Immanifest : Qliphotic

Symphonic Death Black / USA
(2010 - Self-Produced)
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Behold! Expanding Voids
Spirits risen to exaltedness
Amidst the chaos a Universe is Born
Archonic currents form a Demiurge
When Such creations forms
Broken vessels within the anti-worlds...
Behold the secrets that lie within
Revelations remain beckoning...

An enlightened few took solace in
A flickering black flame
And lit the Highest of Creation to Eternal Rivalry

Creator -Crowned and Limitless
Exiled within itself
Lies in wait to merge with all
Forces sworn against
Faught endlessly

Sickened by visions of night skies
Filled with distant worlds beyond
We exist to overthrow
Archonic Rule and Higher thrones

Sickened by the sight of stars
Illuminate all that is known
For true sight comes amid twilight
As the world seems to transform

All seven keys
Black Shades of Night
Return to Daath by the reapers scythe
Severing souls from clayborn shells
Beyond the dreams of finite light
Into Realms of Eternal Night


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Pan-Dimensional Realms evoke vast wonders
Free from physical law to transcend the senses
Now as in dream, before all senses fade
Exceed the Cosmic Crown, into Plutonic Voids
Here you will find your freedom, on the forbidden path

Knowledge from beyond the Grave
The secrets of Duality
Overcome your end to enter the gate of Daath

"The Words that profits construed,
Through all the wisdom they've kept;
That life is the knowledge of me and
I am the secrets of Death"

Aphotic nightfall like depths of imagined seas
Of sulfur and secrets concealed to mystery.
Dreams here come alive, eerie yet profound.

Through glimpses of Nightmare

Beyond the Seven Stars
Through Unconscious depths
Within this Desert of Set
The Typhonic Realm exceeds infinity

I am the Secret of Daath, I am the Secret of Death
This waking consciousness has drained

Reveal to me the flames of Gnosis by the absence of Light.

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