Impiety : Paramount Evil



The bestial hatred of the rising sun,
Is cast upon this dawn,
Of infernal '37,
Samourais proudly triumph,
The land of nanjing fell,
Into the beastly claws of imperialists.

Swords of samourais rise high,
Beheading the mortal precise,
Babies thrown up to the sky,
Rustly bayonets, silencing their cries

Raping their daughters, raping their sons,
Fathers and mothers were forced to,
Or face a merciless execution,
But all of them shall only die,
Because their lives are meaningless,
Worthless in every sense!

Violent orgasmic pleasures...
Corpses pile up in masses...


Violated and butchered
In just 6 weeks,
Of brutal invasion...
A land soaked in blood,
Destined for no hope,
Over and orgy of rape and murder!

And so it seems their fucking gods of stone,
Can do absolutely nothing...


Hellish be the rays of the rising sun,
Perishing lives, incinerating souls...

Coldly satiating their lust and hatred,
Dedicated to the art of annihilation...

And the defloration...
Sunrise defloration...


Open wide the gates of eden,
Trains of the flock have arrived,
Herded into rows forced to march,
Welcome to the kingdom of the accursed...

Stripped of all clothes and disgraced,
Angel of death gives the command,
Those who shall work and will die,
Those biologically blessed!

Baptized cold in zyklon,
Celebrate the extermination,
A relentless sadistic ritual,
Forward march to annihilation...

See their stinking corpses,
Left to rot and pile up high,
Another hundred thousand,
Awaiting their cruel demise...

Experiments conducted on the young,
Twins carved twisted into form,
The pregnant dissected in pain,
Aborting all innocence to death...

Castrate proud bearers of the star,
Electrocute those who so deserve,
Lethally injected with petrol,
Lethally inject with all virus...

And so, is this all a heinous crime
Against humanity?
We applaud the wanton brutality,
Anti-Jewish supremacy!

Into the blazing krematoria...

Carbonized - flaming flesh to smoldering ash...

Carbonized - filthy flesh to sacred ash...

Crude and vulgar, decimations,
Add splendour to his name,
Mengele was no angel nor the devil,
But a man committed
And possessed by all evil!

To fuel the fires - with hate
To fuel the fires - their fate...


Ascent the throne o' mighty master,
Preserve the oath of ancient souls,
The gods have spoken so reign in terror,
Eradicate those who scorn your throne...
Lies of christ will never serve, the bleeding cross they so deserve,
The time has come to overturn, demolish and crush those religious...

Known to all,
christianity, is set to bring about your fall,
Aimed at, demolishing,
The sacret elders of your ancient cult,
Let there be honor,
Let there be absolute control,
Over your empire, in your name,
As their savage deaths unfold.

Thrown to the lions to be feasted upon,
Eradicate the flock who preach,
The cross, we spit upon...

Sacrifices in pagan temples,
Oblations made to please the gods,
Forcing christians to purge their faith, descend into apostasy,
Lies of christ will never serve, the bleeding cross they so deserve,
The time has come to overturn, demolish and crush those religious...

They shall obey or face your wrath,
Just cast to the arena,
Crucify and behead them,
Burn all at the stake...
Flagellate and mutilated,
Send thousands to their grave,
And so you shall forever remain,
The indomitable fist!

Be hailed almighty Trajan Decius,
For the triumphant annihilation,
Destruction, demise and desecration,
For the benefit of this earth...

Be hailed almighty Trajan Decius,
For the bloodiest decimations,
Contempt, hate and abomination,
For the benefit of this world...


Wings of torment descend!
From the blackness high above,
Into stench divine...
Talons of iron and steel,
Searing through flesh,
Feast of the foul...

Son of the dragon,
Prince of Wallachia,
Renowned for his reign,
And blood soaked terror...
Infamous ruler,
Fearless warrior,
Dark is his kingdom,
In the cold heart of Romania...
Vlad Tepes,
Infernal commander,
Defending attacks from,
The Ottoman empire,
Deliverer of misery,
Sadistic abhorrer,
Never defy,
This ruthless torturer...

Sharpen and oil those wooden stakes,
Insert with care so they will not die,
Hoist them high for all to see...
The pleasures of pain now come alive...

Content with pleasure that all is secured,
Fearful of this ruler, the enemies abort,
A forest of spikes is for all to behold,
Rejoice in pain - all impaled!
Skinned, them hung or crushed by the wheel,
Boiled and burned alive was scarce i was told,
An obsession with cruelty, distorting the dead,
Now consume the carrions my vultures...

Reign...the vulture...
Reign...the vulture...

With the mark of the devil etched onto his blade,
Invincible so was this fierce impaler,
Casting death throughout his kingdom,
Casting pain to all the feeble...
When finally the Ottoman Turks invaded,
Attacked and crushed his army of warriors,
Beheaded was he, decapitated...
The full moon night mournfully dissipated...

Til this day there prevails a strong presence of his soul..
And clearly it can be seen and feld through the eyes of the vulture...


Tell me! where are you Yahweh?
When your children need you,
Claiming their lives distressful,

Amongst those who violate them?
Amongst those who despise them?
All commandments seem useless...

Crushing your hordes,
Your fool sty or swines must die,
What good does bring your sabbath?
And lies preached by your rabbis?
Exterminating your flock,
Enough has this world endured,
Let's cleanse what seems unchaste,
And that is you and your unholy grace.

What solomon built what first destroyed,
At the strengh and power of Babylonians,
And so was the second temple,
By Titus and his legions,
Never dream of seeing it rebuilt...
Never dream of a third one...
Even the Kotel HaMa'aravi,
Will not last more then a decade!

Made excrement...
Made excrement...

Let the flames engulf and leave you charred,
Let the persecution escalate,
Let your children drown in my blackest vomit,
Let your synagogues be crushed eternal!
Allow the sons of chaos to celebrate,
Allow the blood of your sheep in constant flow,
Allow the destruction of temple mount,
Allow the Torah to be destroyed!

...Be destroyed!

Let the flames engulf you Adonai...
Cataclysmic extermination thus prevails...


What was it did your god destroy with fire and brimstone?
Only Sodom and Gomorrah, that is all but a hoax,
Centuries have turned all to dust, perversion has lived on,
Histories have not come to lie, wanton pleasures of this world.

From beastiality!
Rape the beast...
Penetrate with ease...
From necrophilia!
The dead aroused...
Celebrate your filth...

Thrusting evil in between, these pillars we uphold,
Sodom was once city, but now it's this world,
Incest, rape and pedophilia, the morals hath reversed,
What more could one ask for, heaven is this earth!

Ejaculate upon the face of innocence,
Violate, desecrate, devour their flesh...

Copulate and procreate...
Our minions born corrupt,
Breed of bastards aplenty,
Horns up! we'll ride your slut!
Fornicate and desecrate,
I do satiate at my will,
Orgies deviant aplenty,
Perverse in sacred art...

These pillars we uphold!


Ascending ruthless from the underworld,
Bludgeoning everything in our path,
Relentless in every battle we upstake,
14 blackened years we've grimly served,
Violently ferocious in demeanor,
Deliver supersonic antichristian terror,
Purveyors of metal, war and blasphemy,
Behold...our power and might!

Ripping you to pieces...
Grinding you to dust...

Launching missiles,
Into the face,
O your god...
Obliterate the filth, of this earth,
Flock of the lord...
Waves of hate, desecrate, decimate,
To your loss, our unholy wrath,
Never dissipates!

Kommanders arise,
Raising the eternal,
Banner of hell,
Vomiting chaos, vomiting death,
You stand not a chance!
To fill our boots,
To taste our glory,
To feel our pride,
And that is because, you chose lame paths,
Foolish mortals in shame...

Horns united,
Laws divided,
Drag below to flames this world we shall,
Salute, rise up to satan,
Our legions proud to boldly serve!
We'll rape you...
We'll crush you...
We'll tear you to the fucking ground,
Of steel, triumph and glory,
Unchallenged superiority.

We are, the mighty impiety!
Reign proud, mighty impiety!

Embrace the fury and blasphemies,
Taste the blood of the slaughtered and massacred,
Taste the pleasures of perversion and evil,
All made sacred in you!
Embrace the putridity and excrement,
Taste the carrions of enemies in defeat,
Taste the fury and demonic victories,
Be hailed our imperial hellhordes now...


Heavens weeping, illumination,
The sun fades west, grave departure,
Sanguine clouds over horizon,
Tranquillity deceives this evening,
With stealth and precision they roll,
Targets in range, hearts so cold,
Strapped with explosives, with one cause...
(To unleash their tremendous wrath in a blast!)

For revenge it seems to endless,
Nourishing their hate, to die for god,
Foolish suicidal muslims,
Detonating themselves for nothing...
An eye for eye, is what will cause,
Only much more devastation,
Blasphemous terror so glorious,
(Deliver fierce, more unholy destruction and demise!)

Launch another...
Heinous attack...
Anninilate masses!
Proudly detonating - yourself!

Launch another...
Ferocious onslaught...
Slaughter the sheep!
In the sign of - paramount evil!


The Roman empire has crucified the messiah
The bestial power as sacrificed your Gods
Feared by this power, the cross he'll carry
And visions of destruction, this night you'll see

Crucified, killed, buried
Sacrificed messiah
Kneeled down, blood stained

The cristians, today they still cry
But the bastards adore images
Remembrances from the past, from the crucifixion
Rotting christ, nailed to cross

From the semen of the mankind
We'll spread our seed
And we'll show to the devoted
The truth, painful truth

Cry preachers
Because your Gods has forgotten
The antichrist there is to prove
Death and destruction will still reign

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