Impiety : Terroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)

Thrash Black / Singapore
(2009 - Agonia Records)
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Praise victory
To the sounds of chaos
Praise victory
To extermination of gods...


Splitting heavens open
Cometh terror death storms
Bringers of armageddon
Fast annihilation

They bleed, they fall
We've ravaged, them all..

Atomic gales descendent's
Soon from within they destruct

Twilight of destruction
We welcome the vengeful breath of death

Distorted vast horizons
Zintense nuclear cyclones
Eternal hell to humankind
Sound detonation

Vientos de holocausto


Bloody and broken in flight
Blades seal their fate
Winged corpses in impure distress
Death illuminates

Crematorium skies
A war without end
Angels spiral downward
In glare of doom
Curse !

Demonic squadron in flight
Champions of maim and behead
Aggressors of horns and claws
Serve to exterminate
Brutal call to assemble
They launch their raids
Reeking carnage from above
Chaotic overture
Assault !

Bludgeoning god's devout, sentinels
Imminent savagery, imminent, genocide
Maelstrom of slaughter, and bestial wrath
My call for war is one
Atomic angel assault

Demons strike from above, and beyond...


As I raise the master
Emperor of empires in black
Command of barbaric attacks
Casting pestilence and death
Intolerant devastation prevails
Regiments of superior force
Proud to destroy and obey
Abominate and annihilate
Under golden regal banners of hell

Knights sworn to stab and shred
10.000 blasphemic crusaders
Slain sheep bloodied in defeat
Decorated altars of hate
Proud to wage armageddon
Proud to govern infernos
Rein in disgust eternal
Celebrating azazael's Domination

Praise victory, to the sounds of chaos
Praise victory, to exterminate of gods
Fisting atomic death, into the face of humanity
Fisting atomic death, to all life created

Terroreign, terroreign, reign of terror
Geathen might, Power and Chaos
In my name..
Terroreign, terroreign, crown of terror
Geathen might, with my septre of war
I do reign!


Shalom.. we greet upon our descent
To impurify the land where war had pit stands
Exterminate the flock of abrahamir pride
Birthplace of adam, swines of a kind

Shema Yisrael

Rabbis hung, prophets profaned
Altars of death await, star now derays
Torahs schorched, tanakhs eased
Birthplace of Adam, now a shitload of graves

Synagogues turn to dust
Zion uncreate
Brimstone und holocaust
Jerusalem's ugly fate

Shema Yisrael... we decimate
Shema Yisrael... Adonai is dead
Shema Yisrael... realm of Ash
Shema Yisrael... i celebrate
As Judea Burns!


Geathen flames engulf, as demons celebrate
Flow of thunderous death, chaos beyond control
Flock of jehova, demolished to a mess
Extermination - command! law made flesh
Bestial violence, depravation and unrest
Kneel before your master, now face death

Goathfather..exalted lord baphomet,
Goathfather..genocidal saviour

Desecration fumes engult, sign of irreverence
Icons of fallen gods, decorated in excrement

Blessed be azazel, emperial sorreror in black
Under one flag, in your name, we launch attack
Profane and vulgar, triumphant march in league
With devils and demons, necro troops of blasphemy

My hordes of the ancient cult
My hordes that rapes and strike
Tear down, demolishing all
I am the fist of the black god
Devourer of angels and souls
I tear down, obliterating all
I am the fist of the black emperor
Devourer of angels and souls


At one with satan !
Fleeting though infernos, weapons in hand
In scorching radiation, defiant i stand
Consecrating ancient black gods
Enter: dark age of pestilence
Fisting, weak sheep of religion
Perforate their hearts and souls !
Searing, chaste and mortal flesh
Urinate upon heavenly abode
Sacrificial violence
Endless chaos and bloodied hope

Bestial to the bone !

Profanating icons of salvation
Vulgar end in swift demolishment
Armed and armoured with contempt
Vengeance regal and uncontrolled
Thunderouss decimation
All living torn and rotten
Flagellation, intense destruction
Horizons dark in carbon
I obey the call of slaughter
Inflict eternal pain
Devilish veil of torture
Barbarism in blackest flames
Command to slay

Bestial to the bone...
I am!


Miriam grand Nazarene whore,
Face of beauty, cunt of pure,
Come before me to kneel,
Blow me in communion with sin,
Lie upon a pedestal of thorns,
Time to spread, i penetrate,
Holy semen taste my demonic seed
Orgasmic moan i copulate you to death!

Black fuck...

Horny puta queen of the night,
Celestial grace, breasts so firm,
Revel in sexual delight,
Ejaculate me - a thousand times,
Virgin once, at the end a whore,
Passionate fuck, praise the lord,
Bend now, embrace pleasure behind,
Sodomy til' violent death, i spread my disease

Black fuck...


Beyond of death, of darkness
A land beyond for sure
Dark it's sky...
Dark as my hatred

Several times saw it
Because of death that
Brings them near
Memories from my past time...
And now, i'll see the sorcerer

He must find the cure,
To my dark subconscious
To my dark memories about,
All hatred upon the dead...

Demise among you,
The world's gone
In my mind the horror lives,
Death from the past life, avenged!
Memories from my past time...
Darkness shall be mine,
Open the gates...
And now, i'll see the sorcerer



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