Impiety : Ravage and Conquer

Thrash Black / Singapore
(2012 - Pulverised Records / Blood Harvest)
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Saviour unmighty Saviour
Embodiment of fallen grace
Bastard birth of your existence
Deceit, dishonor, lies proclaimed
Doctrines of pure deception
Prophecies of shallow hope
Shackled tight to false salvation
Redemption in blood & flames

Chosen I am,fist of extermination
Ordered to demolish & erase
Mocking, whilst dismantling all existence
Flock of God - I (shall) eradicate
Scriptures warned impending carnage
Imminent arrival of armageddon
Face no trial - only tribulation
Unholy forces shall devastate

Revelation Decimation
Prime command to annihilate
Revelation Decimation
With scornful wrath, I decimate

Revelation Decimation
Prime command to annihilate
Revelation Decimation
With scornful wrath, I decimate

Under sign of violence, embrace deliverance of chaos
Executing the pious & devout
Proclamation of death, all horrors unbound
I worship nothing else but war, pain & genocide

Under sign of blasphemy, thus I seal your fate
Perilous warnings came to you before
World of God inverted, engulfed in flames
Reigning pandemonium, vengeance unmerciful

Decendeth now this infernal punishment upon you
For it was preordained that terror is absolute....

Apocalyptic armageddon
For it was preordained - into storm of annihilation
And nothing shall stop & stand in its way


Arise - Demonic legions, Flagellators
Horned sentinels, Goat gladiators...
Purge strength & power, Domination
Loyal tyrants, Will to conquer

Intolerance with vengeful vision
Allegiance sworn, subjugation
Contemptuous motive, Raid & pillage
Profane transgressions
Siege of irreverence

Suffer grave consequences, vanquish all hopes

Awaken - Troops of the Unlight, Persecutors
Barbarian Hordes, Fierce ravagers
Purge disease & demise, Despotism
Regal armies, Iron will to devour
Insolence, With horrendous action
Putrefaction, Foul stench of carrion
Rabid Deathstrike, Plague & suffering
Deceptive strategy
Siege of impiety

Lightning fast, descending death
Razor talons penetrate
Bombarding without mercy
Victorious raid overthrow

It's the dawn of the conquering
Crush & ravage, trample all by force
Authorize the hammering
Smouldering rubble, of flesh & ash

It's the dawn of Conquering
Despoil all aggressors humiliate
Sanctify the bludgeoning
Plunder all, seize the throne

Ravage & Conquer
Raid & Trample
Ravage & Conquer
Usurp & Reign

Suffer grave consequences, vanquish all hopes
Onwards with the conquering, callous ravaging prevails


Finalise the breath, of the useless, retarded & weak
Millions that surround
Open fire mass execution, delete & erase them, once for all
Weapons unforgiving, devastating capabilities,
Sizes & shapes
Relentless they rip, shred & tear,
Disintegrate the frail sacred shell, of humankind

Obsessed by exterminations
Demonized, possessed to kill am I
Oath of sadistic warfare
Agonized, all stand for God shall die

Armaments of devastation, flamethrowers, howitzers, machetes & shotguns
From crossbows, swords to bazookas,
I let them all take control - and direct command
Easy it is, to be in power, gods contend me not for
I will not fail
Take your aim to maim thus enabling, the bloody genocide
To ensue with ease

Face to face, I'm ready, locked & loaded
Behind the barrel, I lay all to waste
Scores of corpses, fragmented in disgrace
Quest for blood, I hunger for death
Truly a beast - I fire without mercy
Triggering kills igniting misery
Smell of sulphur & depravation
Allow my weapon I shall to terminate your fate

Face to face, I'm ready with sharpened blades
Clenched tight handle, I slay all to waste
Beheading masses, hacking limb after limb
Quest for blood, I hunger for death
Truly a beast - I live to see them bleed
Slaying kills igniting misery
Smell of blood & rotting body parts
Allow my weapon I shall, to seal your fate


Sovereign master decimator
Exalted high above
Casting pestilence
Accelerate world demise


Plague King of Terror
Coronation of the black Goat
Deliverer of eternal suffering
Atomic conflagration...

Master of sacrilegious torment
Sceptre of abominations
Inflicting devastation
Violating purity


Requiem for the earth as rebellion arise
Horizons retire in decadence, Hellfires now engulf

Blaspheme, destroy all covenants
Man foolishly forged with Gods
Brutally scoff & immolate them all
Rejoice in Satan's wrath

Occult Father of Dark wisdom
Governor of plague & virus
Pre-eminent Lord of Misery
Barbarous, torturous

Sodomizing all visions of sanctity
Twisting & remoulding beauty
Tumultuous intent built in glory
Unstoppable force, offensive rage


Indomitable valor, invincible strength
Apotheosis of his infernal reign
Epitome of catastrophic dominion
Behold the rising of the scourge majesty


Coronating the insurrection
Baptised in blood, I am the chosen Son of Annihilation
Destined for combat against Jehovah & all adversaries
Armed & envenomed, wisdom on all tactics of war
Formation of my armies, march chivalrous bringing doom

Abhorring the sacred, scythes are swung to decapitate
Divinity destroyer, I overturn their bastard temples
Content to cast terror, watching them die one by one
Desanctification, I vomit Christ, I vomit Death

Provocation no empathy
Marked & tarnished in blasphemy
Intensified entropy
Solemnizing bigotry
Irreligious crusade
Enmity & disbelief
Wicked objective
De-cleansing humanity

War Crowned
Enraged I stand, devourer of Seraphs
Annihilate, commanding death
Conveying pain
Under the profane sign of vengeance

War Crowned
Enraged I stand, destroyer of Gods
I execrate, dispersing wrath
Summoning misery
Under the violent oath of desecration


Into the vortex of chaos

Aeons of eternal bloodbath
Art of barbarism
Descending storms of extermination
Uncouth & lawlessness
Willed to kill
Without compassion

We are the chosen ones
Continuing forward
This hellish legacy
Of savagery...

Bury them one by one
Young, old, women, children
No hope for any to survive
Unforgiven all must die
Rape & murder celebrated
Broken crosses no mercy
Idols are pulverised
Angels falls as we collide

Dethrone all prophets
Execute all priest
Impale all nuns
Rule infamy...

Visions of the pious
Pleading for mercy
I can give not more
But a ton of misery...

Tarnished altars
Ritualised butchery
Atrocities of oblation
Slaughters awaiting
Dogmas reviled
Souls must perish
Bestial onslaught
Death shall strike

Diabolical massacres
Prevails extreme eternally
Deified & immortalised
Is our legacy of savagery




I summoned up the living dead
And demons in the skies
I drank from chalice warm and red
And watched the virgin die

Present at ungodly births in holy paradise
I spread eternal dark on earth
And raped mother of Christ
(Oh, mother of Christ)

C'mon baby raise your knife
Welcome darling to my sacrifice
(Oh, sacrifice)

Tie the angel to the altar
Sacrifice to Lord of hell
Let the warm blood torrent, baby
While the moonlight sets the night on spell

I saw the lightning strike in the skies
And heard you roar of pain
Oh, lift the knife and strike once more
Your blood is mixed with the rain

C'mon baby raise your knife
Welcome darling to my sacrifice
(Oh, sacrifice)

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