts
And a box of cold vodka lies behind the seat

My beast'll tear everything to pieces
Make my way! Semi-machines!

I always dreamed to have own jeep
To ride and travel
4 driving-wheels among the filth
I am extreme and this's fucking kills!


The end of june, the sunset of summer
I feel as fresh wind blows my face
The water is serene and beautiful
I feel freedom, nature is calling me

What horizons are waiting us in future?
What can we achieve with our idea?
But now, if I’ll look at essence –
I'll find that I’m happy in this world!

And I spread my wings,
And I fly (with hope), towards my dream
And I cry: a little more life!!!
I glad to be born on earth.

Hey people, I despised you
Didn't want to exist with you
Right now don't disturb me
Allow me to sing my songs!

That boat, which named I inexist
Drifted on the waves, but now sails
And soon will sail towards,
Towards infinite space!


The flowering gardens smell sweet
Their petals are bright, their buds are charming with beauty
Their roots are deep, their thorns are sharp
They are young and bright

The gardens of happiness dazzled their beauty
That supposed vale of endless colours
Illusion of happiness, illusion of harmony
Will take your flower with open arms

Don't think, that everything will be in colours and well
Every medal has the reverse side
And it sounded so ordinary
But only true loving it saves...

And there below, in soil, in roots decay
Some day, bright buds
Their stalks are yellow and obscure
But no one notice them...
There is eternal peace in garden now...


Moments of rush, extreme rest
Intoxicated mind its all moment
For which you will pay at once
Breaking parts of your body, which happened to me

Distant corridor, cold surgery
I lay alone, shiver with cold
With cold and suspense...

Injection in the back
Warmth is spreading under my skin
My body became insensible up to the waist
And mind is unclear – I fell well...

They cutting my skin, drilling my bones
Turning the screws, putting on stitches

Hours of pain, narcosis comes off
Weeks in the bad, a little bit tears

For this time I felt a lot
Passed through waves of many senses
Perceived my friends
Embraced by sorrow for a while


In nature there is silence now
The rains have passed and sky keeps secrets,
Following last days with sorrow
The wood, with sheded leaves,
Falls into a revarie

And it seems that leaves won't fall
To hang, before the winds tear them away...
Cold nights and sunny days
The sacrament of beauty.. And road to novel days

Catch any thread and draw
Everything will spin at that time
And the first snow, playing as a child
Rivives everything! So merrily! Do you catch it?

While that new day has much impression still
Differs, all like for the first
And for 12 months all birds and animals 'll forget
The silent moments, and maybe somebody of us...


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