Hirax : Hate, Fear and Power

Thrash Metal / USA
(1986 - Metal Blade Records)
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World war
Hate fear and power

Defense plan
Millions of dollars

No one is safe
From the greed
That rules the earth

Save life
Anti-war brigade


Religion is a sacred thing
To each is their own
Do not preach your beliefs
Let people find their own, find their own

Nobody has the right to say
How to live your life
You don't have to believe in God
To be a friend of mine

Religious cults of every kind
Promise and fool disciples in
Brainwashing their innocent
An unhuman sin
Lead to believe life will be good
From sick twisted freaks
They take their money and take their souls
And throw their bodies away - Go!

Act the way you want think what you will
Life is a bitch but its still a thrill
Don't let anything get you down
Never let anyone push you around
Blind faith's a thing that should no be
Cause everyone has rights to choose and be free
Don't let anything get you down
Never let anyone push you around


The child's fate the sacrifice
The terminate blood's the price
Burn the land watch the sky
The falling star you will die

Misfall death's mate
Fire ball hell's gate
In the day egyptian land
Ancient way pharoah's plan

Drink the blood die obey
To the Gods they must pray

Justice must be done 1,000's dead by one
Responsible for all who died feel his
Wrath you're terrified

Gas them genocide shoot them bullets fly
Torture kill war crimes seek destroy devastate

The dungeon holds the prisoner
The time has come to live no more
He walk the hall to the place
The look of death upon his face


Ripping hells path warzone Satan's wrath
Struck down from the sky
No life all will die

Lightning thunder

Eyes melt lungs burst
Young and old die first
Pillage and steal murder rape and kill

Lightning thunder

Living in hell bodies stink and smell
Struck down from the sky
No life all will die


Strike in the night
Chaos all around
Trouble the power down
No help you're all alone ah!

Dead silent sound
Alive you won't survive
Safe underground
No one gets out alive ah!

I would rather die
Than live through this hell
What are we gonna do
Die like stupid fools

Men in their fuckin' suits
They're screwin' with our lives
Their game is a game of hate
Stop them before it's too late

We must make a stand
The children of the world
Together we must unite
Precious is our life

Bodies all around me
I hope this is a dream
Pray for God to help us
Father lord bring peace to me

I would rather die
Than live through this hell
What are we gonna do
People it's up to you


Midnight is the time
The first born will die
By the hand of the Lord
They scream and they cry

The deadly plague strikes them down
They die one by one
The mother and father helpless they watch
Their dying baby son

And there shall be
A great cry through the land
Such as never heard before
And shall never be heard again


Scared to walk in daylight
At night time he's home locked inside
Afraid to admit he's hiding
Liar prejudice fucked up pride

He's worried only for his life
Imprisoned by ignorance
Thinks everyone's out to get him
Except for people his creed

Raised by hate in this life
Taught to stay away
Anyone not just like him
They're inferior he would say


If you take another life
You should die a bloody death
Rape a woman sick freak
Life in prison ain't enough

Now you'll pay for what you've done
We'll strap you do the electric chair
Pull the switch and you will fry
No remorse now you die

Criminal punishment

If you kill it's an eye for an eye
Brutal attack fight back
To survive you will fight till the death

Child molested-demented mind
Insane a violent crime
Treat them to make them well
Let them out they kill again

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