Impaled Nazarene : Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace

Brutal Black / Finland
(2001 - Osmose Productions)





Silently we have been observing you
Watching closely your every move
Taking notes of your sickening motives
Gaining information of your forces
Preparing our men for the impending fight
As the ultimate plague is upon us
Absence of war does not mean peace
It is just a temporary phase
When all hell breaks loose
It is the war to end all wars
Silently all the killing will start
We will hunt you down one by one
We will destroy all your religious relics
We will burn down the places of worship
We will cut all your children's throats
And bury them under camel shit


Master Belial, I summon thee from north
Bestow your power upon me
Fulfil my desires, make me invisible
So that my enemies cannot see
Lord Lucifer, plague this world with fire
Bring forth total destruction
For the glory of Satan, master Lucifer
Accept this goat, our offering
For the four crown princes of hell
My master Satan, hear my brave call
I pray for hell on earth
Let the locust attack, let it rain blood
Give me finally my Armageddon
Lord Leviathan, let loose the seas
So that weaklings will drown
For the glory of Satan, master Lucifer
Let there be darkness forever
And thus skies burst open
And terror was in their eyes
We could smell their fear of death
When they saw the shining blades
In the name of Satan, we command the forces of hell
To head for the final battle
We slaughter the weak, destroy all the meek
Nothing can stop us now
As victory is ours, I raise my chalice of blood
To hail my lord Satanas
For the glory of Satan, master Lucifer
We are the servants that serve you well
Thy will be done, Thy kingdom come
Let there be darkness forever
All power to Satan, our true god
Finally we have reached the point
Where we all are one with Satanas


It is about the power of the hand,
The power of the man
Mastering your mind
It is about stimulation,
That of a firm grip
How to use your hands
It is about imagination
And lustful frenzy
It is about being aroused
I have been wanking
Since the age of four
Way before I discovered
The angel rectums
Then the scent of angels
Entered my life
It drove me to depravity
This need to dominate,
To enslave all of them
To make them call me daddy
The power of domination,
To force-feed my sperm
To fuck these heavenly creatures
I have been wanking
Since the age of four
Way before I discovered
The angel rectums
Then I realized, I can crucify
The angel rectums with my own cock
That was the moment
My life became complete
The first time I made
The angel rectums bleed
I just want to drown you in my sperm
The meaning of life is clear,
Angel rectums must bleed forever
Onward with crucifixion
One step closer to death


Fuck you please, then some more
Hardened beyond believe
All these years have taught us well
There's no compassion at all
We detest you and your world
And everything it stands for
We won't conform to your rules
High above the norm
We have been chosen to fuck this world
Born to raise hell
So stab our back but we will survive
Because we are true alpha males
We have been to hell and back
Done things you see wet dreams of
We have been to places you
Don't even know exist
So stop wasting our time
We will be here forever
Do bear this in your mind
You cannot bring us down
Fuck you please even more
You cannot be like us
And mark my words, this is how
History is being made
Which part of fuck off don't you get?
We are hardboiled and still fucking hellbound
We don't give a flying fuck
We are hardboiled and still fucking hellbound
Fuck off you fucking useless cunts


Into the eye of the storm
It hits you like a train
And crawls under your skin
You are sure of death
Afraid of everything else
Into the eye of the storm
The pounding will never cease
The shaking will never die
The burning just won't stop
As you count your wounds

Yet I fall for it every time
I bow my head to king alcohol
I think it keeps me totally sane
Yet I know it drives me insane
So I keep on walking this thin line
This path to my own demise
Into the eye of the storm
You lay awake in the night
Afraid to close your eyes
When the sleep finally comes
Nightmares are endless

Most of the time I hate being alive
I am a caricature of a human being
It just gets worse the older you get
I swallow my pride which I never had
So at my lowest I know the solution
It kills all the problems, the balancing factor
Fuck this and fuck you too
Into the eye of the storm
It makes me feel like a king
I am an unstoppable warrior
On my way to the battle
You all can fuck off!




We corner the christian pigs
Attack with full force
Their cries for help are useless
Because we already killed their god

Humble fuck of death - Brings forth damnation
Humble fuck of death - True power of Satan
If you survived nuclear winter, the worst is yet to come
Not one swine of god will walk on this planet anymore
How many punches can you take
Before you'll pass out
We will wake you up by shoving
Hot iron up your arse

Kill them pigs!!!
We will hack off all your teeth
Then we will skin you alive
What a great thing to see
Christian pigs dead all around


Oh you will love the suffering
We will put you thru
Claiming to be the people's prophet
Deceiving mad carpenter
And now on the way to Golgotha
Whipped, spat at, humiliated
Born of whore
Vultures are circulating around
As you are dying
Boner-biting bastard Christ
And now dying at Golgotha
Beaten, laughed at, violated
Son of dog

The heat was like from 1000 suns
As you were nailed to the cross
Shit was running down on your legs
You were hating life and yourself
No magic tricks to save your ass
It is the day of reckoning
Questioning your existence
On the eve of death
And now dead at Golgotha
Raped, impaled, mutilated
False saviour


Kirottu oli se päivä jolloin minä sinut tapasin
Jälkeenpäin kaikki on selvää,
Tiedän sinusta koko totuuden
Kerto I: Hei nyrkillä tapettava huora, on aika tullut kuolla
Aika heittää hyvästit elämälle
Nyt kun tulee pataan niin sinua ei pelasta kukaan
Ei hypi vittu koiratkaan
Järkytykseni oli vallan suuri havaittuani kaiken selluliitin
Vaikka olet niinkin nuori, perseesi on kuin viisikymppisen
Kerto II: Hei nyrkillä tapettava huora, vittusi on ruma
Se haisee saatanan pahalle
Kun sitä minä nuolin niin oksennusta nielin
Painajaisia näen edelleen
Kuole huora kuole
Kuolee huora kuolee
Jos sinä et edes tiedä missä Japani sijaitsee
Niin se tarkoittaa vain sitä että olet vitun idiootti
Toista kerto I
En malta odottaa sitä päivää
Jolloin lahtaan ison perseesi
Jos luulet tämä jää tähän,
On suunnitelmat koko suvulle
Panen teidät kaikki kärsimään,
Koette kohtalon karmean
Ei jää teistä eloon yksikään,
Nauraen kusen haudallesi


When you choose the path of vengeance
Be prepared to sacrifice everything on the way
Keep the flame of hate burning forever
Do not hold back at all for the cause
Keep in your mind that revenge is all that matters
Do whatever it takes to get it done

Never forgive, never forget
What they have done for you
Petrify the helpless before you strike
For they must suffer before they die
Kill the oxygen wasters for good
Do not let any of them escape alive
Keep in your mind that revenge is all that matters
Do whatever it takes to get it done


This world is a maggot I put on a fish hook
While I rape your grandmothers dirty fucking corpse


I fuck your girlfriends yet you worship me
I am a ruthless bastard, a total s.o.b.
I have broken up lots of families
It doesn't matter, I have no conscience
Only thing that counts is to conquer new nest
I have been successful on four continents
There is the burning madness right behind my eyes
I have chosen my own path and I can never die
Will never die, can never die
All those slammed doors, all those running tears
They mean absolutely nothing to me
I just turn my back and fuck off my way
With a diabolical smile on my face
Back in my kingdom I am thinking of you
As I masturbate in front of a mirror
There is the burning madness right behind my eyes
I have chosen my own path and I don't give a fuck
Don't give a fuck, won't give a fuck
I do know the power of the darkside,
As the dark descends, the hunt is again on
As my next victim, look into my eyes
Hear all the bullshit of love between us
Fuck everything else, it boils down to this
I am scared of nothing but afraid of myself
There is the burning madness right behind my eyes
I have chosen my own path and it leads to hell
Straight to hell, onward to hell