Hed PE : (həd) pe

Fusion / USA
(1997 - Jive Records)
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1. POS

I'm sorry i couldn't live up to
So sorry i couldn't be like you
I'm sorry i couldn't become
What you are
I couldn't have tried any less
I hate becoming your regret
I kinda like what you put me through
Maybe you're not like them
Maybe they're not really your friends
Maybe you think too fucking hard
Too fucking hard...
You can't take it from me
How can you take what was never mine
I could have done so much more
I could have been so much more
Now I'm one person less than I used to be
So what am I supposed to think
So what am I supposed to think
So what am I supposed to think
So what am I supposed to think
I couldn't have tried any less
I hate becoming your regret
I kinda like what you put me through
You can't take it from me
How can you take what was never mine
You can't take it from me
How can you take...what was never mine


See their hands in the air
They lift up their prayers to the air
The life that you live
Time that you give to the air
It don't seem fair
Something is wrong with the machine
Your abberation slowly drain
You of your will to be yourself
I got that feeling that something is missing
I got that feeling that something is wrong
See the man in the ground
I bury him up with the ground
You wait for a sign
You sit on the line em up
Let the master decide
Something is wrong...


Count the days
Don't hold your breath
Chikitee chek 2012
The perpetrator never knew
Never properly represent the struggle
The boy in the bubble is you not barbarino
My flows unclog your souls like draino
My logic-tight like plato
Whoop ass like kato
With more troops than nato
Wrekkin your house
Like a tornado in the barbados
Drop down give props to the third rock
First come first serve shake the spot
See you not so big like you thought you was
Not my blood not my cuz
Not mi familia
I play like amnesia when i sees ya
Who needs ya
Ridin my dick like a skeezah
Take a look around
You forgot what you came here for
What's your theory
Why ya try to play that game
You can forget my name
Take a look around
Take a deep breath
Recollect yourself
You a zero
You don't respect yourself
Still running that weak ass game
You can forget my name
Time to bury the bloody hatchet in your
Motherfucking back
I laugh when i hear yo rib cage crack
Breakin you down
Fukkin you up like sprack
You always mixin up yo fiction with yo facts
Now i'm-a-let you know
What the soul for real is
Come correct,let me know what the deal is
Bro, pack your bowl, with my flow
Shit just ain't workin out
No, i'm-a-have to let you go
Ain't no love no mo
Take a look around...
Take a deep breath
Recollect resurrect
Run a check from the neck up
You fucked up
Still runnin that wekass game
Try to forget my name
What's yo theory?
Ain't no love...


You want me to give a show
I don't really want to
You want to impress
I don't really need to
Who the fuck are you?
Where the fuck did you come from?
If you wanted to be hednigga
You should have filled out an application
You want me to face the crowd
I don't really feel like it
You want me to jump around
I am not amused
Who the fuck are you?
I gave my life to this KAH
See me walkin with my demons
Laughin and schemin
Searchin for some truth
And the meaning
You must be confused
Save your breath
You want me to be ethical
You want me to be moral
You want me to smile
You want me to be normal
I am not professional
You want me to sing
You want me to pray
You want me to believe
Fuck that shit that shit ain't me


I come as i am
Come when i can
This man come complete with confusion
I come as i am
You know i got to look for
Got to find the connections
One eye on you
One eye on those rhymes
The third eye a got brother's back
Part time
I crossed out all the weak lines
Re-runs memorized drama confined
For the moment
Brother man, do you got some time
My sweet mother can you spare
Yet another dime
I know this too
I will leave behind
All this too
Yes my soul will find the way back
Run, run away back
Come please show me the way back
I got off track
One thing is over another begins
One thing starts another thing ends
I'm tired of waiting
Tired of sleeping
Everytime i close my eyes
I know i'm missing something
I'm tired of wondering
What i'm so fucking tired of asking
Always needing and wanting something
I'm tired of thinking
Tired of wondering what
I come as i am
Never give a damn
Come where i can
She say she wanna skip the foreplay
Not a problem
Compulsions dictate my every decision
Temptations into everyone
I'm giving in
Observe this brother in sin
See how he's livin
Notice that shit eatin grin
He's wearing not caring
The niggaz high till it hurt
And the confusion
From the first verse
Make it much fucking worse
His soul will find a way back


Give it up smooth
Stick then I move
Tryin' to make sense outta of nonsense
Trippin' on life and my situation
Brothers of earth
One love-one & 1 nation
I hear the voices callin' me
The choices I made were mine
And I don't mind
I rise to the top like cream
Like the Phoenix from the blunt ash
Realizin' my dreams
Kissin' the pacific sky
The purple haze brain remain open
To changin' tides
I desire knowledge by nature
Word to Aristotle
My nature's not to hate ya
So I try to put myself in the Chucks of the other man
Peace to my brother
Search out my pace in this
World I discover man
Damn, check out the colors man
My eyes are man
My eyes are opening wide
My eyes are open
I see it everyday
But some things never change-no
Some people livin' in fear
Not knowin' about the ten dimensions
The (hed) nigga reach the point of awakening
I annihilate nigga who be thinkin' that they can break me
The next brother can do what they want to
This brother's sites are wide and true
If a stupid punk sweat me
The trick ass bitch'll wish
He never met me
So be warned my scorn is what you saw there
Be down or be gone
Let's get it on there
Turn of the century
Age of the microwave
One foot on the moon
But, you can see it gettin' better
Believe it
Young people sayin' "they ain't havin' it"
So? they takin'
They breakin's
They tired of the status quo
Fittin' to rape yo'
Their eyes are open
The windows are wide and far
So what the f...
Where you goin'
Where you been
Where you at
If I drop the bomb
Pick it up...
That sexy little girl
She had no father figure
The Catholic skirt
Put a hurtin' on the father's *?$*#
Table dances-they don't cum cheap
Spells "relief"
Bring all your daughter to me
I was a just kid
I was just living
It never ocurred to me that
Skin could determine identity
I was naive you see
Don't givaf...
Never did never will
My eyes are open wide
Pack skillz then move in for the kill


G.I. Joe boy
Monkey suit man
Shamu, 5.0, flatfoot
Make less money than a damn school teacher
Ignorant redneck
Squeal, squeal, squeal
I'm gettin' tired of dealing with the p-i-g-c-o-w-a-r-d
Cro-Magnum, meter maid fed, cinder block (hed)
How to serve and protect everything that you hate-wait
Your pencil neck's about to break
Coward, coward
What's with that chip on your shoulder?
What's with that chip on your shoulder?
Vak-yoom brain ded
Oink-oink, cornfed
No action seein'
Glorified security guard
Causin' more trouble than you find on your silly beat
Useless & integrated
The hate and race war you perpetuate will soon end
Then, you'll be unemployed
Checkin' my ID for a livin'
Insecure, power struck excuse for a pig
Smell the bacon fryin'
See it dyin' in my nice dreams
Slice these officers
Bleedin' from the cap that me just twisted back-snap!
Coward, coward
What's with that chip on your shoulder?
What's with that chip on your shoulder?

8. KEN 2012

You see me running but you don't know what
I'm running from
My own weakness
Come on i've got to speak this truth
When I'm losin my direction
i run that self-inspection I learn my lessons well
Yo I fell hard you see me gettin up
I'm fucking up adversity
In a temporary state of clarity
Hmmm, life is a parody, paradox
Enigma I shed that skin with the stigma
Roll on to the next day
Confusin all my critics with these topics
Various versatile, universal satirical
Analytical, personal, political
You cynical MC. s, you can. t see these ryhmes
Comin' with reason, my eyes are open wide
The havenots keep hopin'
My words are spoken
The chosen will someday be broken
And see how their gods have all fallen
You don't understand why it's so damn easy
Can't understand why it's so fuckin easy
So how you like it like it now
Yeah yeah right, whatever, whatever
Well Mr. Fucking know-it-all, he got all the answers
Knows all about the "industry", he ain't shit to me
I got skills yo I. m the contenderI. ll rock your party tilthe motherfuckin roof come in
Yeah, it. s on fire burn like that pussy in da morninghad all night to simmer
Young girl wake up, the dick be in her, already
I was fuckin when she had her first barbie
Easy bake oven, she was pissin in her panties
Ain't shit she can do that ain't been done
Ain't nothin wrong with you girl
I ain't the one...
Yeah come on, but you can. tunderstand why it. s so damn easycan. t understand why it. s so fuckin easySo how you like it like it now
You can. t understand why it. s so damn easycan. t understand why it. s so fuckin easyyou can. t understand why, why, why.I tried The way the way was not mine
If I get lost don. t try to find memy kind got left behind
Yeah so how you gonna
Show me the way when it. s not minehow you gonna show me the way
When your ass is blind
Your way, one way, but not mine
I. d rather be left behind
Where is your salvation
When will it come?
How does it feel...how does it feel now
How does it feel...how does it feel
Punks jump up to get beat
Punks jump up to get beat down
So many tried to make me feel like an outcast
Put me to the test, yo again I pass
Check out the flying colors
All the sisters and brothers by my side
Still we ride with pride
That's what calls me, same destination
We keep our salvation within
Givin' all that I got for the future
Knowin that my journey yo will never be over
I already told ya with them loops that we flowed ya
Knowledge, wisdom, and experience can mold ya
Hold on to your mom. s and your soul yesya stay true to yourself
All else will follow ya
This brother. s goin deep...a little deeperJust another man with a plan and a seed we can grow
I. ll let you know just who and what I amSo what the fuck do they want from me?
Why do they fuck with me
The hednigga is just another human being
Got my head up in the sky, walkin feet above the ground
Oh yes much pussy to the left
Pendejos to the right of me
Who think they know it
Yeah I tried the way
But the way was not mine
I tried the way the way was not mine
Your way, one way, but not mine
Now let. s see who gets left behind, come onHow does it feel, how does it feel
How does it feel, how does it feel
Punks jump up to get beat punks jump up to get beat down
Punks jump up to get beat punks jump up to get beat down


Time to pay
Let them burn
Punish and erase me
High time i suffer
Count all my addictions
That surprise erection
That dirty obsession
My blood is on your hands
Blood is on your hands
Turn away from me, turn away
Take everything away from me
You can still hear me laughing at you
This soul cannot be chained
Can i get a witness
Here i am
So what, here i stand
See you when i get there
Rok hard dik in my hand
No, i don't expect you to understand shit
In the garden of heathens
We fuck confession
Let the motherfucker fall
I watch him fall hard
Turn away from me, turn away
Cut me in half and play with me
Now, both of me are laughing at you

10. 33

Nine hundred ninety seven revolutions
Gone round the sun
The spirits leave as they come
Rude people-the meek-the young ones
Wait without fear so near to the year of the new millennium
These wide open eyes
They look to the sky
Then they listen for the mission
One head on collision with the power that be
The end of your religion and the begginning of my unity
Stay tuned to me, all this is new to me
It got me trippin like some LSD
We come deep like the sea coming high like the sky
Waiting for you and yours to die
Here they come, here they come, here they come
Little fresh, young little girl
I swear she feel like a woman to me
All your boys remain boys so mamma run to me
She came to me so I had to turn the trick out
Slappin that ass
Bitin them baby backs
Downto the bone, we in a zone yo
Been on the road so long don't know when to go home yo
Cross the state line to Cali. deep in Orange CountyIf ya don. t know shit about me don. t doubt meHere they come, here they come, Here they come
And when we come we come we come hard yeah
And when we come we come come correct
And when we come we come we come hard yeah
And when we come we must come correct
And when we come we come hard yeah
And when we come we come come correct
And when we come we come hard
And when we come we must come motherfukin correct!!
My one greatest nemesis enemy is me
Versus me in a battle to the death
Hear my tale rattle feel the heat
Of my breath on the back of my own neck
My heart pound in my chest
No rest no trust no hope
This nigger can. t cope this dope got me schizo
The son should. ve listened to his mother
From the get go now he get no got no love
Stuck up on your back like a beetlebug nigger
Here they come, here they come, here they come

11. HILL

What was the reason?
Didn't need one
Like instinct born into a trade
Not by choice but for a purpose
Push the rock move the stone
Forever the hill your home
So, have you come to resurrect me
Or have you come to crucify
Step aside or get behind me
I wish someone would get behind me
And the hill so very high
Does not give comfort
And the sweat upon your brow
Will go unnoticed
You see there will be
Those who come and stand
Come and stand stand in the way
They can' t believe that a stone can be moved
So they laugh when you are still
They're waiting for that hill
To swallow you and spit you out
Another casualty of art
Whose only fault was being born
Born between the rock and the stone
Forever the hill your home
I was born to move a mountain
I will die before I fade away
I always thought that I was chosen
King of the hill, King of the hill
And when the light is dim
Who will stand by my side
Crawling on bloody knees
Who will believe in me
Who will stand by me
Who will walk with me
Who will fly with me?
I was born to move a mountain
I will die before I fade away
I always thought that I was chosen
King of the hill, King of the hill

12. IFO

Somewhere, somehow, somewhen
We'll see it happen again, my friend
A simple visitation gone wrong like back in '47
Only this time we'll be on the scene like Kent Brockman
Or Sam Donaldson live in New Mexico
But now you can't fool us
Now you can't lie or deny so much
It's obvious why none of us trust you
How does a flying disc turn into a weather balloon
How long did you think you could trick us with lies?
Can't put a cover on the skies
Can't hide that face or those big black eyes
So how you gonna put a cover up on the skies?
Realize, I'm not surprised at your deception
Correction, I welcome the challenge to intercept it
The message loud & clear
You think we fear it
Reverse it
Me & mine we will embrace it
So face it
I got the 411
I got the CNN
We on-line
TV & me we kin
My click is the mandelbrot set
My crops lie unbroken
Your hoaxes, a feeble attempt
Circle perfect, bring the revelation
Your realization far too many videotapes to go around erasin'
This ain't no J.F.K.
Check the I.F.O.-out the box
Fresh like sightings on FOX
Documenting the coming of the chariots
Gods in the making, no more jiving
No more fakin' the real
How long did you think you could trick us with lies
Tricks are for punks
Can't hide the face or those deep black eyes
How you gonna put a cover-up on the skies?
Take me to your leader
He don't even know you
We the niggaz of earth
Got to show you
The peckerwoods can't stand the site of the Africans
What are they gonna do when they face off with a gray man
Prepare to meet your maker in the skies over the pyramids
Check stonehenge
Go ask the Mayans
2012 soon come
I will be waitin' sayin' I told you so
When the skies are ripped open
And the mothership lands on your cynical ass
Maybe then you will believe & concede
That you can't hide the sun
Can't hide the moon
Can't keep some secrets so big
Yes, the truth must transcend
And when it does, my friend I will be chillin' by the TV
Rockin' with CNN
Yeah, my bong in hand
Surrounded by friends
When the world as we know it will end


I could feel it, see it
The spirit as it was leaving my body
No, it would not stay for a while
It turned and laughed then crawled away
So far away-i could not see that far
All those things i held so sacred
They fail me
They betray me
These pins these needles
They never leave me
This crooked cross is bleeding deeply
Let the wine fill my veins
Bring the wind to change my mind
Wash away this dirty soul
This dirty soul of mine
The curtain it slowly closes
The players how they quickly
Change around you
Not a trace, no familiar face
Only the soundtrack and the bruises we keep to ourselves
I reach out and i wait forever
I speak out my thoughts die high
My cross is crooked
My spirit is denied
Let the smoke close my eyes...
See this man is waiting
In the park it's raining so hard
Wash away this soul
This dirty soul of mine
Why can't you feel me?
The world is dying
Nothing stays the same
Nothing good remains
No one ever stays
Feelings always fade away
People change lives are destroyed
I will never walk with you again
Never again will we share the days my friend..


Neva' fear
Sluts in the front, Ho's in the rear
Tits, clits, bong hits your fist in the air!
Aw, DJ!
My fellow freakers, dancers, tweakers
Hah, come on we blow up these speakers
Well I know I kinda fuck like a virgin in sundress and sneakers,
God damn, your pussy like squeaking,
Them lips they like speaking, listen I hear 'em laughing at you,
I kinda like what that pussy put me through, say what?
I kinda like what that dirty little ho put me through,
Shit could be worse
Second verse
Phase 2
Could be you
Let her cum and go get intra talkin' shit talkin' fag,
We roll the weed with the Rolex tag, come at me,
When he see me lock dressed and he said,
Baby, I know it was on the way you from me, how we chomp a tit,
My trick, the stripper sit down on this, uh-uh-uh,
Aw baby told me the new years of the math,
Ha yeah I'll write a check, biggest fine, make it fat,
You financing my next hydro sack
Sixty laps later, 6 G's later,
See me chillin' with the 8 track in the 48 tracks,
The contracts, I sign the spark lines, sinners, backflights,
Tits, clits, bong hits, so hot, super fly,
Yo D why they tripin? Ha,
It's cause we get into HB strippers that they playin' to play hands on,
Yeah you fucking pussy, so don't say shit,
Yeah you know who got my back,
Got some more nigger come up in that white boy G strap,
This is for the ho, my ho, bro's who know,
And the nigger T-Love, where he's at nobody know,
And the kids at the liquor store I'll be buying beer,
For a mummy or myself, but I'll brak the tour.

Yeah straight from the jungle, this is the (hed) NIGGA,
MCUD, hah-hah-hah-hah, JAHRED! in the motherfucker.

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