Hirax : El Rostro de la Muerte

Las palabras


Pin them down! An unrelentless barrage.
Show no mercy! Send them to hell and back again!

War is hell! Baptized by fire!

Death and fear, take the land by force
Grind them down, iron fists we've come to destroy.

War is hell! Baptized by fire!

Shoot to kill until, no man is left standing
The enemy must die for crimes against us all

Shoot to kill until, no man is left standing
The enemy must die for crimes against us all

Marching, battalions deadly strike
Destruction, nothing will survive
Annihilate, death toll - thousands have die
Desolation, burning bones and cries

First to kill, kill everything that moves
Wage of war, soldiers will pay with their blood

War is hell! Baptized by fire!
Shoot to kill until, no man is left standing
The enemy must die for crimes against us all


The sleeping beast has wakened,
to take back what's been taken.
The red flag rises over the land,
Now the world will hold it's breathe.
Flesh and blood

No mercy in this theater of war.
Warfare, the method and device.
Four ugly years of mass killing.
30 million lives
Wiped from this Earth.
Flesh and blood

The fearless fight and never die.
Red soldiers fight until the death.
Summoned to defend against evil.
Smashed by Stalin's hand.
Flesh and blood

Quiet on the eastern front.
The silence is deafening.
The calm before the storm.
Disrupt the enemy.

Fighting and blood shed.
Obliterate life.
Pulverize, stop the attack.
Demolish, expedite the conflict.
Decimate the crusade.


Deliberate, systematic destruction.
Our history from the past,
It proves of man's demise.
Genocide, murder and ethnic cleansing.
Prejudice is a disease.
Eradicate Mankind.
Epidemic, deadly and contagious.
Hatred burns from inside,
And it preys upon the weak.
Intolerance, rise above alienation.
Venomous eyes of hate,
Only see what they want to see.


Die before I will bow down to my knees.


From arrogance and strife....

Mandatory liberation!!


Born to withstand death
Fall from grace to rise again
Our struggle Still to find faith
Pushed into the brink

There will be hell to pay!

Hard as nails forever we stand
Madness is all around us
Betrayal lies deceit and hate
Snapped one day over

There will be hell to pay!

Blood shed
Mass murder has been done
Killing in the blink of an eye
Unarmed victims are dead

Out of control
No one is safe
The living die fast one by one
Chaos and Brutality
We are all going to die
Who will be left to bury the dead?

Violence wide spread
Grim death and fear
Bottom feeders feast
The face of evil reveals itself

It's a sin to kill
You will burn in hell!


Black list, death wish, crucifix, saint of death.
Santisima – tonight your fate is sealed.
Sacrament, repent, hell bent, you have sinned.
Grim reaper – he comes to claim your soul.
Fire, burning brightly. Torches cast light.
Skeletons revealed.
Dust and ashes, wind and ice, soil and the Earth

The face of death! El rostro de la muerte!

Worship dedicated to the patron saint,
Loyal servants follow. Folk lore infinite saint,
Idol of the poor master of the strong.
Cult denomination, religious faith,
Praise and idolation
Sanctuary in the after life, provider of refuge.

Dressed in fear

Death will call, a vision appears in white,
Superstitious bow their heads and cry.
The scythe of justice a symbol of hope and fear.
On bended knee holy death followers pray.
Dark icon. Condemned by the holy church.
Deemed to be an evil pagan god.
For decades thousands invoke,
Death to their enemies, black magic!
Dressed... in... fear!


Religion is a sacred thing
To each is their own
Do not preach your beliefs
Let people find their own, find their own

Nobody has the right to say
How to live your life
You don't have to believe in God
To be a friend of mine

Religious cults of every kind
Promise and fool disciples in
Brainwashing their innocent
An unhuman sin
Lead to believe life will be good
From sick twisted freaks
They take their money and take their souls
And throw their bodies away - Go!

Act the way you want think what you will
Life is a bitch but its still a thrill
Don't let anything get you down
Never let anyone push you around
Blind faith's a thing that should no be
Cause everyone has rights to choose and be free
Don't let anything get you down
Never let anyone push you around

Religion is a sacred thing
To each is their own
Do not preach your beliefs


Fast outbreak, panic and fear
Frightened and paralyzed
Extreme paranoia, what's the truth?
Delusion has taken hold
Cause for alarm, Confusion and terror
Desolation of lives has been unleashed
Aggravate and decimate, delusion has taken hold

Virus. Spreading. The world's horrified!!!
Epidemic, disease control,
Mutation, there's no vaccine
Infection contained, widespread panic!
The world is going to burn!




You lie, you cheat, kill and steal,
You're supposed to be the law
Take the oath to protect and serve
Exploited and destroyed them all
Guilt is written, it shows on your face
You will pay with your life

The laws of temptation

The good, the bad, the mean,
Ugly scum of the Earth.
Demented, sick and crazy,
Damaged, distressed and hurt.
Battered and beaten, never too young to die
Drunk with power, and fueled by hate!

Guilty as charged.
Failed all the tests.
Misuse of power.
Controlled and possessed, You will be judged.
By those you have punished
Disgraced, twist human. The truth will be told!
High priest of sin. Blood, thirst and greed.
Master of guilt. Corruption and lust.
Seducer in black. Desecration of souls.
Denial of truth and innocence is lost.
Victims, crimes of flesh
Decades of lies, Repent to death


Bullets and blades,
The warlords assemble their henchmen
Prepare for their mission of death.
Corruption has lead to unrest
Violent, death militia
Death militia, trained to kill.
Death militia, blood will spill



The speed is too fast
The G's are too strong
Nobody could withstand the force
Dead on impact Never felt a thing
Crushed like a roach on the floor
Nobody is safe Upon collision
Big money hides the truth from us all
Unsafe with no testing riged up to breakdown
Blood on their hands, they will fall
Broken neck
Concrete and steel
Corporations make money from the dead
Millions of bodies "people die every year"
Neglect they don't care, It's a sham!


The speed is too fast
The G's are too strong


Visions of death,
Conquest and fear.
Stand up and fight,
Send them to hell.
Faster than speed,
The killing machine.
Retaliation strike,
Deadly, violent assault!!

Blood has been drawn,
The conflict's begun.
Annihilate and kill,
War mongers dictate.
Exterminate the rats,
Condemn them to die
Lifeless bodies,
Deadly, violent assault!!




Straight from heaven and straight to hell
Consumed by power and hate
The embodiment of evil
Once he was the morning star

The first enemy of God
Out of heaven he is cast
Condemned to walk the earth
The arch angels fall from grace

Son of dawn, sinners and saints
Banished forever, you've sealed your fate
Your revolution was your demise
For eternity to reign in hell
Satan's fall!!

Exalt, praise, honor, glorify
The throne you sit on, is built of lies
The pit of fire slowly burns
Hell awaits to burn your soul


Roaring thunder pounds the skies
The wrath of God you can't defy
Rebellious Lucifer, he lurks and deceives
The kingdom of hell, lies the beast


Torment and fire, grim, death and fear
Leprosy and famine murder and tears
Deadly diseases, millions will die
Starvation and hunger, the well has run dry
Faster than lightening, angelic symbols appear
Crusaders engage in warfare
Until the end, destine to die
Victorious the hand of doom
Satan's Fall!!!

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