Holy Moses : Reborn Dogs

Thrash Metal / Germany
(1992 - West Virginia Records)



Something I know - Nothing in my life - Back down the ground - When it's died
Memories remain- Drenching my soul - Believe into abyss - When I am alone
Reverse my life - Spilling on myself - Demise of our days - When he was gone
Fucking control - From friends I know - Take down my space - When I'm in rage
It's nothing new from him to feel - I hear my sirens cry
There is no chance to save my soul - You left me incomplete
Clash my soul
The situation of my life - It's nothing than a morbid game
Domination calls you - It lets our love wounded end
I couldn't cry - When it's died - Let me complete - All alone
I will unlock my fucking door - To let you pass the open gates


Decapitated soul of life...
My minds bleeds from your knife...
What I see cannot be real...
In labyrinths that I feel...
Some thing's going wrong with me...
I could never win I see...
Fucking hard to achieve...
It's not supposed to be this way...
Bring me down
Bring me down - Hold on dear - You can go I'm not in fear
Bring me down - Learn to think - And I saw the hell in pink
Bring me down - That's no fate - I hope it never ends in hate
Bring me down - Speak the truth - Illusions drove my youth
Now try
Bring me down - What you need - I laugh for all blood I bleed
Bring me down - Reach a goal - You don't know my fuckin soul
Bring me down - Live to dream - My emotions stars to scream
Bring me down - See your class - Grains of sand are in my hands


Welcome - Behind the void -
It's your buried life
Step into my train -
Ready to come home
Moving to where you can
learn to fly again
Wings of pain -
Don't start in inside your brain
The change has just begun -
You're damned in hell
But you will hear
The voices sing reality
Move on to a new form of
life - In blood
you will be saved in a place you can trust
welcome to the real world
move on to a new form of life - In blood
You will be saved in a place you can trust
Burn upon your curse
In flowers of wrath


A lot of minds are in my head
You couldn't break me down
The creation did not change
Feel the things you said to

Reborn dogs
Reborn dogs
Reborn dogs
Reborn dogs

You can't bring be down -
Take it from the start -
Wasted to much time -
If you change your mind -
So many things are said
My world I returned to me
The beast will rise again
Me kick ass for my kill
What the hell is going on
The first strike isn't gone
With those people who lie
You don't have to die


Double message - Double mind
You've always been the evil kind
The night will come and I will follow
For you asswhole there's no tomorrow
Fuck you
Fuck you
You stupid dick I'm gonna kick your bloody ass
I show you how to learn the way your life will pass
There's no way out - You did me wrong
But you're the one - Who has it done
Fuck you
Fuck you
Your time will come - I'll get you down
And when it's done - Your soul's my own
You suck your brain - You suck yourself
The time has come - To break your life


The day - of my - third birth - there - comes a - nother - fucking - day
Through the - shadows - of my - soul - searching - for an - endless - black hole
Tell me what's the price that you pay
To find - me in - love or - grave - believe - in a - better - day
Misery - and pain - rules my - tears - the loades - of fun - are doomed - to - hell
Sweet dreams - bathing - in my - brain - visions - of lights - lost in - fun
I will - begin - where to - find - demons - of fear - ruling - me
Towers - dreams - waiting - here - I can't - be strong - I need - you
This time - I thought - you need - me - but now - I feel - like lost - in nowhere


Evil thoughts inside of me - Wounds that will not heal
Hate in my songs is the way - To ride myself okay
Dwelling deep in my mind - Killing me - Pain inside
Wash my running tears away - With ceremonial blood
Give up - Devote - One's time - Energy
Bleeding heart as a price - crucifying my own ideas
Obloguy of mental surge - In excruciating ritual
Give up - Devote - One's time - Energy -
A noble cause - or purpose - a sacred use - to god
Mesmeric to find the words - Illusions to cut out
Exiled into domnation - Vortex in both souls
Dwelling deep in my mind - Killing me the pain inside
Palpilation pneumatic dead - I deadicate to you... (DW)
Pioneer of a new theory - Full of grotesque inner eyes
Horrorfying - Chronic hunger - Chaos is the realm of fancy


[by D.R.I. 1987 "Crossover"]

I lose, you win
I lose, you win
I lose, you win
I lose again
But you're on my five-year plan
Your time will come
When you least expect it, expect it!
The five-year plan
You fucked me over
You did me wrong
You know why
I wrote this song
The five-year plan
Until the, I'll just pretend
That you are still my friend
But in the end, your time will come
When you least expect it, expect it!
The five-year plan
I don't forget so easily
No, I'm not so quick to forget
The five-year plan
I hold a grudge
I live for revenge
The five-year plan
I win, you lose
I win, you lose
I win!


Chaos - Infecting - it's self - my life
Enter - circle - from the ending - path
It's your turn in my life
The process of pain
I kill you tonight
Phantom - defiled - myself - to death
I - kill you - I - I - kill you - I - kill you
Creeping - breaking - inside - my mind
Mental - terror - burns - bursting
I - kill you - I - I kill you - I - kill you


The fortitude she turned to me - Without tears in my eyes
It's nothing new for me to feel - I didn't like to lie
Well I guess you took my heart - I gave it all to you
Like a turn of a new born joy - My hope would end in pain - For when it's died
It's storming broken glass - This wrath can't be denied
Wishing we could help my minds - Standing hereto clime
Sometimes when you are alone - You're writing over me?
Some lines in agony? - I reverse my life to live in this port


Here I am to dominate
To day I'll play the part to rule
Your motherfuckin world
Willl lay down inside of me
'Cause your soul prayed to me
My time is your pain
I reign on you
The tempter of the dark
Come on lay blame with me - For the bastard now I am
Your wage crusades of loathing - To prove my point
Hey close your lips and lay down to sleep 'till death
I'll take you away to my place called home
You can never bring me down - With things you say or do
Shut your mouth and take that stone - To replace my soul
I don't feel sorry my souls lies in everyone
Possessed from ending life - I rule on you fool
Why do you do this - Stop it now - 'Cos in fact you are dead
The walls between us is like absorbing winds of blood
Now it's my time to kill - There is a way to escape
My bloody curses rules - I got the kick to myself
Charge yourself 'cause my will is - The executing justice
Come kill me one more time before - Before it gets dark for you
I don't feel sorry - My souls lies in everyone
Possessed from ending life - I rule on you fool
You can't be something - You are nothing only shit
Your only verbal masturbate - Promise me to nausiate
Hey close your lips and lay down to sleep 'till death
I'll take you away to my place called home
I crush you rush - From freedom to delusion
Put it in yourself to be - Life cycle is an automation so
I know the day I will return - I'm waiting for you dead

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