Illdisposed : Burn Me Wicked

Death Metal / Denmark
(2006 - Roadrunner Records)
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Always placed you on the side
I don't care what other people say
This gives me higher meaning
Better learn or just give in

Go on now hold your head - higher than any man
Feel the flow get with it - take what you never had
Feed the hole never choke - even I don't look back
Read the mind don't get mad - have no fear don't despair

Always kept you in my mind
To let go I never really dared
I have to touch the ceiling
I have to say I'm there

Be one thing never pass - sure you'll see all what's free
With this hand I thee wed - tie the string without ring
Force me to make me mad - obey me I'm your dad
Braver girl never seen - cutest thing answer me

Your innocent eyes always looked tormented
Within my lies I hope you also felt a little
Love the servants rest as we put on the final
No need for this test I am sick honey I know

Give me strength to face each day
Hand me laws I must follow
Throat drying we sense the fear
Resting your hand upon my head

Razorblade on the wrist - fade away cease exist
Tell me words that I'm missed - painful day goes away
Touch my face feel with me - think of me we should be
My last thing walk with me - taste my blood unity


Hey I felt I really touched you
And in ways also new to me
I sang a full house back then
You can tell your brothers

And you can say your daddy was a fool
But he never ever left your side
There's nothing I won't do for you
Just for you I'll stop you have my blood

I need some time with my sons
You're all growing so tall
And when this touring is over
Daddy's coming home

And you can tell your brothers it's for good
As I am never ever going back
There's nothing worse than living in this shit
I really hate the aspects of being on tour


Lately I've been in the mind of all
Who fought a little battle
The pill I am of all drugs
I only wanna help and I say

Feel me easy - life is hell
Teach you to see - there is no sin

Once you've popped you wont return
A few of us and life's all good
Split decisions are of old
And so are you but I'm not counting

Hate me easy - life is hell
Learning to see - can no longer feel


Electric frames are burning fast
But have no fear it's all joy
Dissecting like a laser tip
I only wanna see you in hell

You felt me easy - life is played
Lesson deadly - fear runs free


My brother
I watch over you though you tore up my life
Am free and tonight reborn
Inside the shade of a burning spoon

People empty their souls

Lifting us higher
Ejecting our sin
Spiking the blood
Decay starts to rot
I'm losing you

The gallow
It's in my own garden it's ready to chew
Growing concern
But too late is too late I twist and I tumble

I hang myself today

Hang myself higher
Free from this world
The rope starts to burn
A desolate cry
Licking my hand

Can't you see all of me don't you know how I bled for you
With my foe I did grow told my wrath and got over it
All is done fill your lungs only grey skies are over us
For my blood how we grew night and morning with the fear


Nightmare feeling the weight I'm a sinner guilty
Power power to stop me from trying living

There is light but it's not for me
I am my own god

And I smell trouble twisting eternal I'm hurting yearning
Evil setting a pace for our future certain

I came closer touched with my fingers the madness open
Flying spreading my wings let me go simple
Forcing enter the rest of my future nothing
Anger not to be caring for answers ending

There is light but it's not for me
I am one with the dark

I'm no devil Inside my heart is obeying beating
Playing hitting the high of my body helping
Talking stripping the layer I'm nothing pealing
Fever enter the rest of my soul over

Can't think of a way to stop
Please let me die


It's in your eyes
A painful scar is made
Even if we're over
One wish burn me wicked

And though I know we're better
I'm lost in the dream
The only girl my friend
Smart to visit my bed
If you die I'll never
It's funny how you believe

Burn me wicked - help me see

And as the road slows down
Very deep in the night
To my room of darkness
This time - your might

Burn me wicked - help me see

You turn your eyes
Cold as never seen
Now we are history
The dust in our souls

Your mind is my sanction
When you made it up
Beyond my own two needs
I can see you're smiling
My hand feeds myself
I cannot stand and watch

Burn me wicked - help me see
Burn me wicked - help me see


I tortured another buck
I threw it in the machine but it won't pay me back

I laugh at you and what you feel
You knocked me over kept it real
My love for you has more than died
I hate you now I curse your eyes

And in our darkness
You still see some good in me
The way we went down
Doesn't work that well you see

I tortured another buck
I threw it in the machine but it won't pay me back

I pity you and all your hopes
Just lift your eyes see me go
Love does come in many shades
But ours are gone I hate you

I'll wait till you will awake
I'll be your guide into hate
And as if dawns you will never see me or mine ever again
All my thoughts were of us but now that's way back in hell

Take the bus
But make sure enough that I'm not riding there
And by the way
Yeah my phone is dead do you think about why

I'm so way over you
I'm so way over you

I tortured another buck
I threw it in the machine but it won't pay me back

I'm so way over you
I'm so way over you
I'm so way over you
I'm so way over you


Master and servant

We're cuffed and whipped no stress or body armour
Anticipations high this ain't a lie
The role as mortal slave we see it every day
Could call it by name

There's a new game we like to play you see
A game with added reality
You treat me like a dog get me down on my knees
We call it master and servant

Master and servant
Let's play

We hide in basements we wonder why
As ever hidden painfulness
The talk of others we never cared
Just get me started

It's a lot like life this play between the sheets
With you on top and me underneath
Forget all about equality
Let's play master and servant

It's a lot like life and that's what's appealing
If you despise that throwaway feeling
From disposable fun
Then this is the one

Domination's the name of the game
In bed or in life they're both just the same
Except in one you're fulfilled
At the end of the day let's play

Let's play master and servant
Come on master and servant


Just once never saw this clear before
You had your way with time and with a laughter for a smile
The things I could forgive were passed by lightyears

You say there's no more love and with a six six six I leave our home
Never promised never noticed never to be by myself alone
Alone my heart is aching now it's worse plus 7 more
Like sex without the lies we're back and I am out the door

Just think all that I would give to you
You filled my soul with rage myself I will avenge
I came to destroy you and I will

Do it - do it know
Play the game
You sure know how

Do it - do it know
Play the game
You sure know how


Another child
Fell to earth from guilt and lies
Didn't have no sense in life
His time is wasted
In came the widow black
It was a foul attack
A letter written as goodbye
It's all a lie

Courtney - you killed Kurt
You will go down be punished
I'm the drugs you're abusing
Courtney - you fuckin' cunt
Yeah you broke up the mentors
I'm the wrath of an army

You paid a man
Known as detective grant
Suspicions rose but towards you
You're digging gold
The gear for horse was wrapped
Three times a deadly snap
The shotgun calling out a name
On who's to blame

Courtney - you killed Kurt
You will go down be punished
I'm the drugs you're abusing
Courtney - you fuckin' cunt
Yeah you broke up the mentors
I'm the wrath of an army


Din mor hun stod på flisen din far var en si
Du voksed' op med klø og tæsk af tænder har du ti
Du har altid været en taber du tager din egen vej
Af venner har du ingen men et band er til for dig


Die eierlosen nutten kommen aus'm schulen norden
Sind nicht ernst stinken ja auch nach möse und nach morden
Wir haben keine freunde unsere seelen sind verkauft
Und wenn es ums streiten geht sind wir als erste raus


A few but drunken bastards will travel trough your town
We'll fill our heads with smack as your sister's going down
Our music's really shite but by now you'll surely know
That we're the only band around who'll never pass on blow


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