Herratik : Process of Elimination

Death Thrash / Australia
(2002 - Code666 Records)
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Did we offend you, good don't understand it good
Did we upset your way of thinking like we knew it would
Your mind can't cope with this thin skin in deep it sinks
Offending breeding fear confused our name how hard it hits
Your life must have a void complaints a story told
Disbelieving all your senses because of the name we chose
What a response you gave awake at night you lay
You poor pathetic sack of shit the bait you'll always take
Did we upset you good won't understand it good
Did we just fuck your narrow mind blowing on your "ideals"
You just can't cope with this too hard just to dismiss
Still offending breeding fear our name in you it sits
Your life does have a void gossip our story told
The disbelief at all your senses on you it does unfold
What a response you gave awake at night you lay
You whining sorry sack of shit the bait you always take.

[Chorus ] [x2]
Nothing to do with the surgeon's knife
Infact it's just the opposite
If you don't like us abort us from your mind
Is all we have to say

Watching your life fall apart
Resistance is futile you learn in time
Fills the space in your empty mind
Abortus the name that draws the line
It fills the space in your empty mind

[Chorus ] [x2]


Your excuses to me they are no consolation
For what easily poured from your open mouth
In goes your foot again back where it belongs
You said what you meant but did you mean what you said
Now push will stay shove as your life slowly drags on
With another sorrow met the bridges from the past
They lay and smoulder to blame there is no-one
You said what you meant
So you will wear what you're given

What you invisioned for me, it didn't really pay off
The preconception in your thoughts they made you
Look quite stupid, there's that foot again
Back where it belongs you said what you feel
But do you hear what you say
Now the apologies flow from the inner depths
Of regret forcing up through the shit
That pours from your mouth, but there's that foot
Again back where it belongs
I hear what you say but do you think that I listened

[Chorus ]
Live your life your own way
Don't try to invade my reality
Other's they may show they care
But no, not I, so if there's something
On your mind put your money where your
Mouth is motherfucker
Revenge now sworn
Revenge now sworn
Revenge now sworn

[Repeat Verse #1]
[Repeat Chorus]
[Chorus ]


The next best path to nothing is the way in which you live
Take it don't leave it because the choice is not yours
Void is the path that controls your immortal toil
Your soul lies dormant when your bodies in the soil

The lies they feed - the love the greed
The empty need [it's written on your face]
Just lies and greed your soul they need
On the weak they feed [it's written on your face]
Just lies and greed the souls they need
The weakness breeds [it's written on your face]
The lies the greed your soul they need
The weakness breeds
And it's written on your face

[Chorus ]
If you wanna hear the truth then don't believe in the lies
We'll only find the answers when we die

How can you spoonfeed these lies to the children laid to rest
They're just fucked up views infecting innocent soil
Righteousness covers grief well hidden behind golden masks
Security blanket your book of understanding
That you lack
[Repeat Pre-Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus]

The next best choice to nothing is control the life you live
Leave them don't take it because the choice is now yours
Door knockin hysteria controls their mortal toil
Their life is gone all golden plans now foiled
[Repeat Pre-Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus]




[Verse #1]
Dozens have fallen but there's still many to go
And one by one I know your colours will show
They're shining straight through your transparent exteriors
It's time to weed out these unwanted inferiors

[Verse #2]
And when you call regret that's when i'll know revenge
My horns they will show from the deep angers pent
Frustration my tool it's now sharpened by hate
Venting no more, You I humiliate

[Chorus #1]
The process of the discovery of truth
The process of the filtration of this filth
The process of the re-written rule
The process of elimination

[Verse #3]
Your bridge is now burnt and I'm holding the flame
No longer intending to carry your blame
The sorting of souls gone left in the lerch
I'm void of these feelings, these feelings of hurt

[Verse #4]
Because the shit on one's shoe need no longer stick
Well under my carpet that's where all you fuckers fit
The pile remaining stagnation breeds rot
Completing the process, the process of...
[Repeat Chorus #1]
[Repeat Verse #4]
[Chorus #2]

The process of the awakening of truth
The process of my freedom from your guilt
The process of my trials now end
The process of elimination
[Repeat Verse #4]


Live your life in fear rely on your dependence
Push the blame believe you're shit always pretending
We're all at fault except the image in the mirror
Truth it hurts when spoken easier to cower

Eat the dirt worm
Eat the dirt worm
Eat the dirt worm
Choke on dirt worm

Circle of despair now healing your dependence
Shoulders yearn for tears now needing some attention

[Repeat Chorus]

Live your life in fear
Rely on your dependence
Push the blame on anyone
You're just pretending
Everyone's at fault
Except the mirror image
Truth it hurts when it's
So much easier to cower
Much easier to cower

You fucking worm


I've seen through your dollar sign smile
Exploitation of weaker times grieving suffering not mild
Cash flow the only thing on your mind
Behind your desk hands together rubbing
Your mind drifting focusing on one thing
What usually happens here is just profiting
But keep talking, yes I'm listening

You're so fucking kind caring exists
Where profit worsens grief

Understand it costs a lot to show respect
Fees here and you take whatever's left
Sign here for the afterlife special deal
Consoling pat on the hand how do you feel
I see through your dollar sign smile
Exploitation of weaker times grieving suffering not mild
Cash flow the only thing on your mind

You're so fucking kind you see them coming
You know they'll fall with pockets open
You'll catch them all laid to rest
Time for respect but in your eyes
There's dollar signs
A dollar sign smile
With dollar sign smile
A dollar sign
[Lead Gooch]
Your profit worsens the grief
There's no let off or release
Your profit worsens the grief
Let's see how you cope
When it's your time


Must be a dull existance
Change channels your condition
To fill the empty mind T.V. is your lifeline

Take in what you see
Believe all that you read
The afternoon edition
Enhancing your condition

Couch life's a philosophy
Thrive on the tears of Winfrey
A plague that eats the mind
All real now left behind

Please Ricki dance for me
Arms raised in ecstacy
A conversation piece
The joy's showing from release

God vision, feel god
God vision, need god
God vision, clap god
God vision, fuck god

These icons live upon your shelf
Your loosing grip they're gaining wealth
Just sit and stare no need to care
Your life now through I'll think for you

Just leave it up to me fulfilling all your dreams
I'm the master of the screen I'm all you'll ever need

[Repeat Chorus]


What started this lie
Confront the visions
That eat away at your insides
No focus just haze
Elude reality born from your minds eye
your consciousness implies the right
To justify your faceless points of life
Invision all for all
Your ego part of the picture
You now feel fine
Your job is done it's off your chest
You say you've sorted out my life
But the truth besides the point
Now everything
Is just right in your eyes

Deaf ears they hear
Listen with a blank stare
The nerve to tell me who I am
What goes around
Will come back on you twice as hard


Forcing of values once sent
Now preying on seeds of your innocence
Knowing full well the whole time
Deep seeded repression once held in tight
Boils from behind

Chosen my victim no longer restricted
Gods will forced upon you
You tell I whill scorn you
For I am the power, I rape and you cower
Need not bother telling gods will I am selling
But years of denial has bred habits vile
You must understand control is in my hands
If you talk I will lie the commandments aside
I will never stand trial cause gods love on me smiles

Loosing everything I thought was right
Knowing what I thought now pushed aside
Feeling the desire growing from inside
Killing the lives of my victims minds
[Repeat] (X2)

The cross that I bear that's gods armour I wear
Question me not

[Repeat Chorus] (X2)

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