Immolation : Atonement

Death Metal / USA
(2017 - Nuclear Blast)
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Turbulent images, what's false and what's real
A world viewed through a filtered eye
Conceal the truths we refuse to believe
Cloud our vision, distorting it all

The wicked and corrupt surround us
Their perpetual horrors so blurred
Creating the visions that mislead us
Hiding the terror we're not meant to see

War torn and ravaged
Justify the death
The dead will never challenge
The means to our end
Dark light so blinding
The truth is never clear
Our paradise of wonder
Crumbles before our very eyes

Feel its hot rays shine down upon us
Its scorching radiance forms burning apparitions of fear

A world turned on end
Where devils become Gods
Born into the chaos
We seek the divine

Cast in its light, soothing and calm
But what will we see when the light is gone


Phantoms of disorder
Move silent through our world
Unseen and veiled by chaos
Planting seeds of dissent
Assassins of peace
Enforcers of power

The smell of fear and weakness
Draws them to their prey
The kingdoms they tear down
Become the carrion on which they feed
Predators in wait
Devils in flesh

Turning dreams to black
Bring nightmares to us all
Greed is their God
And your Gods they will devour

Poisoning morals... Reigning in nations
Plotting fate... Abolishing faith
Stop at nothing... Ransom the sun
The darkness takes hold
When the Jackals come

Their war is already won
Your world will end
When the jackals come


Isolate us from one another
Contempt for the unknown
Hatred tears us apart
Foster the great divide

Unsettling the masses,
Igniting the flames of hate

Serving the black gods of prey
Their treachery demonizing us all
Incite us to keep us apart
Feeding the fuel to the fires

Festering masses
Awaiting the world to erupt

Horrible and wretched souls
Inferior by design
Contemptuous and vicious
Beneath us, eradicate them all

Dividing lives, dividing worlds
Layer upon layer
Of mistrust and fear
Rage filled eyes
Stare at one another
Splintered and fractured
The world bleeds red

From lofty heights
Down to the dirt
Create disgust
For one another

Take the bait
That lures us in
Leading us down
This path of savagery

Light the fuse
And set the world ablaze
Secure atop your gilded thrones
As you divide us and conquer


Massive hordes defecting
Dropping from God like flies

Wise to your temptation
Our strength turns us away from the light

Like vultures to the wounded
Twisting dogma into fact

Seek refuge in illusion
No shelter from reality's storm

The waning flock still arrogant
Ignorant of their demise
Decadent halls once filled with devoted
Now crumble before their eyes

Our storm grows ever stronger
Extinguishing their light
Deny the great deceivers
The heretics will rise

Rise up from the ashes
Rise up from the shadows
In darkness we are one
Rise up our time has come


Watch them all burn, cinders and ash
Pyres of beloved, our rulers ignite
Proving their points, stab them deep in our hearts
Another generation lost to the leaders of sorrow

With harsh souls of ice, and sharp tongues of fire
They promised us peace, in pieces they left us
Minced up for glory, devoured like prey
Millions of corpses paving the way

The war machines have come
Hostile beasts feed on the young
Forced upon the fields of blood
Countless lives forever unsung

Molded for battle
Marched off to die

Day into night, night into death
Its cold hands around us, tightening its grip
The Gods of war have graced us again
Triumphant today, plaguing tomorrow

This unforgiving pursuit of dominance
Drives us deeper into endless pits of chaos

The beasts await
Our sacrifice
Bring them flesh and blood
Eroding humanity


Violence and hate, an easy way
Exploding into dark tides of rage
So focused on the lies they're fed
The will of the heard takes hold

The mod will follow
They know the way
A savage force
That lives for the day

The masters serve themselves and exploit the rest
Dropping the bombs that bring discord
Deceptive agendas behind it all
And we're all left to suffer

The mob will follow
They know the way
Bring them forth
And set them free

Dragged and pulled by destructive currents
A sobering motion, so primal
A lifetime of venom comes pouring out
That lives, dies, and thrives in the moment

A faceless torrent of lost humanity
Anonymous masses collide with thunder
The blood runs red and soaks the ground
Warm and pure it feeds the beast

This beast of bodies out of control
Thirst for blood drives its collective soul
Throw them the scraps and watch them feed
Ravaging all within their reach

Panic justifies its purpose
Momentum builds to a lawless collapse
This force of nature erupts in chaos
Lost in their emotional surge

The mob will follow
They know the way
A vicious force
That brings down the day

Dragged and pulled by destructive currents
A sobering motion, so primal
A lifetime of venom comes pouring out
That lives, dies, and thrives in the moment


Lower and lower, my soul sinking lower
Living for indulgence, the trinity of man
Me, myself, and I

Higher and higher, my greed takes me higher
All those below me I've cast aside
Clawing at their flesh to reach the heavens above

Deeper and deeper, my mind sinking deeper
When is too much enough to throw it all away
Stab my allies in the back just to seize the day

Lesser and lesser, my life feeling lesser
Loathing what I am, the lower form of life
The blood on my hands will never wash away

Mad with guilt, spiraling out of control
Cold with hate for myself and what I've become
All that's held me together is broken but will I fall
My twisted ambitions still calling, the voices I can't ignore

Not even God can save me now
That flame burned out long ago
All my ways of sin and greed
Are the only passions I know

Darker and darker
My soul gets even darker
Moving ever closer to the depths from which I can never return


Force of God, forcing extinction
Archaic in mind, archaic in ways

Threaten us all through your barbaric ways
Pulling us in to your religious storm

Mission of hate, mission of death
Sent to kill, devoid of thought

Maelstrom of caustic beliefs takes hold
Legitimize their senseless acts of cruelty

Twisted minds will cleanse the world with hate
Endless rage and fury throughout all time
No match against those who dive in fire
An age of war like no other

Angel of hatred now spread your wings
Shower your thorns down upon us
Anointing the pure holy water so red
Taking away from us all that you can

For the horror you brought
For the punished you've left
We cast you out

For your blind hate filled acts
For your crimes against man
We cast you down

Pray all you want for your sins
Beg all you want for your soul
There is no atonement


I am the Father
I am their sun
See how they crawl to me
Our visions one
Sin for me... To raise us all

I am the Devil
I am their God
I hold the power
I hold their hearts
Die for me... Raise me above all

Take of my body, my blood, and my soul
I'll grant your greatness
And elevate you beyond all you know

I gave you purpose...
I showed you the way
You owe me allegiance...
You'll owe me much more
Soon I'll call upon you to step into the dark
Perish for me or perish eternally

Our time has come to take what's ours
Fight like you've never fought before

Lead my charge, deny me nothing
Terror in its purest form
Deny them mercy
And show them how death truly feels
Shattering mountains
Blacken the earth
Destruction of all that they know

The smoke has cleared
The air lies still
This carnage before me
Will grant me triumph's crown

A new day has dawned
I am the one
The world is now mine
My kingdom has come


A divisive force
Bestowed with the power of gods
Move us like pawns
Marching us towards the fall

Conquerors of heaven
Tearing down our gates
Like hands of God
Molding our world's fate

Their vipers unleashed
Their conspiracies slither among us
Orchestrating death
The filthiest of work in motion

Masters of perdition
Imprison us in chains
Like hands of God
Choking life and seeding ruin

Pull the strings that oppress
Another day of pain
Like nooses around our necks
We die once again

Taint the air and fill our lungs
Poison the ground and drink it deep
Masses of fire seen for miles
Watch the horizon burn with their greed

All glimmers of hope will fade
Corral us in and watch us fall
Wretched forms of humanity
Consuming all life and light

Like demons racing towards the sun
We'll fall to ashes one by one

Pull the strings that oppress
Another day of pain
Like nooses around our necks
We die once again


Sky of fire... Ground of dust
Flames around me... Heaven has lost

A world of faith... Brought a world of hate
Lust for power... Brought a world its fate

Faith... Lust... War... Death

Bending our knees to your illusions of love
Breaking our hearts with your passion for ruin
Drawn into devotion, we never looked back
We vowed our lives to your promise of hope and glory

Pitted against ourselves
Determined for conflict
Campaigns of death
Cast into war for their visions of greatness
Our faulty convictions
Our towering judgments
Have brought towers of fire
Incinerating us all

I see it now
The lies have all been burned away
We've fallen our last time
Nothing left to save

Hate... Fire... Ash... Dust


Feasts on the flesh of innocents killed
A sacrifice to our lord
A sign from below to slaughter and kill
All in the name of hell
A circle of fury that starts in hell
And ends with the race of man
Our blood seeps deep into the soils of the earth
Feeding the evil within
Religious fool cry to your savior
Bargain with your sins
The efforts of god proven useless
Immolation now begins...

Disemboweled... Desecrate
Death divine... Morbid fate
Creeping pestilence... Spreads with hate

Horrid cries of agony and pain
Butchered beyond reason
Our corpses are left in heaps of blood
Piled up to the heavens
Impotent redeemer falls from heaven's grace
An idol no more
King of hell reclaims his throne
Barbaric in his bliss
Holy priest hold high your cross
Our fate you try to save
Pawns of death rejoice in glory
Lead us to our graves...

Dogma crumbles... Carnage is cast
Misery plague... Forgotten our past
Wrath of hell... Forever will last

Heaven defied
Christ denied
Evil desire
We'll burn in fire

Die in the pentagram
Where you'll be slaughtered
Immolate your soul
In the name of...

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